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  1. We also can't make it that far. Here is our code: Here is your unique, one time use presale code: RQS6PRRM
  2. It seems to come back in stock every time it sells out. I'm sure they just have a hard time keeping up with orders. I haven't heard that it's limited.
  3. Look up panorama fest on youtube. I'm assuming it will be similar to the nyc show. We were there and it was AMAZING! Can't wait to see them again tonight!
  4. I was thinking i would just walk out of my job if they announced a meet and greet that I could make it too. But this isn't guaranteeing you'd meet them forsure and you had to get in line by noon for a guarantee I'm assuming. So I didn't have enough time or enough of a guarantee to meet them. Otherwise I'd totally be in the same boat man. I'm excited for the show tomorrow. I'm still hoping they announce a club show Saturday morning.
  5. Awe man.. we won't be there till tomorrow.. I'd be more sad if it was a meet and greet or small show. But a q&a with rare vinyl sounds amazing as well. If I didn't have work id go early for sure.
  6. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Oh hell yes.. his voice is always so magical. Happy to see they are still making music!
  7. Here are the ones I used for The Fragile and Deviations. Someone recommended them to me before. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001719NXQ