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  1. in case anyone missed it, Jai Paul resurfaced in his first photo in over 3 years at: http://www.propertyweek.com/news/paul-institute-finds-home-at-white-city-place/5093485.article also today, 2 new artists Fabiana Palladino & Ruthvenwere introduced as new artists on http://paul.institute. No vinyl yet, but if you order, there's an option to "Register interest in Vinyl", which will put you on a special priority list when it's available.
  2. new repress of Nite on cherry (ltd to 1k) & I Always Say Yes on Pink (ltd to 1k) Nite (green mist) (ltd to 1k) sold out... I Always Say Yes (lavender) (ltd to 1k) sold out...
  3. Warm in the Winter & Geto Boys got a repress (500) each as well ! just placed a big order
  4. i got the email at 8AM PST and added the boxset to my cart, when I did the photo pack option was automatically added. i fell back asleep, woke up and tried to check out again and the photo item was out of stock and unavailable. same, wouldve essentially just paid for the box + photos which i don't really care for
  5. came here to post this as well.. the special edition photos are now sold out.
  6. Kill for Love violet repress (2k) up for sale: http://italiansdoitbetter.bigcartel.com/product/chromatics-kill-for-love-2xlp-on-transparent-violet
  7. https://store.suicidesqueeze.net/products/interpretaciones-del-oso