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  1. Heres hoping this sells well and sets em on a path to repressing the lot.
  2. Not really a chromatics guy but most of the roadhouse performances have been fine I just feel like if they do it for 18 episodes it'll start grating
  3. Pretty tempting would insta buy versions.
  4. Very handy for people who are new to Thom's work too because some of the cassettes these are from very rarely pop up on discogs.
  5. Details have landed and I was right. Double CD set compilation of EP material and some other oddities. No "Splitting Our Collection" though. Info here: Full tracklist 1:44:44 total running time Disc One 1. Sleeping In Separate Rooms 2. If I Knew What To Say 3. Boring Domesticated Life 4. Parking Lot Mosh 5. Leaves Will Bloom Long After We Are Gone 6. I Hope You’ll Pick Me Out 7. Annick 8. Friendship 9. Late Twenties Blues 10. I Put Red House Painters on a Mixtape For You 11. Rest Your Head (Reprise) [Extended] Disc Two 1. Heaven Or Atlantic City 2. Everything Is So Disappointing 3. Glowing Windows _ Walk Alone 4. Unsafe Sex 5. Comfort 6. Bathwater 7. Mischief Night 8. Without You 9. Melocotón As a result of the long run time I'm thinking it'll be unlikely to see this on anything but a two cd set hence why I'm just bumping it here not making a new thread. I have most of these tracks but I'm still in. Gotta keep that collection going strong. @mesi @GHOSTDRONES @jonrawks
  6. Score will need to liven up a bit before I bite.
  7. I was going to try and avoid spoilers and do a marathon run when it finally makes it to DVD but caved and watched parts 1-4 last night. Going to play devils advocate here and say I'm not totally smitten, that being said there is a lot I have liked so far but some of the other stuff fell flat. Minor grumbles aside I'm hungry for more.
  8. XLs are where its at for gigging in though. So much room in them they dont weld themselves to your body. I do look like a nu metal throwback though if I'm wearing them about town.
  9. Think this will be a compilation of non LP tracks, B-sides and rarities cannot confirm or deny this though. I'm just praying to high heaven that a full version of "Splitting Our Collection" is on there if I'm right.
  10. I'm 6'1" and I stick to larges too. Mediums are doable at a push but the sleeves ride up hard to the point where they start to look like tanktops and I'm not that metal. Also a Brit coming in here to say it's all about those hot sammies.
  11. Apologies if my caustic hyperbole offends, I don't really mean it in an existential sense more that this new user who joined solely with the intention of promoting his own brand of garbage shouldn't exist here on VC and neither should this thread. *Doff's top hat, re-arranges monocle* Good day.
  12. Your existence is offensive, peddle your trash elsewhere.
  13. Do you mean Greatest Hits or ANThology though?
  14. Thanks @daegor I saw that. I'll still be sitting it out though as im moving in two weeks and need to get a tonne of furniture and other big adult purchases. If it sticks around I'd like to grab the Lp and the book. Time will tell.....