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  1. Huzzah The Midnight - Endless Summer is finally going to the press.
  2. Silent Hill shipped! Can't wait to spin that nightmare.
  3. Hahaha this made me laugh.
  4. Oh, there we go. Looks like Mondo will be distributing some.
  5. Looks like sold out again. Mehhh, a signed art print isn't worth an extra some $20 to me anyways. I might wait to see if Mondo distributes this in the future. Got the SFII repress from them and only $85 PPD.
  6. Man, I had the LE Ninja Gaiden boxset ready to pay but $136 was tough to swallow. Looks like 1 minute was all it took because when I cancelled out the boxset was sold out!
  7. I believe no. According to their newsletter, it was a restock on black. Also, I checked the site at noon CET today and didn't see any variant restock.
  8. On the contrary, I'd argue that it's only Major.
  9. Oh man. I'm really thinking about getting this, but I'm waiting for the big announcement next week. Can't wait.
  10. Blood Music should've released this. That guy knows how to make a F****** boxset.
  11. Saw Magic Sword and Carpenter Brut last night and they were freaking awesome!
  12. Awesome. Looks like a caramel sour apple candy melted on top of a strawberry creme candy.
  13. Castlevania III this wednesday at noon central. They're including both the Famicom and NES soundtracks. $30 a pop Edition of 1000 Edition of 2500
  14. @TGSNick: Thanks for that! So glad to finally pick up a copy.