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  1. Kinda done with this dude. I'll check out anything he recorded before Benji, but since Benji, I haven't enjoyed anything outside of a track or 2.
  2. Well, its been a minute since hes pressed a 7". Hopefully thats changed.
  3. Hopefully the box set is cut as nicely. Though, to be fair, every LP hes put out since leaving Lost Highway has been cut and pressed real well.
  4. I'll probably just buy them on ebay at some point.
  5. Yeah, I'd really like to get the Stripes pressings and the Carl Cox 7".
  6. I think it coming with the CD is the Euro exclusive? Clear was an indie exclusive in the US, but it didn't come with a CD, just a DL.
  7. Cool. I'll probably swing by the viagra triangle store tomorrow to see if they have any in stock before I hit discogs.
  8. A Seat at the Table is now listed as a black vinyl LP (and still on a pre-order). Did they sell out of the colored pressing or did they scrap it?
  9. Normally I'd get it from them, but with $7 shipping on a 4 track EP, I'll just wait for Amazon. Also, I hope they jump into doing the next album rather than retreating to do do their year of making solo stuff.
  10. They had it listed as a Feb 24th release date. But its out April 21st according to Bowie's site. I'm guessing they changed it to indefinitely because they want to confirm the 4/21 date.
  11. I just wish there was a way to hear this album in the past 25 years.
  12. I think people get too bent out of shape over 10c and their shipping.
  13. They have the Hamilton Mixtape on clear as an exclusive.
  14. Hopefully the new St. Vincent album drops for RSD.