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  1. New 10". https://bleep.com/release/84381-burial-subtemple-beachfires thats how you kick off a Friday.
  2. Ryan Adams/PaxAm also just left Firebrand a few weeks ago. His store was down for a week or two last month. Coincidentally (but probably not), he is also managed by Silva. Ive kina though Firebrand was always half assed. So its probably for the best.
  3. If this site/twitter handle is legit.
  4. Also, its kinda odd for an "indie" band to not have a physical pre-order up when a record is announced.
  5. Both solid songs, but neither feel like a big single. Even the Shields out takes EP had Will Calls as it's single and it felt bigger than these two. Either way, I look forward to the album.
  6. It's not a very immediate album. It's lush and well produced, so in that sense it's accomplished. Song wise though, a few just don't click with me. I enjoyed the first 2 more.
  7. Probably gonna be randomly inserted.
  8. probably the source page.
  9. Thats what I thought. I'll keep my order at Bullmoose then.
  10. Isn't this going to be everywhere in August?
  11. yeah, can't even sign in.
  12. Wish they would press season 1 highlights.
  13. It's just weird to see people referring to characters who didn't make the music.