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  1. Death to False Nostalgia

    only interested if it has a lock groove of the bit that goes "pretending I'm a superman" from that goldfinger song so I can play it until my death from shredding too much gnar
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    Always a relief I agree.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    2018/04/21 Abruptum 2018RSD - Evil Genius (silver/black marble vinyl) Metal 200000064426 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD027LP01 2018/04/21 B-52'S 2018RSD - Rock N' Rockets, Live (yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011521 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011521 2018/04/21 Blue Oyster Cult 2018RSD - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (blue vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011460 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011460 2018/04/21 Dio 2018RSD - Sacred Heart (2LP/transparent red vinyl) Metal 0803343163216 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV528LP 2018/04/21 Duran Duran 2018RSD - Thanksgiving Live (grey vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011514 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011514 2018/04/21 Eddie & The Hot Rods 2018RSD - Teenage Depression (clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343118766 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV530LP 2018/04/21 Eddie & The Hot Rods 2018RSD - Doing Anything They Wanna Do (2LP/red vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343119169 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV531LP 2018/04/21 Hallyday, Johnny/Elvis Presley 2018RSD - Johnny reprend Elvis (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828172 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828172 2018/04/21 Lulu Blind 2018RSD - Dread (2LP/colored vinyl) Rock/Pop 5609330049120 RASTILHO RECORDS LP RASTILHO181LP2018 2018/04/21 Manfred Mann 2018RSD - The Albums '64-'67 (4LP+DVD) Rock/Pop 5060051334328 UMBRELLA MUSIC LP UMBLPBOX1 2018/04/21 Mao Morta 2018RSD - s/t (2LP/colored vinyl) Rock/Pop 5609330048628 RASTILHO RECORDS LP RASTILHO179LP2018 2018/04/21 Marduk 2018RSD - Dark Endless (red vinyl) Metal 200000064433 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD024LP01 2018/04/21 Merciless 2018RSD - Unbound (lime green vinyl) Metal 200000065027 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD025LP01 2018/04/21 Merciless 2018RSD - s/t (orange/black marble vinyl) Metal 200000065010 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD001LP01 2018/04/21 Merciless 2018RSD - Treasures Within (orange vinyl) Metal 200000065041 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD0051P01 2018/04/21 Ocean 2018RSd - Rhyacian (picture disc) Metal 4059251210795 PELAGIC 12"EP PEL107 2018/04/21 Page, Jimmy 2018RSD - Playin Up a Storm (orange vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343165418 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV561LP 2018/04/21 Pop, Iggy 2018RSD - Live at The Ritz, NYC 1986 (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828110 CULTURE FACTORY LP 3700477828110 2018/04/21 Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - Girls Girls Girls (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828141 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828141 2018/04/21 Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - Loving You (yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828158 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828158 2018/04/21 Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions (180g) Limited to 600 copies! View all titles by this artist Rock/Pop 5024545809619 MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE LP MRV40002756 2018/04/21 Prodigy 2018RSD - Keep It Thoro (pic disc) Rock/Pop 889854747312 SONY 12"EP 889854747312 2018/04/21 Rainbow 2018RSD - Rockpalast 1995 - Black Masquerade Vol.1 (2LP/clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163223 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV215LP 2018/04/21 Rainbow 2018RSD - Rockpalast 1995 - Black Masquerade Vol.2 (clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163230 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV216LP 2018/04/21 Simone, Nina 2018RSD - Best Of (LP+CD/orange vinyl) Jazz 3700477828165 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828165 2018/04/21 Superjoint Ritual 2018RSD - Use Once and Destroy (2LP/transparent green vinyl) Metal 0803341506091 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV470LP 2018/04/21 Superjoint Ritual 2018rsd - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (transparent green vinyl) Metal 0803341506107 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV471LP 2018/04/21 Tangerine Dream 2018RSD - Zeit (2LP/orange vinyl) Electronic 3700477827953 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477827953 2018/04/21 Wall 2018RSD - Personal Troubles & Public Issues (blue vinyl) Punk 0803341499461 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV476LP 2018/04/21 Watson, Johnny "Guitar" 2018RSD - Giant (blue vinyl) R&B 3700477827960 CULTURE FACTORY LP 3700477827960 2018/04/21 Who 2018RSD - Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.1 (2LP/white vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163247 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV217LP 2018/04/21 Who 2018RSD - Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.2 (white vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163254 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV218LP
  4. Flenser Releases

    Drowse are great. Been a fan of Kyle's work for a while previously he's only had tapes. Sadly this didnt make it to Flensers EU store and due to the bands lack of recognition at home so far I don't know if it will. Maybe I'll cave and put through a US order if it doesn't get there closer to release. Sure it'll be worth the wallet strain. *UPDATE* Added to EU store and ordered
  5. Flenser Releases

    Planning For Burial - Below The House 2nd Press now available. 500 copies. Maroon vinyl. Shipping end of March. EU/UK/Worldwide https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/the-flenser/products/planning-for-burial-below-the-house America: https://nowflensing.com/collections/current-releases/products/planning-for-burial-below-the-house-lp Also the release show variant's page ninety nine homage design is available on t-shirts.
  6. UK vinyl deals

    Was happily surprised when my copies of Clarity and Futures turned out to be the coloured ones makes them even more of a steal at £13 each.
  7. Oh god. Crow Part 2. I don't know if I'll ever be ready.
  8. Interested as always. Don't care what it is I don't question Phil's work before buying it.
  9. Record Store Day 2018

    Full list is generally released a month before the day in question. As of now very little has been confirmed although the following is: The Prodigy - Keep It Thoro Pic Disc 12" The Casket Lottery - Box set (Choose Bronze/Moving Mountains/Survival Is For Cowards) Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (original version) The rest is just speculation at this point. If you want to track it as it develops a trick some use is by heading to fab.ca and doing a title search for 2018rsd Probably be a while before we see the semblance of a real list
  10. Record Store Day 2018

    last year this thread started at the end of January so yeah it is a little early but I don't know who pissed on that guys cornflakes.
  11. The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

    Caved and got one. A 2LP for £20 is a steal these days.
  12. the hives - veni vidi vicious repress

    Probably doesn't need a whole new thread but I just got an email from Epitaph saying they're repressing Barely Legal on bronze or black. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=13157&cid=17
  13. Also somewhat related Toby Driver is heading into the studio soon for another solo album
  14. I see what you mean, that's a hell of a lot of UK shows, especially for a band I haven't heard about in 15 or so years. They may have over-estimated demand somewhat. That being said the Underworld is only a 500 capacity venue and you can never underestimate the power of nostalgia. Be surprised if they manage to sell out London.