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  1. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    That stinks. I'd keep trying in case people are carting, to check for shipping or the like, and not buying it.
  2. I only liked the first part of that movie.
  3. Waxwork Records Thread

    That'd be me. DJ is a mensch.
  4. Just a head up, Dillo, that it wasn't me who peed in your Wheaties this morning. I'm not making any excuses for OESB. The first and last sentences of my post make it both pretty clear how I think OESB has handled this and that my friend's Paypal experience was not necessarily reflective of OESB's. The only thing I took any umbrage with was a post, that in fairness I neglected to quote, that indicated the release was not legitimate. That's all. The Paragraph about the PayPal freeze thing is just an anecdote that came into my purview after OESB used it as one of their excuses so I thought it was an interesting one to pass along. I'd never heard of it before. Just engaging in discourse; not litigating a vaportrial. Again, I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT OESB, but, in my friend's instance, his label's PayPal account was frozen during the first few hours of the album dropping. That in essence froze the incoming cash of those who'd already purchased and kept would-be purchasers from being able to complete any transactions. In this case, there was never any meaningful opportunity to access those funds for a transfer. That said, they had it cleared up in about a week though it was quite a cluster. If it'll make you feel better, I'll curse and slander a bit more in my subsequent posts so as to remove any ambiguity.
  5. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Less what I meant. More what I meant. Reasonable guess. Indeed, but a very nice person.
  6. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Neither do I. What's the story?
  7. Ultra Vinyl Releases

    Shit, was that the latest one? Then yes I have. Adjust my previous post forward a full season on all accounts.