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  1. New shaped picture disc up for PO: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/604993-anti-flag-american-attraction-shaped-picture-disc
  2. No one's even bickering. Seems like we're all on the same page that this is a useless Discogs feature. I'll stick with PayPal for the protection alone. I had to take a couple extra steps just to get a shipping quote. For some reason it required me to enter a buyer's phone number to proceed.
  3. Based on Max Bemis' comments today, I would be surprised if Jesse is the only one that allegations will come out about.
  4. Just curious, how would BM know about pressing numbers if it's unavailable to them? Passion is just okay but I'm into Seven Sticks of Dynamite. Can't wait to hear the whole album.
  5. Newest album up for PO on color vinyl exclusive to webstore: https://shop.redbullrecords.com/collections/awolnation/products/here-come-the-runts-vinyl-lp-1?variant=4597987639333 Standard up on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Here-Come-Runts-AWOLNATION/dp/B07731FMXR/
  6. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    I never had any interests in Funkos before because I wasn't trying to give myself a reason to collect yet another thing, but I want the Lying Cats so bad. Can't believe I'm actually excited for one of these. https://nerdist.com/funko-pop-saga-image-comics-lying-cat/
  7. Amazon cardboard mailers

    I have been buying these for a while now but the price recently doubled. I try to keep my shipping prices as low as possible but, if I buy those, them I'm definitely going to have to increase them and risk losing sales. Does anyone know of some other place to buy these types of mailers at a reasonable price?
  8. Wasn't deviations supposed to be a NIN exclusive? That's the only reason I bought it direct. I held off on the others since they would make it into stores eventually.
  9. Whatever Discogs was intending to be doesn't matter now. They only focus on improving the marketplace. The rest of the site (outside of the releasing editing function) hasn't had a significant update in years.
  10. The Walking Dead

    I was thinking that they might actually kill Rick this season. In interviews, Lincoln doesn't seem all that interested in continuing on a TV show. He's a classically trained actor and stage seems to be where he wants to return to. This flashback nonsense could be a set up for his death in the finale.
  11. Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    This reminds me that he still owes me money from over a year ago. He said his gf stole the record he sold me and would be refunding me. I messaged him a few times about the refund and he kept putting it off until I completely forgot about it. Don't believe any of his bs.
  12. The woman's voice on the intro of the album sounds like beloved character actress Margo Martindale. I can't stop hearing it.
  13. The Walking Dead

    The flashback (if that was what is was) was confusing because Rick aged like 20 years while everyone else aged like 3-5 years.