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  1. It's yours for $75 shipped. Includes case and original box, just has the tiniest signs of wear around the corners. Works great, but I want to try something else. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3_R_v67Cpu8cDhZM200THBkSTg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3_R_v67Cpu8X1JyZFFsOG1ZMmM/view?usp=sharing
  2. I've read good things about ELAC, so that's likely a solid choice. Bumping up to the B6 would probably be worth it in the long run (I see there is currently a used pair on Amazon for $220), but I realize that's out of your budget. You might consider checking Craigslist for something used. Adding a sub at some point might be a good idea, though not everyone likes them. Just some thoughts from someone who's been through a few different sets of speakers, good luck!
  3. allenh brings up lots of good points so check all that stuff. I would cut up some small pieces of cardstock or similar material and place them under the feet of your table until the platter is level. You can level either the table or the furniture, whatever works. Leveling is important, but I don't think it will solve the brightness issue, and as long as it's at least close to level I don't think you need to be too concerned about damage. From what you're describing I think you'll want to get some better speakers at some point soon. You can also try deadening the room a bit with more sound absorbent/diffusing material. I have a bit of an issue with that since I have hardwood floors. Addressing the room acoustics probably won't fix it entirely, but it should help. Also, I imagine you have some kind of EQ on your system? It's not ideal according to most audio people, but nudging the treble down for the time being might be worth a try. Are you experiencing a lack of bass presence as well, or is it just that the treble is too pronounced?
  4. Lots of factors can lead to what you're describing. If you play a CD or digital file on the same system, does it exhibit the same brightness? If it does, that probably points more to your amp/speakers than your turntable setup. If not, then it might point to your table, cart, or preamp combo.
  5. General Headphones Thread

    Huh... weird. No, mine don't look anything like that. I've had them a couple years now and I'm very happy with the build quality. I don't use them every day though. My main gripe with them is that they hurt my head after about 20 minutes.
  6. General Headphones Thread

    Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of these. https://smile.amazon.com/KZ-ZS3-Cancelling-Earphone-Comfort/dp/B01KUGWNC6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1495215103&sr=8-3&keywords=kz+zs3 They are absurdly cheap at $15, but they are the best-sounding in-ear headphones I've ever heard. Granted, I haven't broken the $100 threshold with in-ears... I've used sets from HIFIman, Thinksound, Klipsch, Panasonic, Creative Labs, RHA, and a handful of others; I like these KZ's better than any of those. They're comfy, isolate well, and have a nicely balanced sound signature with a really spacious sound stage. They sound a touch dark at first, especially plugged straight into my iphone, but adding a Firefly DAC/amp helped a ton. I listen to them for hours and don't get tired of them, and they sound good at quiet or louder levels. They sound almost as good as my AKG k551's, but are way more comfortable. I don't think anyone can go wrong here, highly recommended.
  7. If you're referring to the Alabama show then yes! I'd totally do that. Just message me and we can figure something out!
  8. Got some Blink gigposters out if anyone is interested, including a handful of super limited foil prints! http://bjornbauerart.storenvy.com/products/19792286-blink-182-w-the-naked-and-famous-wavves
  9. New Records....Scratched to Shit

    Last year I bought a copy of the most recent pressing of the Smashing Pumpkins MCIS 4xLP box and most of the sides had significant scuffing. I returned them and got a relatively pristine copy. That's the most egregious example I can think of, but I expect to see some light scuffing along with some dust/paper bits on the majority of new records I buy. It's definitely an issue, but probably could be isolated to certain pressing plants that are rushing the process to keep up with demand.
  10. Is it just my crappy cart?

    Could be the pressing. Most new records you buy these days have at least some surface noise, or other defects that may cause poor tracking. That being said, a better cartridge will defintely help you get the most out of your records, just don't expect a better cartridge to fix every issue you may have.
  11. I agree 100%, I see great deals for amps on CL all the time. I grabbed an older Sony for $50 bucks, and while it's not replacing my Rotel any time soon, it's great for my basement setup.
  12. Advice on cables

    I'm of the opinion that any well made cable designed for your application will sound just as good as the high end stuff. I'm sure someone else can comment on XLR connections, I've never tried them. But if you stick with standard RCA, Emotiva makes nice interconnects that are high quality, but very reasonably priced. Blue Jeans Cables are nice too, but in my case they were so stiff and heavy that they were a bit tough to connect with my preamp and position it the way I wanted. Either way, I would definitely want to put more of my money into records or better components rather than spend crazy amounts on cables. Just my two cents.
  13. Then there's the fact that my wife still thinks I'm insane for dropping $1100 on my 7.1, I know better then to even think about upgrading. It's fun to see what's out there, I'm with you there. I just moved to upstate New York, so I need to see if there are any dealers around... would be fun to hear something like this.
  14. As nice as these look, I bet they sound no more than .05% better than my current table. These things are overkill.
  15. Upgrade suggestions

    I did most of those upgrades when I had my Pro-Ject table. The speedbox is pricey for what it is, but I don't think you will regret it. I can't say it made my turntable sound much different. The acrylic platter is nice to have, but again, I wouldn't expect a significant change in the sound. A cork platter mat might be be just as effective, and much cheaper. As for the cart, maybe try a Denon DL 110? I went from an AT 440mla to the 110 and liked it a whole lot more. It was a tad quieter, but it reduced hum and surface noise and smoothed out the treble. I didn't notice any loss in detail, and I think it tracked just as well as the AT.