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  1. From TELEx TELEXs Facebook via google translate. It's apparently a 5 track EP called "Melt Your Popsicle" with more details for vinyl coming soon:
  2. Just got a shipping email for Alien LP whoo
  3. I've read that Saturanalia is cut short on the vinyl release, which is sad because I think it's the best track on the album. Not sure if I want to get a copy now!
  4. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    The 5 month wait on Cometa is gonna KILL me.
  5. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Transhumanism is my most anticipated release feom BM this year. Can' t wait to see those color mockups.
  6. We Know Where You F***ing Live video is up
  7. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    I ordered a copy at 101. This is some great stuff.
  8. Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    I think as with anything, it all comes down to availability and demand and it'll differ depending on the nature of each release. I don't know too much about this release in particular, but it looks like it was widely available in many different countries, which is probably why it wasn't priced as high as you expected: https://www.discogs.com/John-Williams-4London-Symphony-Orchestra-Star-Wars/master/25529 In general, I think you'll also notice that records that are released in limited colored variants tend to hold their collectors value more as they are more sought after.
  9. @Gumbo72203: Oh no, I didn't know that. That's sad. I read this on their bandcamp "...exploring ourselves in the past 2 and a bit years since Chris went on his own journey." I don't know too much about the band so thought it meant he left the band. No, too many other things I wanted to buy right now. Synthwave is hot with new releases right now. All the variants look so good though. I'm glad the black obsidian variant is available to US fans so I might pick that up somewhere down the line. You got the /10?? I feel like that must've been crazy haha. Yeah, no prob! Yeah, there's a lot of names for that variant I think. I actually found Crimea easier to get into than TQPOE, perhaps because it may be more straightforward and shorter in length. I'm just getting into them though so I think after more listens, TQPOE will grow on me (funny that it's the opposite for you haha).
  10. Really? That's interesting. I feel like this makes sense as (I think) the vocalist left before DS so I'm sure that affected their musical direction a bit. Definitely one of the best records in the scene right now! Yes, I think so. I imagine it'll be similar to the black obsidian variant of TRNA - lose yourself to find peace. Or, here's just a plain example of "black inside clear" (Over the Garden Wall OST).
  11. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Is anyone going to any of the Perturbator shows? I want to find out if if he's signing merch after shows.
  12. I went through their catalog and I gotta say Departure Songs was easier to get into for me than their first 2 albums. I found the vocals hard to get into.
  13. Oh wow, it's hard to choose between the 2. That swirl mockup looks fiiiine, but the splatter sounds interesting.