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  1. Pressed on clear orange vinyl (limited to 2000 copies), not available until release date. Preorder of 300 copies exclusively available from 6131 Records! https://shop.6131records.com/products/julien-baker-turn-out-the-lights-lp
  2. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    i did the same thing The pancake i had during their set was way better and less flat.
  3. Whats New on VC

    i find it easier to read now :s.
  4. Ben Howard's new band's album has been up for pre-order now for a few months. He actually plays a less important part in this band as being just one of the guys. Saw them play at Pukkelpop festival this year and it was just so good. So if you love the atmospheric stuff of Ben's last solo record, this one is for you. https://a-blaze-of-feather.myshopify.com/products/a-blaze-of-feather-double-vinyl those who already ordered it, did you receive yours yet?
  5. Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface

    Sorry for reviving a really old thread, for a band most of you dislike. But just giving a heads up that the first 2 albums (regional at best and S/T) are somewhat easily available as bootlegs now. Both are clear pressings, pretty huge amount of surface noise, but other than that, not a lot of problems with them. They are both european pressings, so don't think they'll be cheap overseas.
  6. Music on vinyl did Demonstrating last year or this year
  7. 1st repress since 1998. Hallo Freunde, zum Wochenende noch ein Knaller: ich freue mich, Ihnen endlich mitteilen zu dürfen, dass wir exklusiv die Neuauflage von MADBALLs LOOK MY WAY auf transparent grünem Vinyl anbieten zu dürfen! Die Factz: das Green Hell grüne Vinyl gibt es nur bei uns, seit der Erstpressung von 1998 ist die 3. Platte der New Yorker Legende nicht mehr auf Schallplatte verfügbar gewesen, die Pre-Order ist ab jetzt up und VÖ ist am15.12.2017! Genau zwischen "Demonstrating My Style" (1996) und "Hold it Down" (2000) erschienen bietet uns der Hammer 12 Abrissbirnen ungepflegten Hardcores und diese NYHC Klassiker inkl "Our Family", "Moment of Truth" oder "Lesson of Life" gehören natürlich in jeden gepflegten Mosh-Haushalt. Isso! Mosh, Euer Herr Neumann GREEN HELL & MADBALL MADBALL - Look My Way (GREEN HELL EDITION), Backbite, 2017 15.12. Greenhell Edition in transparent grün col. wax! 200 Stück. Seit der Erstpressung 1998 nicht mehr auf Schallplatte verfügbar gewesen. col lp 17.90 transparent green Translation: Release is dec 15th /200 on green
  8. heads up for europeans, but there are some white us imports up for sale. 23€. If you hit up discogs you can't find prices lower than 30 so now's a good time to buy it.
  9. Looks like they fucked up in the eurostore. Sucky for those who ordered the /400. I ordered from the Aus though
  10. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Thought so yeah
  11. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Probably because b/w is retail, they pushed that date a bit back
  12. Got the white/clear/smoke and have absolutely no problems
  13. pressing nr's on the BSM variant: 200 / Clear with orange splatter 300 / Black