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  1. Favourite High-Quality Re-Releases?

    This is probably my favourite sounding record out of my whole collection in all honesty, it absolutely rips. The SRC reissue of Rival Schools - United By Fate is another one for me that sounds absolutely amazing, I can't compare it to other pressings but it has a lot of punch to it.
  2. PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    Do you find that places actually do that? I just got a customs note for this (fourth in a row!) and I'm gonna have to stop buying from the US if it carries on like this!
  3. This and Gangs would get me to open my wallet again. I'm surprised they've not been done in all honesty!
  4. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Fingers crossed for an indie variant of some sort, maybe?
  5. I was totally on board with All Hail... but they lost me after that. I don't know whether it's just overexposure (I think I'm well into double-digits on seeing them live now) or my own tastes changing but Heirs and this latest track just haven't grabbed me at all. They're not bad songs, I just think they're a little...predictable? I had the same issue with Maybeshewill who I think were probably on a similar level at a similar time, their later stuff left me feeling the same. That said, I'll always go and see them when they come through. Absolute force of nature in person!
  6. Oh mannnn, this new song is great. Going to a festival on Thursday, excited to finally see Converge for the first time on Friday, but between this and the Oh Sees preorder I'm getting serious vinyl-preorder-related FOMO...
  7. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Just gave People Like You a go based on you guys recommending it, and wow! I'll have to dig through these too, I was obsessed with Topshelf around the time that TWIABP put their first out but haven't really paid them much mind of late. Gotta rectify this!
  8. Wow, this song is really good too! Probably over-splurged on records this month so I might wait to hear more, but I can't imagine Devin ever doing anything wrong.
  9. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    One step ahead of me! Turns out the PO was sooner than 'soon', haha. I just swung for the /200, the UK store had it listed as: Run - 12” Inch Half Translucent Swamp Green / Half Opaque Olive Green (out of 200)
  10. Looks like a new Prawn record is about to get announced, on Topshelf: https://prawnnj.bandcamp.com/album/run 1. Hunter 2. Snake Oil Salesman 3. North Lynx 4. Cricket In The Yard 5. Hawk In My Head 6. Empty Hands 7. Short Stem 8. Rooftops 9. Leopard's Paw 10. Greyhound 11. Split Logs
  11. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    I get ya! I was always in that boat, I find that lately this has waned a little. Yet, I still spend way more time lurking on here than I like to admit because I really just enjoy following these kinda of discussions, and I've thankfully heard a tonne of stuff I never would have before which sorta justifies the time! Back to EN - I've got to admit that after initially rolling my eyes I'm beginning to find their whole 'cross-platform marketing' dealio to be absolutely hilarious: https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/31/16072754/arcade-fire-fidget-spinner-everything-now I just know someone out in the world got real, real excited for a moment.
  12. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    Wasn't using 'obsessive' in a negative way, no dig intended! I'd be a total hypocrite because I spent 99% of my day yesterday refreshing that TWIABP thread like a madman.
  13. I'm sure a lot of people have been in that situation too. It's difficult for everyone, and it's very hard to move on from. In my personal experience that behaviour came from the person in question being in a bad place themselves...it may not be entirely excusable, but I always felt like Nicole was a good person who struggled. And who doesn't feel that way at times? I don't mean to negate whatever happened, of course, or excuse behaviour that is inappropriate or abusive. Obviously people don't know the exact details here, and maybe never will, so more than anything else I just hope everyone can put everything behind them and move forward. I want to be excited for TWIABP, and I want to be excited for the OHYO record, and I hope that this personal stuff can be addressed (privately or publicly). This new song sounds great. There's definitely less of a guitar-led feel but when it takes off it soars like anything else they've done. I can't wait to hear the rest.