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  1. Blue pre-order going on at The End Of All Music. EDIT: SOLD OUT
  2. One more blue available from Yellow Dog. GONE
  4. So Lords and Black God is your "long list of damn fine bands"? Sorry man... bands that came out of that scene aren't in the bargain bin. I'm sure you weren't being serious but it's hard for me to bite my tongue when I read something like that. A lot of those guys are near and dear to me.
  5. Sounds like I need to shop at your record store if they put that kind of stuff in the bargain bin. I better go soon because they probably won't be in business much longer.
  6. I emailed them after I placed my order and they said 'no confirmed shipping date as of yet' but 'will post on social media when they are starting to ship'. They also said all orders will receive a tracking number once shipped.
  7. Says 1 left if anyone wants to give it a shot... GONE
  8. Wear Your Wounds "Dunedevil" 12" LP Gold inside blue /250 Silver inside blue /250 Silver and blue mix /250 Release date: May 19th, item will ship before that date. Comes w/ a Digital download code of the release. For one week J. Bannon resided in the C-Scape Dune Shack (formerly known as the Cohen Shack) within the Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historical District in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This primitive environment inspired an outpouring of abstract mixed media work, photography, and music. Each day, the skeleton of a song was recorded using a portable recording device powered by a Goal Zero solar power setup. The sounds were captured through an Apogee Duet using a Critter & Guitari mini piano, Martin Jr. guitar, assorted effects pedals, and a Shure SM7B microphone. Mike Mckenzie graciously played additional guitar on “Be Still My Heart” at a later date. All songs were then refined and mixed during the winter of 2016, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The release is meant to be an experimental musical companion piece to the J. Bannon “Dunedevil” art book. Though they can be enjoyed separately, it is suggested that you view the book and listen to the music at the same time. Please note that the book is available individually and is not included in the purchase of the album. Recorded in the C-Scape Dune Shack in Provincetown, MA Additional guitar on 7 by Mike McKenzie Mixed by J. Bannon Mastered by Brad Boatright
  9. Wear Your Wounds "Dunedevil" 12"LP Gold inside blue /250 Silver inside blue /250 Silver and blue mix /250 Started a new thread for it since this is separate release...
  10. Blows my mind that people have paid $100 or even $50 for any copy. To the folks excited about this, is it the mid-90s R&B or the nostalgia factor that make this so appealing? Did this movie really mean that much to people? Are there that many record collectors trying to fill in their R. Kelly, Seal, and Quad City DJs collections? I guess I figured more people would be talking about the Blade Runner reissue than this.
  11. Also avalaible directly from AK with shipping a couple bucks cheaper.
  12. Per Lakeshore... "No confirmed shipping date as yet, number ways we can't confirm either.We will post on our social media when they're starting to ship."
  13. So this pressing does not include the version everyone is familiar with? That's a great song but no thanks on 5 demo versions of it.
  14. Looks like CV has removed the mention of 2000 copies being pressed. Now just says 400 available for pre-order. 26 left...