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  1. Listened at work this arvo. Solid album such a consistently good band... I agree about the vocals they were a bit high in the mix when all I really wanted to hear was riffs... i actually like the track with the female singer better than the lanegan contributions.
  2. Yeah The Bees... is rad, my local record dealer has one of those over the top triple gatefold bible versions I'll probably pick up when/if budget permits. I need to listen to Primitive and Deadly from what I've heard it uses more distortion and also has some tracks with vocals which is potentially an interesting dynamic for them.
  3. Been on a bit of an Earth binge lately. Hadn't listened to them in a very long time but for some reason checked out the Angels of Darkness... releases and can't stop listening to them. any one else in to them? favourite releases?
  4. Last week - Nothing - sans Mr Palermo (couldn't get into the country), still sounded great and picked up a tour press of tired of tomorrow This week - DRI Next week - Explosions in the sky
  5. Haha the 12 euro shipping to Australia was miniscule compared to shipping anything here from the US
  6. Album pre order is up on Bandcamp - Clear wax no pressing number details. Ordered and excited to hear the rest
  7. Faaark standard purple for me
  8. I feel like this would make a great thread with the mock up/label pick compared to the actual variant you receive, kinda like those nailed it pictures... Had few fails recently if I was forum savvy I would post em, some are just a little disappointing (when they say cream and its just white), others are more amusing fails (clear with black smoke that turns out all clear with a small black blob in the middle)...
  9. Haughm can do no wrong! this rips! starts out not Agalloch-y but ends very Agalloch-y Stereogum seems to indicate the Album pre order is available but I can't find it...
  10. Still waiting on this to arive... Anyone else in the same boat?
  11. Oh cool. A lot of hype around that blood incantation album. I couldn't get into it though.
  12. Been spending a lot of time on the Mare Cognitum and Skaphe albums lately. Both really good the Skaphe in particular is a complete mind fuck. Would love to grab a copy of it on wax but they seem to be impossible to get at a reasonable price...
  13. Well the Vektor album will be physical when it arrives lol I meant physical in that i was physically in the store for the other one rather than ordering it via the web.
  14. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew (2015 legacy edition) Edit: actually thats the last physical purchase. Ordered a copy of Vektor - Terminal redux after this