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  1. Got my first package from the new company. Decently packaged. Found it odd the detailed packing list was displayed on the front of the box. Anyone could see the exact vinyl inside if they were sneaking around. But we have good neighbors. The add violence slipmat is pretty sweet! Glad we got one! Glad sandbag is over though. Now we have two copies of add violence lp. Would be willing to trade one for a different ep or single maybe.
  2. I was just going to post about this. They refunded me $2 because I preordered it. Cool! So got it for $18 and it arrived yesterday.
  3. NIN order of add violence LP from Thursday, right when the store came online; Still has no tracking movement, but it did say it shipped and has a tracking number. Stoked to get the slipmat! It will be tough to swap out my marilyn manson slipmat though.. We will see.
  4. Awesome got our vinyl from Amazon! Packaged beautifuly inside wide record mailer and then inside a huge box filled with bubbles!!! Wow.. first time ordering from Amazon for a vinyl. They are the masters!! I hope my nin order arrives as nice.
  5. Sweet already got the confirmation that its being shipped. This company may be good, we will see! Stoked to get the slipmat. Will have 2 copies of Add Violence but worth it, haha.. Waiting for With Teeth, The Slip, and Year Zero to use the coupon code. Hoping Lost Highway and Natural Born Killer are in stock then still. Maybe The Crow and Girl with a dragon tattoo will be released? haha
  6. Oh man.. happy sad moment. I was waiting for nin.com to come back. Ordered from Amazon. We will get it tomorrow which is Awesome! But now, if i was just more patient. Would've got a slipmat. Oh man tempted to order another.. update: ordered it! So we will have our Amazon copy tomorrow and the nin copy maybe in 7-10 days if they don't delay it more. Worth it for the limited slipmat.
  7. :0 Oh man, I don't know why I was waiting for NIN's store to come online. That's cool! Now they say in store only on BM. I just ordered from Amazon, since I have Prime free shipping. It says we should receive it Friday!
  8. Wait.. you think they won't work after? I've been waiting for with teeth and year zero to be released. Was hoping they'd have more soundtracks and merch by then too.... :/ then use my code..
  9. We also can't make it that far. Here is our code: Here is your unique, one time use presale code: RQS6PRRM