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  1. So the certified rare copies are old pressings they found in the back somewhere, along with spare sleeves and they added the hand stamp so they can charge more for it?
  2. No, this is the "very" limited.
  3. New EP: http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/607217-yndi-halda-a-sun-coloured-shaker-ep-lp-preorder Released: 16th Feb 2017 One track of typically brilliant, 12 minute yndi halda epicness. A Sun Coloured Shaker picks up where previous album Under Summer leaves off, with beautiful single-sided vinyl to match. Side B is etched, making this record as good to look at as it is to listen to. Pick it up with an exclusive, limited edition A3 riso print to complete the wonderfully artistic package Tracklisting: 1. A Sun Coloured Shaker PRESSING INFO 200 / Yellow / Beer swirl 300 / Black
  4. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    That's what I am seeing. There is a guy in my office who has been investing in Initial Coin Offerings. He is making between 2x and 5x his investments so far. When he sells his stake, it goes back in to Etherum. I keep telling him to at least bank his initial stake but not sure he's listening. The fear of selling too low is very real.
  5. Just thinking out loud, the instagram post doesn't really give too much away. There is also the bit about making pictures come to life. Of course it could all be BS and its just standard vinyl
  6. Yeah that bit about key holders looks like it may be demo downloads or something. and the bit about specific versions only available with this version.
  7. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Release date is 22/12/2017 or 12/22/2017.
  8. Shipping notification for the limited just came in. How exciting!
  9. PO St. Vincent- Masseducation

    Thanks to the thread title I've been calling the album Masseducation when it's actually Masseduction
  10. It doesn't, that's what raised my suspicions. Fucking stupid ruining a sleeve with fake signatures.
  11. I have an original that I bought off eBay years ago that is "signed" but having since received signed J.E.W. merch from official sources, the signatures don't match up So I will use that as an excuse to buy the repress.
  12. PO Soon: Moose Blood - TBD

    Good call, they had 2 exclusives for the last album.
  13. Discogs. Or ask on the VMP forum. Some kind soul might sell you theirs. There is one up in discogs atm: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/11190136?ev=rb
  14. Just look at your email confirmation and you'll know if you are in the first batch. THE ALCHEMY INDEX BOX SET (VERY LIMITED/2000) Quantity: 1 Price: $65.00
  15. To be fair to sandbag, they inherited that shit show from fire brand. Hopefully if they are in control from the beginning, there will be no issues.