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  1. Spacelab9 coming in hot with more chintzy shit noone asked for
  2. To be fair a boxset from 1-4 would be nice
  3. Damn son, the dream. Seriously wishing you all the best with it.
  4. The one @filthyrich linked to doesn't have Nil Recurring EP on it either so this looking to be a repress of that KScope version. I don't think I've ever ordered two things at the same time from them so if it automatically doubles postage maybe it's a good thing my prog love isn't out of hand. I'll be mindful of that in the future but as I'm in the UK shipping is dirt cheap from them for me so even if it did double it'd be like £6 which is still less than what I would pay to get into town and find a shop that actually stocked their stuff hahaha. They really do secure their packages well which is another point to their credit.
  5. Hmmm if Emperor Of Sand is getting the thumbs up from people who disliked the last two I'll definitely give it a stream and go from there. My expectations will remain low though because my interest dropped off earlier than most with them as I hated the melodic vocals on Crack The Skye (sounds like the guy has stuck a freaking peg on his nose IMO).
  6. Seems to be the same but it's probably a good thing because there's only one copy of it on discogs and its selling for £60, whereas this new one for the April 7th 2017 is only £17.99. Definitely wouldn't go about replacing any of your originals in favour of this as it is a straight up re-issue but its good for anyone who's late to the party. Burning Shed are great for affordable quality pressing's I'm hard pushed to think of many UK labels putting out double gatefold LPs on coloured wax for under £20 before shipping. Price point for that sort of thing is normally £24.99+ over here these days with the bubble being where it is. I just wish I was into more prog so I could chuck them more money.
  7. Historic 10 year bump. 2017 Kscope double 180g blue vinyl edition of Porcupine Tree's 2007 classic remastered by Steven Wilson from the 2012 masters and, for the first time, with the original 6 track album spread out across 4 sides. Cut at 33 and a third rpm to optimise quality. Features guest appearances from Alex Lifeson (on the 17 minute Antesthetize) and Robert Fripp (on Way Out Of Here). The original edition also contained the 4 tracks from Nil Recurring mini album, but these are now available as a stand alone release. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with insert. Pre-order for 7th April release. @Sasan
  8. Awesome will check them out. Whatever the postage it's gotta be better than importing from America. Thanks for your help. *EDIT* Pretty pricey. Maybe I'll have to go to local craft shop and see what sort of card stock/sizes they carry and DIY the net. 20euros is still too steep when I really need under 10.
  9. I don't think these will be on a new colour. The cover has not been revealed yet but they will be coming with handmade booklets. Thom posted a picture of the booklets and being the sad sack I am I counted what I could see for a total of 35, which should cover @GHOSTDRONES #33. It could be more but I'd say /50 is as high as I'd estimate.
  10. WTB Blank 12" cardboard jackets from a UK/EU distributor so I can make custom covers for some test prints. Any leads appreciated.

  11. I recently got a couple of new Test presses (which I've already talked about a bit in the Recent Purchases thread) and was wondering if anyone here has any good leads on a distributor of blank white or black cardboard jackets in the UK? I dabble with painting as a hobby and want a few blanks so I can make some custom jackets to store these in as a sort of fun and cheap weekend project. P.S. I'm sorry if this bump sets off anyone's "Tug's Search For The Inner Sleeve" PTSD. I assure you I'm genuine and will not keep flip-flopping on what I want to boost my post count. I have asked a few friends and done a few cursory searches but I'm really hoping for any company that's EU/UK based that someone can vouch for.
  12. I am hoping to acquire this version as well.
  13. Got my copies of this in and spun my black tonight for my first full listen. Easily the most consistent of all his albums for tone. Brilliant execution all round. The group vocal on Dull Knife Part 2 (which features so many artists i love) floored me. I know it's only march but I'm calling AOTY already. It's just perfect.
  14. Been a brilliant mail week for me as in lieu of going to record store day I treated myself to a whole bunch of rare bits from Caïna and my long awaited copies of Planning For Burial's third LP got here. Caïna - Setter Of Unseen Snares (Test Press) [Out of 6] Caïna - Christ Clad In White Phosphorous (Test Press) [Unknown quantity] Caïna - Caïna CD [Out of 500] Caïna - Earth Inferno Cassette Caïna - Esoteric Youth/Caïna Pink Cassette [Out of 70] Caïna - The Heart Of The Master (Blackheart edition) single sided 12" & VCD [5/20] Planning For Burial - Below The House LP (White) Planning For Burial - Below The House LP (Black) Planning For Burial - Below The House CD
  15. Yeah I agree the art (if what you can see is final) is somewhat lacking. Still putting this on my want pile regardless. Even their "lost" 2011 album does it for me so I'm pretty much happy to jump in on this as soon as I have the money.