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  1. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/wolf_parade/cry_cry_cry cream colored Loser edition. $23.
  2. This one? http://www.freenewsprojects.com/store/music/wolf-parade.html
  3. Bought Field day, Tuss and Korg. I'll probably have to go back for the bonus tracks later.
  4. So his bleepstore is up. No new vinyl than what Bleep had available. BUT Lots of new tracks. Field Day, Korg EP, Tuss. Lots of bonus tracks too https://aphextwin.warp.net/tracks
  5. Same. Was gonna wait for Bull Moose to use some points, but I'll take a gamble on a signed copy.
  6. His heavier hand in production has turned me off. Machina is good, but there is something about the sound of it vs. all the earlier SP stuff is off for me. I can't put my finger on it. Post breakup, I think his songwriting has been pretty crappy. 25% good stuff, the rest meh.
  7. Aren't most of their ROTM readily available though? A quick look back it seems Gorillaz/Fiona Apple are the outliers and most stuff was available outside VMP. Maybe im wrong, but I think before those 2 Four Tet was the only exclusive release they had. Of course I mean their ROTM being variant pressings aside.
  8. I hope its not something on the Virginia EP. What I would love is for a couple of demos from the ‎Tarquin demos. Maybe 1 of the unreleased tunes (Don't Cry Honey/Swiss Miss).
  9. My hope is that it's recut on 2LPs. Ive always thought it and Alligator just sound OK. But I have originals of both so maybe subsequent cuts are better.
  10. The VMP forum seems convinced. Also, according to the clues, it's coming with a 7".
  11. So the thought is Boxer is the August ROTM?
  12. According to the obi on Master of None, they are doing Iron Fist. SDCC seems like a logical place to launch that. Weird that its not ready yet.
  13. Anyway, back to the national. Here's a pic of the 7". The blue looks great (semi transparent in the light). I wonder if the album blue will be similar. It looks good and matches the blue in the art well.
  14. I would say its really the only time I can blow through my 7"s.
  15. Are you asking for real if people play their 7"?
  16. I got there early on Friday and was doing my annual walk through before sets began. When I got to 4AD table i don't know what made it pop into my mind, but I randomly asked if they would be come widely available. She said she wasn't done setting up and pulled out a sealed box. She gave me the first one. Pretty sure the box glowed with a celestial light as she pulled out the first single. And while she works for 4AD and I kinda knew how she would respond, I asked if she heard the album and if so what are her thoughts. She said it is a fantastic album and fans will love it, that it's different but familiar. So I was amped.
  17. Something to tide me over until September. But yeah, completionism too
  18. Sorry guys, they sold out this morning not long after gates.
  19. They only got 30. Will swing by in a bit.
  20. They had the 7" at p4k fest at the 4AD table in the record fair. It's on blue vinyl.
  21. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071K15BC6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1499351072&sr=8-6&keywords=Urban+hymns http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25447930/verve-urban-hymns-super-deluxe-6lp https://store.udiscovermusic.com/*/*/Urban-Hymns-Super-Deluxe-20th-Anniversary-Edition/5KZX0000000 best album.
  22. Pretty awesome that these are shipping in 2 weeks.