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  1. Silver Platters, Zia, and Graywhale all still have oxblood/black copies available.
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    Anyone else get a mislabeled vault 33? My Icky Thump side A came with the side C label.
  3. It arrived in one of those garbage mailers that are two pieces of cardboard glued together. Despite the undesirable packing, everything arrived in fine shape. I will say though that mine shipped from a Best Buy distribution center that is only about 20 miles from my house so it didn't have far to travel. Hopefully everyone else's copy arrives safely.
  4. Just got shipping notification on the $14 Best Buy Vietnam score. Looks like that price tag was meant for the CD version of the soundtrack but somehow ended up on the 3xLP score? Anyway, it's still available to purchase for $14. Jump on it while this error is flying under the radar.
  5. If anyone missed out on the gold variant... https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/strangled-light EDIT: GOLD SOLD OUT
  6. The Third Man Records Thread

    Order with confidence. I've ordered from them a couple times with no issues. They are on par with any other indie store that ships records.
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

  8. V/A: Zodiac (Songs From The Motion Picture) 2LP Red vinyl with black smoke Amazon
  9. I copied that directly from the pre-order page the day it was posted. I guess that was either posted by mistake or plans changed. I've updated the original post to read correctly. Thanks for catching that.
  10. Looks like The Sound Of Vinyl has blue copies available... SOLD OUT