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  1. Saw Magic Sword and Carpenter Brut last night and they were freaking awesome!
  2. Awesome. Looks like a caramel sour apple candy melted on top of a strawberry creme candy.
  3. Castlevania III this wednesday at noon central. They're including both the Famicom and NES soundtracks. $30 a pop Edition of 1000 Edition of 2500
  4. @TGSNick: Thanks for that! So glad to finally pick up a copy.
  5. The Midnight sent an update on Endless Summer through Qrates: Hi everybody, The artwork files format have now FINALLY been approved and we are waiting for for the first 10 test pressings to make sure the final product sounds right. I will keep you all updated as soon as I receive the test pressings. I'm also working on free download codes for everyone who's bought the vinyl so look out for those in your inbox. Thank you all for your patience! Tim
  6. Ageeed. Split splatter i think looks better than spread splatter.
  7. No, not yet. From what I understood reading their policies, they will email you with the shipping total and payment procedure.
  8. That left a sizable dent in my wallet. I didn't think a 3D cover would be more than 35 Euros. But gosh darn I wanted that RP splatter!
  9. They've begun updating their stock Ok, thanks!
  10. Is the Dance with the dead release a restock or is it their vinyl debut? I can't seem to recall if they released anything on wax before.
  11. They should've included the Fischoeder family portrait for one of the posters!
  12. Crazy excites. I'll be on those tickets for Seattle so fast when they're up!
  13. Yikes. I hope things get cleared up and you get your copy soon
  14. Oh wow, didn't know that they might've been delayed : o
  15. Actually, I got mine about 3 months ago. Did you order and not recieve it yet?