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  1. Yeah, I want a few of these tapes. But a few not so much. $15 a tape is pretty steep to begin with, but when I factor in the cassettes I'll rarely, if ever, play, the cost rises above $20 per. Probably too rich for my blood.
  2. My ex used to say the same thing. Repeatedly.
  3. There would have to be new music on there for me to think about a double dip. The artwork is lovely, but that ain't enough. I've been spinning the black LPs for months now and they sound great. Zero chance that I'll pay $30-40 per set for new artwork, a patch/poster/film cel/etc, and splatter wax probably sound worse, but assuredly no better, than the copies I have now.
  4. Sorry to hear that, Slinch. Keep your chin up and I hope everything works out for you.
  5. I had read a few times that the 2007 Rhino remasters were immaculate, but that some of the 2015 Rhino reissues of those remasters had some pressing issues that resulted in surface noise. The (as yet uncleaned) 2015 Violator copy I recently received definitely has a few clicks and pops, though not many and nothing I would consider a deal breaker. Especially at $11. And it is the best I've ever heard the music sound; the mastering is phenomenal.
  6. I got Violator on the 28th. It sounds fantastic.
  7. The whole digital discography is only $30 right now. I picked up an LP and bought the digi disco, too. I'd be surprised if we didn't see one or maybe two (simultaneous) vinyl preorder(s) later this year. I think those album sales will really determine the future. Digital Dance was a slam dunk release. It's their most sought after LP.
  8. The one thing I'll say in Waxwork's defense (and I am by no means excusing their ridiculous pricing) is that their records are always, always mastered spectacularly. Pressings can still be wonky (see some of the first batch of The Thing), but that happens at the plant. The recording itself (or mastering in their case) is always great. Certainly more consistent than Mondo or DWRC. And I wouldn't say Waxwork's customer service is bad, just not as prompt or well organized as Mondo's. But their prices are outrageous and the gimmicks are a real reach for me personally. I wish more Soundtrack labels felt like they could just put out a hi fidelity black vinyl pressing of an album, but it seems they almost all believe that that is simply not a marketable concept.
  9. Is this going to be the new flick or an older incarnation?
  11. that record because it's mall kiosk dumpster kindling. EDIT: Wait, this is the thread where we finish each other's sentences, right?