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  1. I just got mine from BM yesterday. Pretty cool. I should get that 7" box set they put out 4-5 years ago.
  2. oof. Pretty cringy, but he's a kid. We've all done cringeworthy things.
  3. I wouldn't think of going to discogs to wonder about the quality of the pressing, I'm surprised people would. I would come here first. Maybe the Steve Hoffman foums, but this being a hip hop album and not something recorded before 1983, I probably wouldn't find much. Mine sounds great. I spun it yesterday w/o a clean. Some static (which will go away after a clean), but I found it to sound fantastic. No pops or clicks. Flat and quiet. Bass is solidly deep. I think its the best pressing of all his albums so far.
  4. Was hoping for a Cut to the feeling 12" announcement.
  5. Not sure if the OP is better, worse, or the same. The 1972 pressing is passable I guess, but I wasn't blown away by the sound quality. I assumed it was a Cd transfer because it doesn't sound better than my rip. I caved and bought it after Syro, because I thought there is no way it would be repressed by Warp. Hopefully these reissue indicate the whole catalog is gonna see a repress. also, word is the countdown is to a Aphex Bleepstore where he will sell mastered SoundCloud tracks and assorted OOP Rephlex stuff. We'll see next week I guess.
  6. Warp re-presses were done around Syros release. Or Computer Controlled. I can't remember when, but they were in the bleep shop as recently as this past December. They have RDJ and Come to Daddy in stock now. But yeah, those 1972 reissues are shit. I have Ambient II and its not great
  7. Deviations is the only one that's done. Everything else is out at the end of the Summer I think.
  8. So they are reissuing 4 of the in print Warp albums (weird) at the end of July. Also, RDJ seems to have some sort of countdown on his site. No idea what it's for. Maybe it's to announce a reissue campaign. Or maybe a new album. Either way, I hope it's something great. Also, he did another White label for his Field Day show, only this time it was an album and not a single. And it's really fucking good. This guy.
  9. I know this is going back a few months, but I got these and can attest to their greatness. I've had my kids run by them hitting them and they don't break. They can be written on by sharpie easily and take a label machine label real well too.
  10. Pretty sure the box set comes with a DL of the tape.
  11. Agreed. I hope they go back to do a Bends deluxe, and that they keep something like this going for the rest of their albums on their respective anniversaries. I hunk they have such an interesting approach to writing tunes and working through shit. I love getting a look at the process.
  12. I'm guessing there's a EU pressing and a US pressing. Here is the cassette tracklisting in case anyone was wondering (Record collector magazine posted a review and broke down the tape). SIDE A:01: Miscellaneous studio noise snippets (7 minutes)02: Let Down (alt version - acoustic guitars, double tracked vocals)03: NEW SONG04: Miscellaneous studio noise snippets05: Motion Picture Soundtrack (early version - piano and vocal)06: A reading (Climbing Up The Walls lyrics - read by a young girl)07: Karma Police (studio session, work on the chorus)08: A reading (Short story - read by 'Fitter Happier' voice)09: No Surprises (acoustic, alternative lyrics)10: Talk Show Host (alt version - stripped back, alternative lyrics)SIDE B:01: Climbing Up The Walls (early version)02: Paranoid Android (Development - rough demos/soundboard recordings of various sections)03: Airbag (alt version - early lyrics, bare bones)04: Big Ideas/Nude (early version)05: The National Anthem (early version)
  13. I think I may like the RKID shirt more than I'll like the album.