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  1. this 100% AFAIK it hasn't gone OOP
  2. I like my signed UU *shrugs*
  3. I was referring to the physical stickers that were found with the same barcode/serial marked up continuously
  4. a clear photo showing this plus a tweet with them tagged can go a long way in possibly solving the issue. what you stumbled upon is gold imo
  5. you're missing out, on like everything. if anything, use that capital towards their studio material first.
  6. exactly what happened. the price on a specific batch of 50 records would not be worth it to a band or label to produce. soon we will start seeing people offload their black copies without covers and "without belly bands" to cash in on this. imho they are as overhyped as the show, maybe a little less. none of their stuff is worth forking out for and most of the people feeding into these resale prices don't even listen to the genre at all besides SURVIVE/ST
  7. splatter on HM is donezo, ~40 copies remaining on a thousand arms
  8. could you report back on a list of clearanced items? every time I go into my location I never know what's on sale unless I physically bring it to the front and scan it
  9. do you have any source on this? I would be really happy
  10. Looks to be back in stock with around ~70 copies and is $10 off for some reason. I definitely remember paying $49.99
  11. Limited to 300 on transparent orange really wish phoenix throne and are you serious? would get pressed
  12. and I thought the thundercat box set was ridiculous at ~4.5 mins a side... this may take the cake
  13. smh at all those features
  14. two roadssss split offf from hereeeeee