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  1. Interesting, not that it matters but the 3 times they went up for sale, I added 50 to my cart each time out of curiosity, the first time it adjusted down to 32, the second and third time it went up for sale, I could add 50 to my cart without it adjusting. Could be that they just took it down once a few sold and put them back up to give people a chance. Nonetheless I'm happy to have snagged such a limited and lovely looking variant, hope everyone that wanted one got through
  2. heads up, looks like the Orange variant is back up for "pre-order" again. Third time its been back up no? im wondering if its really just 200 pressings of these or they decided to make more of them. cant wait to get mines in, eases the pain of missing out on the red variant bundle
  3. PO Now - SZA - CTRL

    if anyone wants to cancel, id gladly pick up your tab
  4. I jumped on this so fast when i got the email. Joint favorite album of 2016 with Blood orange's "freetown sound", so glad this happened after losing hope of finding a purple version
  5. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    A very solid record sffb is, was caught off guard when my cd bundle came in today. I jumped at the chance at the time because i thought he was only going to do CD's for physical and then he does the vinyl a day or two later haha i couldnt go for both unfortunately but just throwing it out there, if anyone would be interested in trading their 2xLP for my CD bundle #3 pictured below (shirt size small, white) give me a ring!
  6. Interesting, the sticker Barcode and the matrix number I posted differ from the hhv pressing
  7. yea, a bit odd. it was hard as hell to get clear pictures because of my shite phone but I just double checked the matrix numbers on the records as well as the barcodes and they all match the ones listed in the discogs release page
  8. i think you're right! i just pulled the record out again and it is opaque! the picture above has a filter on it which i think might be giving it that translucent look along with the natural light that was coming in when i took the pic
  9. this is actually the autographed pressing! Won it on ebay and the barcode checked out; it definitely looks solid red when you pull it out but put a little light on it and it shows its translucent side
  10. Had to pay the price for missing out but it's a beauty in hand
  11. word, im just wondering if the records were actually red and not just a mistake in putting a picture of the red on the menu since a poster a few pages back said when he opened his, it was just black records from a pop up before LA. Got a TDE pressing coming in the mail, excited to spin it
  12. wonder if that was just a correction, was anyone able to actually get a red from the pop shop? the DC one couldnt even tell me what color they were
  13. For anyone who is still looking for the 3xlp blue, i have one sealed and another that i opened to only see the color but never played and im looking to move them on to someone for what i paid plus shipping from fat beats. Only flaw are the corners of the jackets are dinged up, everything else is mint. I ended up getting surprised by a family member with one as a gift so i dont need 3 of them haha shoot me a pm if you'd like to take one.
  14. Mission unsuccessful on scooping up a record from the pop up today. I arrived 30 minutes before the opening and the line was crazy long, it took 3 hours of waiting in line before i could get in the shop. By the time i got in, they were all sold out of the vinyl, i asked if they were indeed red but they couldnt even tell me if they were. Had to leave with a shirt for waiting that long haha any success stories of someone going to the pop up shop and actually getting a red vinyl?