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  1. PO NOW: IAMX - Unfall

    My love for Chris Corner is infinite. One of the greatest musicians going. That Metanoia Addendum is unfuckwithable. His music has aged like a fine wine, constantly evolving and surprising me.
  2. Greatest industrial group to ever graze this planet. I can't think of a band more deserving of a (hopefully) complete discography reissued on vinyl.
  3. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    The album artwork reminds me of the Split soundtrack strangely. I dig it.
  4. Rammstein - Paris Live Boxed Set

    Apparently yeah. I'll use my right to say what I feel here. Your opinion is utter shit.
  5. Thanks. I have the Back To Black pressing, which I've never actually given a listen, so I'm curious as to how that one sounds. I'm looking forward to the remaster though.
  6. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the sound quality once you've had some time with it. I consider this record to be quite legendary.
  7. Death - Human reissue

    How has the sound quality of the recent Death re-issues been thus far? Human is one of my favourite releases of all time, and it's a no brainer for me if it turns out to be a fantastic pressing.
  8. Would this have been better if it had been 45rpm? Could someone explain the difference to me?
  9. Any comments on the sound quality of the repress?
  10. Is it even possible to order online from Rough Trade Germany? They don't seem to have a store, and the record isn't up on their site yet.