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  1. Great song. Boring video. I kept getting annoyed at the loop. Just when you thought he was gonna walk away...
  2. Can't listen to it due to being at work. How does it compare to 'Thinking of a Place'?
  3. Just saw the Damn tour last Saturday in Houston. Great tour. Pop up shop was ridiculously packed. Did not attend. They had copies of the vinyl at the show. Not sure the color of it however.
  4. Great article. Makes me more excited to hear this after having a daughter myself.
  5. This beauty came in today. Thanks so much DW!
  6. Ordered 'All We Love...' on clear so quick!
  7. "Do you neeeeeddddddd me?" Great song!
  8. Brain fart. Just checked and it is double. Disregard previous comment.
  9. Their first album was one LP too and it sounds good.
  10. Ordered within a couple of hours of preorder going live. Got a shipping notification today. (No shirt)
  11. So intrigued on what this new album will sound like!
  12. Looks to be album artwork or something if you change the channels on the tv?