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  1. seriously lol what a joke
  2. can anyone that's still active grab me a copy of the washed out exclusive? or someone that wants to cash out some credits
  3. so you're willing to pay generously for one but not the market rate of what they go for? you can just say so, it will save you a lot of time...
  4. not that it matters but splatter = starburst?
  5. 89 copies left, looks like they are restocking a bit
  6. I feel this 100% we'll give it some time, if nothing seems to be truly coming then we'll get this topic moved.
  7. Flamingosis new album A Groovy Thing is coming out July 31st. The vinyl PO from VD should be up any time now. I'll update this spot as soon as it does. Excited.
  8. I'm thinking the same. there's absolutely no way they sold over 1500 already
  9. it's still worth checking out imo. I have a few other artist's LNT and they are fantastic
  10. couldn't find the og thread for this but something seems to be brewing for the 5 year anniversary