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  1. not sure if it's old news but it looks like they swapped out the black/bone variant for clear with purple splatter on their web store. apparently they are running low as well
  2. Roland tings is awesome, nothing funny about him... you're lucky you even get him as an opener for your date, we didn't.
  3. The new shigeto 12" is up /500
  4. the 1-month option wasn't available the entire time and was taken down two hours into the AOTM announcement. just because some people got it at $27 doesn't mean they should all be valued at $27 cuz that wasn't the case
  5. that's cool and all but they still had to front the $82 or so to get DD regardless if they will like the other 2 records or not. idk about everyone but I definitely didn't want tidal or the morby album.
  6. a lot of people were only able to get DD on the 3-month membership which was ~$82
  7. Newbury is showing 231 copies available, looks to be out of 300
  8. I heard about this with the mac demarco release but now that it's actually an item I want, I'm pissed... if anyone could grab one for me, please pm me.
  9. swapped for that beautiful pressing of ghetto music
  10. I have a feeling this will be the most swapped album up to this point