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  1. pre ordered it quickly yesterday, any new Ataris is good Ataris. Coming from one of the few humans who loved Welcome The Night
  2. aussie smoke finally arrived in Belgium. Prices on discogs are already bonkers.
  3. New lp is up for preorder: 3 colours, no pressing info clear/white/black https://southernlordeurope.com/store/search/name:/artist_id:196/format_id:4 Europe usa southernlord.com/bands/view/sect
  4. Euro stock clear 24 white 24 black 99
  5. seeing her in Brussels in a couple of weeks. In a beautifully round shaped venue, with lots of wood. Never been more hyped than now. but also interested in the merch she's taking along
  6. UK vinyl deals

    glad to help, they're a local band from around here, and it's nice and also unbelievable to see them get recognition on the other side of the ocean. Awesome.
  7. UK vinyl deals

  8. UK vinyl deals

    everyone should buy the BRUTUS record. I snatched that new Hotel Books lp. Tnx for the tip!
  9. yeah, wouldn't be surprised if we're not getting that pressing.
  10. Just got an email back from the aussie site: Warner Music Australia(24Hundred powered by UNIFIED Music Group) Oct 23, 16:05 AEDT Hi Andy, Thank you for checking in on your order again. I apologise for the long wait time on your order. It looks like our warehouse is unfortunately still waiting for ye smoked coloured version of the album to reach us from our supplier. Once it arrives to us, we will send it out immediately. It shouldn't be too much longer - If you do not receive a shipping notification by early next week, please let us know. Kind Regards; Florian
  11. Music On Vinyl is finally doing another LOA record, this time Ugly. Now i really hope they do RRR and i can finally have all pre-reunion albums. Ugly is the second album released by the New York alternative metal band Life of Agony. Produced by Steve Thompson, the album signalled a considerable shift from the hardcore and groove metal sounds which defined their 1993 debut album. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Includes insert The band's second album, including tracks "Let's Pretend" and "I Regret" Limited Edition of 1500 numbered copies on gold vinyl preorders at all your regular places (for Belgium there's a website that sells it for 19€ shipped (only available in Belgium though)
  12. Usa? Prolly Bullmoose and co europa ? Soundofvinyl , ...
  13. my cold cuts one arrived today, and it sounds so good. nice work
  14. Her voice during live shows is really off. And they did support for The 1975 during a tour, and they sound exactly the same.
  15. the after dark ep is on sale NOW http://enjoytheride.storenvy.com/products/21692435-scary-kids-scaring-kids-after-dark ENJOY THE RIDE RECORDS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE VERY FIRST VINYL RELEASE OF AFTER DARK BY SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS. Each album is pressed on 140 gram colored vinyl + housed in an upgraded jacket featuring all new art, reimagined by Zachary Brown. After Dark includes an insert containing song lyrics, rare photos, set lists, show flyers + handwritten lyrics. This release also includes a digital download card. Engineered and produced by Bob Hoag (The Ataris, The Bled, Recover), After Dark is the debut EP that the band actually self-financed while they were in high school. Two years later, it was reissued by Immortal Records. Fourteen years later, the iconic EP - along with bonus tracks, is finally available on vinyl. Pressing Info: 1000 Total Copies 300 copies on Baby Blue and White Striped Split 250 copies on Midnight Blue Inside Clear with Splatter 200 copies on Flashlight Yellow/Night Blue Split with Splatter 150 copies on Green Camo Swirl 100 copies on Clear Blue with Monster Splatter Track Listing Side A: What's Up Now Bulletproof Locked In Sink And Die Changing Priorities Side B: My Knife, Your Throat Pass You By (Unreleased Demo) The World As We Know It (SoCal Demo) My Knife, Your Throat (SoCal Demo) Changing Priorities (MCC Demo)
  16. on sale now: https://mondotees.com/collections/music/products/josie-and-the-pussycats-music-from-the-motion-picture-lp-7-inch
  17. such a solid album. Different direction, but good good good stuff. Has been on constant rotation (even though my preorder still hasn't arrived :()
  18. I mailed them too and still haven't received any word. Also only received on email after i ordered so i wonder how this will work out