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  1. I use probably 90% of the download codes I get with records. The only real exception is when I also pick up the music on cd or have already been sent a digital download at point of purchase. Spares normally get chucked on here or given to mates who I think will enjoy the music. Always better to have them than not (even though my rig has the ability to rip vinyl or cassette to CD I normally don't get round to it).
  2. Episode 10 was equal parts hilarious and horrific. How can there only be 8 more of these things? I'm beside myself.
  3. Would definitely like a box set or a re-issue series so I could cherry pick my faves.
  4. Pretty much every Unsane album goes for $60+ with some consistently hitting the 100 dollar mark(Except wreck which is still reasonable). A boxset of all of them alongside a wider reissue series would be great.
  5. I'm fairly certain I'll get burnt at the stake for even suggesting it but I'd just write the sides and speeds down on the centre label if it was an album I was going to have in heavy rotation.
  6. Don't see Bowie being in it myself. I'd also agree with the opinions above that the return is not only Lynch's magnum opus but also that it feels heavily tied in with his creative legacy with echoes of his filmography (at least some of it) interwoven into it. Very excited for episode 9 but simultaneously sad that it will mark the midway point before the series is over.
  7. I can't imagine any of this has aged well and judging from the sheer amount of Hybrid Theory LPs for £9.99 on my last visit to HMV I wouldn't be surprised if this is just fodder for the sin bins that you'll be able to pick up for low low prices a month after release. Only thing I'd like to see that is even mildly related to Limp Bizkit get pressed to vinyl is Black Light Burns debut Cruel Melody. That I would buy with the quickness.
  8. I can't remember if I've already mentioned it but I'd love to see My Vitriol - Finelines/Between The Lines get an anniversary press, second hand originals are consistently over £100 which is too rich for my blood and the band whilst incredibly inactive are doing several anniversary shows so maybe it's not an unrealistic pipe dream.
  9. I saw this announced a few weeks ago but honestly didnt think there'd be enough interest for a thread. Probably pick up a black when they hit retail.
  10. I don't think its a criticism of collectors in general more just a criticism of the attitude that the guy feels he deserves one as a result of his previous collecting habit or that they shouldn't have done it at all to save them from going to non variant collectors. Ultimately doing an under 200 run on a variant for a band this size was bound to ruffle feathers as inevitably people who got lucky may not be "ultra fans" and many non completists who get their hands on this would inevitably wind up flipping it because of the crazy prices the after market is producing. I mean if I got a record that I already own that people were willing to pay 500 bones for free of charge I'd have a hard time justifying not selling it. I feel for those of you who missed out because it is undoubtedly annoying when you have one missing piece from a complete set but ultimately a band you love did something nice here, the idea that your collection being incomplete is an injustice is silly. I'd wager everyone on here has missed out on at least one item and felt the frustration of exorbitant after market profiteering. It goes with the territory of collecting. Being disappointed that a band even made this little special thing just because it disrupts your complete collection is just petty.
  11. Yeah I totally feel you there. Erased Tapes has never been good for my wallet. Thats why ive slept on the last two Rival Consoles releases.
  12. I see how this could be the case for a lot of people. I love me a long album though and personally wouldnt want it trimmed cos its all continuously engaging. Im only fussed by length if there is a significant drop off and I can't imagine that album without Wolf At The Door.
  13. As the label owner Robert Raths is German does he not have an EU shop/german domestic distribution option to bring the price down for you?
  14. A friend of mine described Season 3 as Eraserhead the series.
  15. I was in the same boat, after the grit of Summertime '06 the first run through had me perplexed but two or so more listens and I'm loving it all. Never bothered ordering the picture disc and just hoping, albeit probably in vain, for a regular press at some point. If it doesn't happen I'll live but this is definitely going to wind up on my AOTY list.