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  1. I don't recall them posting pressing numbers of any releases, at least recently. Looks like I'm one of many that missed the deluxe - but quickly ordered the individual 2xLP's. Very excited for this one!
  2. Preorders are now up for DDHHG III - didn't figure it was worth a new thread since this one isn't even 1 pg long. https://wiegedood.lnk.to/DeDoodenHebbenHetGoedIII
  3. PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    Ordered white from Earache UK the week before Thanksgiving. After 3 email attempts I FINALLY heard back from them the first week of January, some nonsense about them not getting enough white vinyl but a possible repress happening. I told them to just send me a black version, which I finally received last week. As stated above, for some odd reason it was shipped from Earache UK and not just their NYC based office. Probably the last time I ever order from them.
  4. I ordered both as well and have not received any shipping word. Definitely looks like the You Fail Me repress is already being shipped though.
  5. I, too, need a Converge/SUMAC mashup tee - anyone attending a WC tour and willing to grab one?
  6. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Curious if anyone here has preordered the Leviathan - First Sublevel of Suicide demo coming out on Ascension Monuments Media? I ordered one yesterday, but will probably feel uneasy about giving someone affiliated with Blake Judd my money until the LP arrives at my door.
  7. Panopticon: Kentucky Re-Press

    For anyone still looking for Kentucky, or for any U.S. peeps that need Autumn Eternal now and want the Nordvis orange repress instead of waiting for the Bindrune spring repress, buy from Mr. Lunn himself here http://panopticonmerch.bigcartel.com
  8. so who's grabbing that 1/50 ITTCT 'test press' ?
  9. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Krallice - Go Be Forgotten was released on bandcamp last night. I preordered the LP for it with Loüm when those were up a few weeks back. This morning they sent me a code for Go Be Forgotten, but I had already purchased it last night. That said - if you want to check out the new Krallice album, message me for a code I'll be happy to share.
  10. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Used that 20% off to finally order 'Come My Fanatics' and the awesome new repress of 'Let Us Prey'
  11. Not EXACTLY post-rock related, but I thought someone here might have some insight: Anyone know what is going on with The Mylene Sheath? All has been quiet from their camp for months now, and I thought they were planning to release some good stuff this year, most notably Caspian represses.
  12. Amenra . Mass VI

    Incredible show yesterday; I am still amazed that technology allowed me to watch a show in Belgium LIVE from my desk in Ohio. Back to waiting for each of my vinyl orders..
  13. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    FYI for any concerned parties: was at the Columbus show last night. They have both black vinyl ($25) as well as clear ($30).
  14. Krallice released their latest album today digitally, 'Loüm' featuring Dave Edwards (Neurosis) on vocals and synths. Preorders are up now via Bandcamp, where you can also order the band's upcoming 9th studio album, 'Go Be Forgotten.' Both due to ship at the end of the year it sounds like. https://krallice.bandcamp.com/merch
  15. Amenra . Mass VI

    The .WAV format download from ConSouling of the EU master sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE. I've listened to nothing but Mass VI for four days now; anxiously awaiting both vinyl preorders.