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  1. Today is a glorious day. Thanks for keeping everyone updated, I wasn't on this site but I was fortunate enough to check my Facebook today, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the CD edition, guaranteed. Can't wait to listen to this.
  2. The Solipsis promo material being sent with the first 100 orders is such a big deal. I'm assuming the material in question is this release http://rateyourmusic.com/release/unauth/the_angelic_process/solipsistic/ Which has some absolutely fantastic songs on it, I'm honestly dying to hear how they're going to sound in CD/FLAC quality, considering there's only a low quality version of it available. If I don't get to be one of the first 100 ( Just the thought of it is making me anxious, seriously, The Angelic Process is the best band to ever graze this planet) - I can only hope that they will at least do a Bandcamp digital release of it. There is only one slightly disappointing aspect to this box set so far, and that is the lack of the CD bonus tracks of ...And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey, those tracks being Hang Him Higher and Cages Of Blood And Bone, both of which are absolutely ethereal and brilliant, ugh, I'm getting goosebumps just from mentioning them. https://www.discogs.com/The-Angelic-Process-And-Your-Blood-Is-Full-Of-Honey/release/915184 They released ...And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey with the new artwork on Bandcamp very recently, and as you can see, it's missing the bonus tracks which can be found on the physical CD. https://burningworldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/and-your-blood-is-full-of-honey With that said, I am pumped to finally get my hands on both the debut album and the Sigh EP, I consider that EP to be their very best work, although I'd take any of their material over basically everything else any day of the week. The passing of Kris is the most tragic loss in the history of music as far as I'm concerned, and to see how unkown they really are will forever boggle my mind. They were and still are an absolute treasure and it's simply a pleasure to be among the lucky few to have discovered them. ALSO: That FUCKING explosion of a part at 3:55 of this song. It incinerates your entire face and proceeds to burn away at your soul. A tier of its own which I don't see any artist ever topping.
  3. PO NOW: IAMX - Unfall

    My love for Chris Corner is infinite. One of the greatest musicians going. That Metanoia Addendum is unfuckwithable. His music has aged like a fine wine, constantly evolving and surprising me.
  4. Greatest industrial group to ever graze this planet. I can't think of a band more deserving of a (hopefully) complete discography reissued on vinyl.
  5. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    The album artwork reminds me of the Split soundtrack strangely. I dig it.
  6. Rammstein - Paris Live Boxed Set

    Apparently yeah. I'll use my right to say what I feel here. Your opinion is utter shit.
  7. Thanks. I have the Back To Black pressing, which I've never actually given a listen, so I'm curious as to how that one sounds. I'm looking forward to the remaster though.
  8. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the sound quality once you've had some time with it. I consider this record to be quite legendary.
  9. Death - Human reissue

    How has the sound quality of the recent Death re-issues been thus far? Human is one of my favourite releases of all time, and it's a no brainer for me if it turns out to be a fantastic pressing.
  10. Would this have been better if it had been 45rpm? Could someone explain the difference to me?
  11. Any comments on the sound quality of the repress?
  12. Is it even possible to order online from Rough Trade Germany? They don't seem to have a store, and the record isn't up on their site yet.