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  1. @natenomm Agreed, the music sounds fantastic! And the game looks amazing too. It's exciting to see old school sprite-based side-scrolling platforming games being released in this era, but especially from a huge franchise like Sonic.
  2. Data Discs is releasing the soundtrack for the upcoming Sonic Mania on vinyl: The limited edition variant has yet to be decided.
  3. If anyone is selling these albums, I am interested in buying. Possibly plus trade too. PM me! Thanks!
  4. If so they fooled me good. Looks more like it's to tie in with an upcoming deviant art competition.
  5. I think Castlevania 2 is my favorite cover so far. It has that throwback to the NES era cover art style that the others just don't capture.
  6. Not digging the cover art. I think the C/D label would've been a better choice. I'm liking the splatter more this time around, but feel like the split goes better with the cover. I hope they do something a little more interesting with SOTN!
  7. Ernest baby, where you been? I thoroughly enjoyed Paracosm and can't wait for this! *Gotta agree though, new single is weak.
  8. Hence the blood red color for all the fans who will still, no doubt, drop their cash on this set haha.
  9. Magnatron 2.0 pre-orders are live. " SEXY RED VINYL in limited 300 copies. Once sold out, the album will be re-pressed on regular black vinyl ONLY. "Blood Red" vinyl not be repressed again."
  10. There's a MOV variant! Pre-Order on Amazon: Only about $27 shipped to states. Cancelled my sound stage direct in favor of this.
  11. Similar to the test press would be awesome. I think it's one of his best covers yet.
  12. For Metroid and DCK, I think I remember someone saying something along the lines of "wonder what the cover art will be?" Is the artwork that was featured on the website not the final product?
  13. These will be my first moonshake purchases. Exciting! Do his releases sound pretty good?
  14. From what I remember, there were a lot of the same complaints. Same for FWWM. I haven't played my copy in a while but, if you'd like, I can play mine tonight and get back to you.
  15. Would you say that you're.....ogrejoyed?