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  1. The suposedly ltd to 500 copies rsd releases are now available to preorder by retailers in my country as a 'regular' release... Also via jpc in germany: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/sigur-ros-liminal-remixes/hnum/8208327 does anyone have any more info on this? Is this the same version as the one that will be made available through rsd? Or could it be yet another version?
  2. http://undayrecords.bigcartel.com/product/madensuyu-current-lp this is not the special edition, for those actually interested. Some delay in the manufacturing of the masks
  3. Has anyone received the confirmation email on where to collect the order?
  4. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Some Belgian shops get an exclusive flexie with a live track.
  5. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    Ha ha you are funny thanks for making us laugh, man!
  6. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    I got an order in for the amazon autographed exclusive when it was still available (but delivery estimate 1-2 months) Can I rest asured that they are not going to send me a unsigned version if they run out of the signed ones?
  7. Any other The Japanese House fans out here? there has been something on my mind that I wanted to mention. I have never seen any of the 3 Jap House releases for sale in any recordshop online or elsewhere. Seems like the ep's are only for sale from the label (dirtyhit) or at the live shows. Anyone has an idea why? Or has anyone seen them for sale elsewhere?
  8. Hello friendly people of this board Always helping each other out Norman records has a few back on sale, some copies with a corner bump read the info https://www.normanrecords.com/records/66366-mojave-3-ask-me-tomorrow
  9. Wow. I am still in the proces of getting my records. I received two damaged copies. Sandbag was quick in sending a replacement but those had damaged covers aswell. Now they send me two replacement covers... empty jackets both with 4 cm seamsplits and bend up corners. this is hilarious.
  10. jpc.de has the blue right now
  11. Rough Trade is sold out Norman records preorder came up and was sold out in aprox 2 mins
  12. I saw this project live a couple of years ago. I really liked it, not too experimental if I remember correctly. I think I liked it better than Age of Adz