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  1. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/?no_redirect=true Grabbed me one each of dem Cobalt splats/merge whatevers
  2. ha thanks yeah I checked the hydrahead merch table site and it didn't have any... shipping is more than the record from both these places unfortunately - any German distros would probably be best for me
  3. Any one know where you can still get copies of Oxbow - Thin Black Duke? Finally got round to listening to it and it real good.
  4. I think they did do a box set of these? but yes reissue please
  5. and or put it all together as a comp on a 2LP
  6. I don't think any of the stuff they're repressed has been that over priced, some of the test presses on the other hand... However I like that they are giving people access to buy some of this stuff if they really want it maybe ebay would've been the better place for that stuff though... looking at what they have up on there now there's still bargains e.g. Discordance Axis 2LP's for $8, Oceanic Remixes 2LP for $10...
  7. All excellent examples of stuff in more need of a repress... although I'm kinda glad their not doing them as I can't afford anything at the moment lel
  8. Makes sense I suppose, just seems like a strange choice to reissue something that already has 5 pressings, when stuff like Beyond Hypothermia or the Poacher Diaries has only been done once like 20 years ago...
  9. This is strange, the sticker on the version I have states it is the final pressing.... its not like its that hard to get a copy either
  10. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I like lantlos but not solstafir. Will have to give it a go. I always get lantlos confused with Ludicra. The Tenant is a criminally underrated album https://ludicraofficial.bandcamp.com/album/the-tenant Playing a cover?
  11. Cobalt reissues (Gin & Eater of Birds)

    Heck Yes! Gin is super hard to get and is a great album, have not really heard Eater of Birds but tempted to grab both
  12. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Nabbed the last 1
  13. A389 Fall blow out

    Some pretty sick grab bags up on A389 $100 PPD US $150 PPD CAN $200 PPD World https://a389.myshopify.com/collections/featured/products/a389-fall-blowout-2017 Fall is here. There will be less A389 activity in the future as any spare time is geared towards Integrity shows / recordings. Take advantage of this sick deal and stock up on some awesome past A389 releases. Maybe if enough records go out the door I'll get an air hockey table. HERE ARE THE DETAILS. PLEASE NOTE PRICES ARE PPD HOWEVER THE WEBSTORE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADD A SMALL HANDLING FEE THAT GOES TOWARDS PAYING FOR PACKING MATERIALS FROM BAGS UNLIMITED / U-LINE. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING 15 LPS ANNE Dream Punx 12" CHOKEHOLD Content With Dying 12" CHOKEHOLD Prison Of Hope 12" FULL OF HELL Rudiments Of Mutilation 12" HOMEWRECKER Circle Of Death 12" HOMEWRECKER Worms And Dirt 12" INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake 12" IRON REAGAN Spoiled Identity 12" IRON REAGAN Worse Than Dead 12" JUNIOR BRUCE Endless Descent 12" LEFT FOR DEAD Devoid Of Everything 12" NOISEM Blossoming Decay 12" PULLING TEETH Funerary 12" PULLING TEETH Martyr Immortal 12" PULLING TEETH Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions 12" PLUS THE FOLLOWING 5 EPS INTEGRITY 7th Revelation 7” RINGWORM / BRAIN TENTACLES Split 7” SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP/ ILSA Split 7” WEEKEND NACHOS Black Earth 7” WEEKEND NACHOS Watch You Suffer 7” AND WE WILL THROW IN 5 RANDOM LPs / 5 RANDOM EPs + 5 RANDOM CDS bringing your total pieces to 20 LPs / 10 EPs / 10 CDs.
  14. Amenra . Mass VI

    Watched on the YouTube's was pretty sick! Didn't really get the whole hooks thing was there any significance?
  15. Here's my collection pick something for me to listen to please. https://www.discogs.com/user/2notepockets/collection?header=1