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  1. They are headlining Glasto, right? They played it right after OKC came out. Wouldn't be surprised if they play it in full there. Especially since they have pulling deep cuts out for this leg.
  2. May 10th last year is when they announced the last set of reissues. I could see this following suit. Hopefully we we get a Vault in June again. I also have have a suspicion Ed may have a solo album in the can and we could see a sizable tour this fall.
  3. I'm not seeing it, what colors are the vinyl?
  4. Oh no doubt it was stupid. I was on a plane using air wifi and you couple that with the site slow down and the issues people were having when it was announced, I basically wanted to make sure I got something. I cancelled the Amazon regular version because it will be streaming. I just thought it was a funny story to share that as of this morning I had all 3 versions on order.
  5. That Bengans place in Sweden came through. I'm surprised as I was not optimistic.
  6. This is what I ended up doing. I ordered the box, but then wanted something for release day. So I then ordered the deluxe too because that's supposed to be out by Friday (right?). but then I second guessed them having it out on time so I ordered the standard version from Amazon who will get it to my by Friday. So I'm weird.
  7. Good for that guy for getting huge. He's always been such a great song writer, it's nice to see him getting the fan base he deserves.
  8. pretty cool, got the Manic Street Preachers and Super Furries EPs. Hopefully I can get Elastica from a UK site.
  9. I love Pearl Jam. I hate their fans.
  10. they were purchased by ccmusic/deep discount
  11. Confirmed, or a guess?
  12. Still 2 months until this comes out. wtf.
  13. I'm willing to bet the June date isn't set in stone.
  14. I'm guessing it's a window. If if we are supposed to be happy with the June store, we'll probably see the catalog repressed for a June wide release.
  15. Yes, it did. I believe SOLAT is a different mix as well. It was basically the same master used for the cd. the vinyl itself is a good, but the whole master is a mess. Too hot.
  16. Ordered the shirt/LP combo. Can't wait. Album slays
  17. Hopefully s/t gets a new less brickwalled cut.
  18. Interesting.
  19. I A/B'd my copies of DD. I think the new pressing slightly beats it. More robust bass, a touch louder. Don't get me wrong, the original was very good too. If you have an original, don't sweat not getting a new one. If you have a new one, be happy.
  20. So many mailers
  21. I'm wondering if this U2 appearance could be a sample from their new album and Kdot gave them a feature because of its exclusivity. The full band gets the writing credits like they do for all U2 tracks, but best I can tell, its just Bono. I hear zero Edge.