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  1. PO NOW: Lorde - Melodrama

    found a deluxe in an actual store today in Belgium . At 25€ that was an easy grab
  2. They’re gonna get them to take them along on their European tour, stuff that’s not sold goes back with them to the States and Wiretap will sell the remainder. No idea what would happen if Bearded Punk and SLS sell out before the end of the tour.
  3. A few weeks ago Spanish Love Songs released their newest album called "Schmaltz" through Uncle M and A-F Records! Today we can finally tell you about the secret repress we did for their "Giant Sings The Blues' record! This time on a limited Blue Moon vinyl! Limited to 238 pieces Grab one from our online shop or buy it during their EU tour (Which starts in 5 days) Order here: http://www.beardedpunk.com/ Listen here: https://beardedpunk.bandcamp.com/album/spanish-love-songs-giant-sings-the-blues
  4. regular The Fragile is quite cheap at Dodax right now. 36€ and as always free shipping. they also have german, us, uk, etc domains ,and prices sometimes differ ,and stock too. https://www.dodax.nl/nl-nl/muziek-cds-dvds-vinylplaten/classic-rock/nine-inch-nails-fragile-dpI82HBFV08TH/
  5. looks like it yeah. They'll upload the non signed later i guess
  6. http://store.biffyclyro.com/ signed deluxe vinyl/dvd/cd on the us , uk and eu stores and there will be an unplugged tour
  7. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    /100 purple bundle. Was 17$ shipping to Belgium
  8. it doesn't say it anywhere
  9. Someone i know described it as the sound of The Menzingers, the wonder years lyrics and Pup energy that break in buffalo, buffalo is so good ”Would you meet me in the middle?”
  10. There’s a yellow /150 banquet exclusive available now https://www.banquetrecords.com/tiny-moving-parts/swell/BSM222CD https://mobile.twitter.com/BanquetRecords/status/981941389830377472/photo/1
  11. also up on bsm: http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/615869-the-get-up-kids-kicker-12-ep-preorder 200 purple/pink/cream swirl 300 black
  12. Po is live. https://store.benhowardmusic.co.uk/*/Music/
  13. a couple of online stores had a listing earlier, but removed it since. Digital preorder says a June 1st release date. I'll try to update when i get links. Edit: https://store.benhowardmusic.co.uk/*/Music/ Finally some new Ben solo stuff.
  14. this album is soooooo fucking good. Just so fucking good