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  1. Per Lakeshore... "No confirmed shipping date as yet, number ways we can't confirm either.We will post on our social media when they're starting to ship."
  2. So this pressing does not include the version everyone is familiar with? That's a great song but no thanks on 5 demo versions of it.
  3. Looks like CV has removed the mention of 2000 copies being pressed. Now just says 400 available for pre-order. 26 left...
  4. If not, you can pick your color here.
  5. The same people that think all hip-hop sounds alike.
  6. Wax Fang's fourth album, Victory Laps, will be released May 5, 2017 and is up for preorder now. Transparent Red /100 Standard Black
  7. All albums available. Only ToT labeled as "rare blue".
  8. Shit, I wish. I went as far as emailing Talbott a few months back to ask him what was up. No response. While we're talking about HUM, did anyone else see this little update on 2/8/17?
  9. I'll be at the show tonight. If no one responds before then, I'll take a look and let you know.
  10. If anyone has a copy for sale or trade, please hit me up. Thanks.
  11. You may want to shoot them an email. My copy shipped 3 weeks ago and it arrived a couple days later.
  12. That appears to be for the double CD...
  13. Has anyone received their signed copy of La La Land? The Discogs entry says it comes with an "additional" sleeve signed by Hurwitz. Just curious if they really sent two sleeves with these.