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  1. Just Stumbled upon this on the BSM website, probably Triple Crown Will have their own variants, no weird yet when this go live. SORORITY NOISE – YNAAYT 12" - PREORDER£16.99 Important Note: This is a pre-order item and won't ship until . If you want to receive any additional items sooner, place a seperate order. This item is unavailable. Pre-order. Released 30th March 2018 Having featured in many of your 'Albums of The Year' lists in 2017, Sorority Noise have reinvented their critically acclaimed record You're Not As _____ As You Think for a 'new' record - YNAAYT. Featuring acoustic reworkings of many of the songs on the original record, as well as some new material including a Leonard Cohen cover, don't miss out on the chance to hear a different, more intimate side to Sorority Noise. Get your copy on limited clear with white splatter vinyl or, if you haven't got the original record (now with a new colour variant!), why not order both and make a saving? Tracklisting: 1. No Halo 2. A Portrait Of 3. First Letter From St. Sean 4. A Better Sun 5. Disappeared 6. Car 7. Chelsea Hotel 8. Second Letter From St. Julien 9. Leave The Fan On 10. Windowwww PRESSING INFO 200 / clear with white splatter 300 / black
  2. Belgian store, quite close to me ,but i don't know if they ship outside of Belgium. Also another pre-order, but Belgium only https://www.tonysmuziekhuis.be/products/frou-frou-details-red-vinyl-lp
  3. Also no refund for my 30$ order. So now i have the deluxe and the euro /300. Will see which one is the coolest and will probably sell the other one. Probably
  4. check your email for confirmation, mine also was stuck on the spinning wheel, but i got confirmation from Paypal & BSM in my email.
  5. Po is live at Big Scary Monsters http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/612100-sorority-noise-ynaayt-12-preorder
  6. Has someone found a place in europe with a PO?
  7. i waited a day and then it was a normal internation shipping price. And it already arrived
  8. lp arrived yesterday and it's actually pretty darn good (didn't listen to it on bandcamp). A somewhat logical progression from So Long Astoria (as in, back to a more punkrock sound instead of an alt rock sound like on Welcome The Night). It's not the best release ,and it rehashes some older stuff, but it's fun to finally have a "new" ataris record. and uhm Enjoy The Ride Records is getting a couple of them to sell in the States, so if you want to save on shipping ,wait a few days.
  9. PO: Editors - Violence (March 9)

    looks like they went back to the sound of album 3
  10. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    tnx man, didn't know them, listened to it ,bought instantly. 7.5€ shipped awesome
  11. New lp is up for preorder: 3 colours, no pressing info clear/white/black https://southernlordeurope.com/store/search/name:/artist_id:196/format_id:4 Europe usa southernlord.com/bands/view/sect
  12. PO NOW: Jets To Brazil reissues

    They’re also finally being send out in Europe. Got shipping mail and got delivered today.
  13. website got a new navigation bar when i hit F5
  14. https://glassjaw.merchdirect.com/categories/shirts than you go directly to shirts; but can't figure out what url it is to find the music
  15. pre ordered it quickly yesterday, any new Ataris is good Ataris. Coming from one of the few humans who loved Welcome The Night
  16. aussie smoke finally arrived in Belgium. Prices on discogs are already bonkers.
  17. Euro stock clear 24 white 24 black 99
  18. seeing her in Brussels in a couple of weeks. In a beautifully round shaped venue, with lots of wood. Never been more hyped than now. but also interested in the merch she's taking along
  19. UK vinyl deals

    glad to help, they're a local band from around here, and it's nice and also unbelievable to see them get recognition on the other side of the ocean. Awesome.