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  1. Not a huge EW fan in honesty that being said i haven't delved that far into all their stuff. I did actually enjoy Time to Die though and Dopethrone is pretty essential
  2. Wasn't there an issue around some of the riffs on this album being lifted directly from another band? I wonder if thats why it hasn't seen a repress.
  3. Yeah i got a brand new copy of the fools gold version about 2 years ago for 25 beans really couldn't believe it. From the same guy i told you might have some Agalloch stuff... Their more recent album was a bit different to this from memory, cleaner production and a lot more folk/prog influence. Kinda more like Negura Bunget from memory
  4. Pretty sure my old cd has 13 or 14 tracks - looking at discogs so many versions of this have different tracklists, ending the album after relative ways would just be weird for me... not sure I'm keen on a original press as I thought I was given that... yep AUS version: Tracklist 1 Invocation 2 It Was There That I Saw You 3 Another Morning Stoner 4 Baudelaire 5 Homage 6 How Near How Far 7 Life Is Elsewhere 8 Heart In The Hand Of The Matter 9 Monsoon 10 Days Of Being Wild 11 Relative Ways 12 After The Laughter 13 Source Tags & Codes
  5. @lexicondevil giving that Black Cilice album a listen now, pretty good the production suits it perfectly gives it a softer edge IMO, a little reminiscent of the Angelic Process in terms of production. this album/band is old news but this is probably one of the best I've heard in this depressive/atmospheric style of BM:
  6. Was thinking the same thing! no way this guy is Japanese
  7. US store only ships in the US... I neeeed this...
  8. What's the Black Cilice like? Style/quality?
  9. Super good, super intense...
  10. Yeah I did notice that, wasn't AWLWLB vinyl all on Deathwish? either way I will most likely get a Deathwish copy if I can. ordered plenty through them in the past never been let down, I have no experience with the other 2... Except for New Bermuda lol
  11. So Deathwish handling the vinyl? I hope so can't deal with a another New Bermuda debacle from Epitah
  12. Mannnn i wanna like that song but... Turn It Around is sooo good, but i can't get into anything they've done sonce Wake The Dead.
  13. Nah man new album shits on lore for mine
  14. Haha yeah Pallbearer are being supported by Holy Serpent, the reverse would be very strange...