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  1. Thanks very much for clearing that up, appreciate it. I'm just eager to see it in the flesh!
  2. Same here pal, I seem to remember something about shipping emails not going out but that they had been sent. @ethereal, did I get that right?
  3. I caved and made this #3 for me. The Constant Rotation pressing is done by a guy who runs a store here in Birmingham, he posted a pic of one of his on FB earlier. I'll try and dig it out for this thread later, but it might have to be #4! You're a bad influence! Are there any UK people still waiting on their Stolen Body copies? I got a shipping notification (well, label creation notification) a week or so ago but nothing yet. :/
  4. This album is so fucking good. I'm gonna have such a hard time not buying any more variants. That sepia-cover version, ugh...
  5. I couldn't help but laugh at the cartoon gator on the 'overload' page. Brand synergy for ya. I'm not all the way through but early impressions are super strong. The synths sound incredible, all the acoustic bits...everything just sounds wonderful. It's amazing that this is the fourth album they've done this year and they're still treading crazy new ground.
  6. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I hope that something like this could happen, Daisy is so good and that's mostly Vin's writing right?
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I think this is pretty much exactly where I stand on it. I don't want to label Jesse as a totally broken piece of trash who can never redeem himself because everyone should have that opportunity if they take the right steps. But this situation is just so slimy and gross and the 'apology' really didn't make anything better, so it's so hard to know what it would take to reach that point...I have no desire to listen to them right now, because whenever I think about it all I can think about is the people who have ended up victimised. Maybe down the line things will resolve and I'll personally feel like I can listen to it all again, but at the moment as more comes out I'm feeling more skeptical I'll reach that point. Think I'm gonna cancel my deluxe preorder and maybe down the line if things turn around pick a standard copy up. Can't help but feel kinda self-absorbed pondering all this when people are hurting though...
  8. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    Yeah, same here - after the Brand New limited edition and the Cursive reissues I'm praying another must-have doesn't come along before I get the gift-getting out of the way. I'm hoping Banquet will have the hookup so I can at least avoid the inevitable customs horrorshow.
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Science Fiction II is actually hidden INSIDE the packaging of one copy of the limited edition. The only way for people to find it is to rip their own copies apart. Obviously as it's a paper bag it's not going to take much, but still.
  10. I guess I find it pretty funny that it's reached that point. It's a shame, more than anything else. I still want to love Always Foreign but after reading through the lyrics and stuff I just began to find them really off-putting. Obviously I don't know what happened between them, but some of the songs on that record seem so obviously about Nicole in such a vindictive way...I don't wanna say that you can't write songs about stuff like this, obviously you can, but I just didn't like it here. I felt like the 'drama' overtook the actual music a little, and that's where it starts to just seem absurd. It's a band, not a Tumblr comment thread. I remember the lineup shuffling around a tonne pre-Harmlessness and it always felt exciting, like, what direction will it go? How can they add to the sound they already have? I guess it's telling that someone leaves now and you could be forgiven for assuming some shit had gone down.
  11. Yeah, of course! I was kinda joking about the drama, but totally did not do a very good job of conveying that. Obviously I hope everything's okay first and foremost!
  12. I guess we probably got forgotten! Got the same email too.
  13. So, Dylan's now left the band too it seems. Can't link to his Instagram post (thanks, work filters) but I wonder what's gone on there? Am I maybe jumping the gun by just assuming there's going to have been some drama here? Edit: I realise I probably sound like an asshole here - I was kind of joking about the drama but totally misworded it!
  14. Anyone know of any UK/EU distros with the hookup here? Please and thanks!