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  1. Wanted to give the OP the opportunity to post to the appropriate thread instead of copying and pasting his post somewhere else. Guess I was wrong to do that, huh?
  2. Probably less than what it is going to cost folks now...
  3. “So Numb” Vinyl Versions: 100 units on clear vinyl w/gold splatter 100 units on clear vinyl w/gold centered orb colour 100 units on pink vinyl Clear vinyl
  4. Not sure about totals but as of this post, 230+ clear, 56 pink, 30 splatter, and 48 orb copies left.
  5. Comes in a gatefold vinyl jacket with spot gloss and a download card. PRE-ORDER HERE 1. Indigo Illusion 2. Sapphire 3. So Numb 4. Fernbeds 5. Salts 6. Way Out 7. Secondary Arrows 8. Sleep Well 9. Wind Up
  6. Copies of VAULT 22 - Jack White - Live From Bonnaroo up for grabs in the Vault Novelties section. $48 plus shipping.
  7. One copy of the indie exclusive white available from Yellow Dog Discs... GONE
  8. Blue pre-order going on at The End Of All Music. EDIT: SOLD OUT
  9. One more blue available from Yellow Dog. GONE
  11. So Lords and Black God is your "long list of damn fine bands"? Sorry man... bands that came out of that scene aren't in the bargain bin. I'm sure you weren't being serious but it's hard for me to bite my tongue when I read something like that. A lot of those guys are near and dear to me.
  12. Sounds like I need to shop at your record store if they put that kind of stuff in the bargain bin. I better go soon because they probably won't be in business much longer.