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  1. Wow, this is great stuff. Just placed an order for Mellow Dream via Amazon. I'd also like help finding a copy of Scenery!
  2. Is anyone planning on getting any of the Electronic Purification records tomorrow? I want that VHS Dreams record, but 20 euro shipping is killing me.
  3. Dynatron's Aeternus has been confirmed for vinyl release.
  4. I can't say personally as I ordered from Bullmoose, but it looks like everyone else is having the same experience:
  5. The magical box. I don't know why they couldn't mock this up sooner. It's just 2 logos on a black background.
  6. Just add lot of copies and the system will tell you how many copies are available for sale.
  7. What I like to do is slide the record in near to the end and then close the gatefold some and slide it all the way in so that it doesn't clamp.
  8. I'm not sure if this will help, but I have no problem sliding them back in with the gatefold opened completely.
  9. If you're a Amazon prime member, you can get it for $12.21. I used my sister's account to nab a copy along with a deluxe CD copy of Humanz. Shipping packaging was overkill though. They packed the record in a record mailer, and then an over-sized box with bubbles. Makes me think the shipping department got the instructions for this and the Deluxe edition of Humanz mixed up. I hadn't listened to Plastic Beach yet except the singles, so it was like listening to 2 new Gorillaz albums haha.
  10. I mean tbh it's just as weird to see a red spark named timsimmons from Chicagoland leaving comments online in a record forum.
  11. They should have done space blue for the alien opera-pop star! Or Ruby Rhod cheetah splatter hah (nah).
  12. My Bob's Deluxe came yesterday from Bullmoose and it's beautiful (WA state)! Definitely a fan's delight, I couldn't stop smiling looking through all the contents while listening to the music last night.