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  1. Preorders are up in a lot of places for Dunkirk (eu sites)
  2. Sorry, i just can't take someone seriously when he writes an honest (to him) song about Jesus/God. At least dinosaurs were real. Just like evolution but hey, my opinion, your opinion, his opinion ;-)
  3. Never had any problems with them ;and they did provide tracking (maybe only in Europe?)
  4. SCB also came in first . But Effervescence has had some troubles with their shop and stuff ,and are working on a new one, maybe that's why they are not answering. But most of the time ,they typically reply very quick on Facebook, try there?
  5. Less than 100 left.
  6. really impressed by the sound. sounds good This is shipping for 19€ shipped in Europe; so get on it!
  7. black: coloured:
  8. up on the euro krm
  9. they're an official Warner store. The black ones will end up on other outlets, but the /500 not i think
  10. also in the European SOV store. same price as the recordstore site.
  11. tnx man! 38€ shipped. Not bad.