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  1. I don’t actually think there’s an orange variant via Jagjaguwar, they probably saw the picture of the CD and figured it was the vinyl. Seems weird they don’t have a grey splatter up for listing, and it shares the same catalogue number as the grey pressing on the UK Rough Trade site.
  2. VMP also hinting of having their own variant.
  3. EU getting a white version limited to 500, assume rest is black. AU getting a white version, might be standard pressing.
  4. WTB Daniel Caesar - Freudian

    there's a Urban Outfitters pressing out soon if you knew about it.
  5. VMP have sort of hinted they'll have something to do with this, take that with a pinch of salt though.
  6. Those might be the Milk/Mom+Pop pressing, seems weird Rough Trade would state it specifically on their site, and none of the UK indies selling them have sold out yet.
  7. I probably wouldn't worry too much about not being able to find a 7", supposedly they've pressed 2.5k for UK stores (according to RT).
  8. Big Scary Monsters handling the EU folk.
  9. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Weird that it's been taken down considering it's been up since Friday, doubt it sold out anyway.
  10. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Live at Rough Trade, limited to 1500.
  11. On the plus side, I actually think this is my favourite album of the year. It's so damn catchy.
  12. Yeah, I hadn't received any shipping notification either so got worried. Have a feeling this isn't gonna work out.
  13. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Rough Trade will be the UK store, not sure if that means all their storefronts or their main one.
  14. Yeah, I don't know what's going on with their customer service but ordered two by mistake and not a single response from their helpdesk or twitter. Thought might get a response if I raised a dispute, no dice. Escalated and still had no response. Actually kinda concerning, you'd think they'd have reacted to getting the money taken back from them.