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  1. New Wode is streaming: www.noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/wodes-new-album-is-another-victory-for-british-black-metal First impression is this is going more down the blackened death path which is not normally my cup of tea, but the final track is EPIC! Really enjoyed their first album from last year
  2. just had to do an 11 am lunch thanks to this
  3. pretty annoying considering on discogs they charge about 6 euro for a single lp outside of Europe...
  4. I saw Exhumed about 13 years ago all remember is one of them Sculling a beer out of someone prosthetic leg, good times...
  5. So for it to be hot the bread/outer shell is generally required to under go some form of toasting? the exclusion of bahn mi from hot makes the decision a fair bit harder for me, probably still have to go hot, but I would probably break hot sandwich edge for a bahn mi occasionally
  6. Is Bahn Mi considered a hot or cold sandwich?
  7. Ordered me up a black, bummed I missed the limited versions. Tried to go through Green hell for that green but shipping was ridiculous. Opposite of December repress next PLEASE!!!
  8. Absolutely devastated, Superunkown was a soundtrack to my youth an all time favourite album... had an emo moment on the way to work this morning when Black Hole Sun came on the radio... Never saw Soundgarden Live had 2 opportunities at festivals but always thought they'd come round again on their own headline tour. Thoughts to his family and loved ones, he is a Legend.
  9. loving Master of None. enjoyed the first season of Love but by the end of season 2 will probably never watch again, got pretty sick of the characters.
  10. scored the last bone variant from the band when they played here a few months back. just came in to brag
  11. Rainbow splatter variant available from tee pee records looks fucking rad
  12. More in the atmospheric/folk black realm been really digging Alda a lot lately their new album Passage is out on Eisenwald and is meant to be getting the vinyl treatment at some point. Their previous album Tahoma is available for name your price download on bandcamp really good stuff: https://replenishrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tahoma
  13. New song streaming on echoes and dust doesn't sound like a huge depature from Lore, I like it
  14. Been listening to Death Fortress a bit lately supposedly a new album soon on Fallen empire.
  15. Hey man, I don't have any Agalloch to sell you but this guy has some stuff you might be interested in: https://www.discogs.com/seller/squirrellgripp/profile?q=agalloch Not listed on discogs but in his store I have seen: - Colour represses of the Mantle they aren't cheap but probably about a third of the cheapest available on discogs (maybe the other represses too?) - Serpent and the Sphere 2xlp's - Clear Marrow of the Spirit so you could try contacting him about what he has, its in Australia so shipping will be pretty insane though... good luck!