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  1. I can see them putting these up for preorder on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Too lazy to see if anyone has said that yet.
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    So, what’s the story behind Derrick Sherman and leaving the band?
  3. Purchased this morning when they went on sale and got the photos. Excited!
  4. I’ve gotten a f&f pressing through the vault at retail...
  5. Or just wait and see if DW will open their vault and clear some out for retail?
  6. Anyone else going to this tour and could snag me up that white tee? I’d definitely PayPal you plus some extra!
  7. ‘Sour Breath’ is an early standout for me. Amazing.
  8. Got my 6131 copy today. Looks great!
  9. Disappointed in this on first listen.
  10. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    Thank you for ordering The Desaturating Seven - Limited Edition "Desaturated” Vinyl. Due to a small delay with production, we are waiting on our shipment of vinyl to arrive. We expect to have everything in our fulfillment center by the beginning of next week and will ship your order out as soon as these items are available.
  11. Went to it the first year. Was indeed awesome.