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  1. PO: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

    SO in 14 min? wow.
  2. Pearl Jam fans

    I have that boot as well. I went all in on this Vault because its mastered from the original tapes as opposed to the boot which is from the Q101 broadcast.
  3. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Nah. It’s just the track titles. There’s no dialog. that being said, people should just buy the red/green pressing from Mondo. Way cheaper. Also the records don’t look like cum.
  4. The Third Man Records Thread

    Clips of the new Jack material sound interesting. I wonder if if they are gonna announce the next vault (LP3 preorders) early if they are ramping up promotion of the next LP.
  5. Huh. Interesting. Bullmoose has them in stock.
  6. Is this even seeing a physical release? I think this is streaming only.
  7. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Isbell is back up at 1 per person.
  8. Yeah, I expect this to follow suit of mbv. It was a couple weeks out of the vinyl shipping from their site that stores started taking orders.
  9. U2 - Songs of Experience

    Great ep
  10. U2 - Songs of Experience

    Also, I don’t pray to god, but I will if it gets us an REM themed show from Scott and Scott.
  11. U2 - Songs of Experience

    I finally found a good rip. Its a really good U2 album. I don't think its one of the best albums of the year (like Rolling Stone has), but yeah, this is probably their best album of the past 20 years. No massive singles like Beautiful Day or Walk On, but no wank like No Line on the Horizon. It sounds modern U2 without sounding forced. Production is nice. My only ding against it is that they lean too heavily on repeating the hook/chorus/title too much in the last thirds of some of the songs (Blackout/American Soul/Get Out of Your Own Way). Maybe the only miss is the Showman. Anyway C+
  12. U2 - Songs of Experience

    Yeah. First slowing it down.
  13. U2 - Songs of Experience