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  1. FULL ALBUM STREAM UP NOW: Spin it! Buy it! Go see them!
  2. Thanks for the tip! Will pass these along. Full album stream should be up today, I am told, but haven't seen it pop up yet!
  3. They actually need some help finding something in Pittsburgh still (which I just found out). If you can help, get in touch with them! Same goes for the other dates. Facebook tour event: Here are the dates: April 3 - Chicago @ Liars ClubApril 4 - Grand Rapids @ TBDApril 5 - Detroit, MI @ PJ's Lager House w/Cockhorse, StoolsApril 6 - NEED HELP (Ohio? Pittsburgh?)April 7 - Burleigh, NJ @ Chalkzone SJ w/Candy Ambulance, Mumblr, Shambles, SwooncellarApril 8 - NEED HELP (NY state, New England?)April 9 - Brooklyn, NY @ TBD w/Vat of AcidApril 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Century w/The Cloth, Cannons, Heavy MedicalApril 11 - NEED HELP (Pittsburgh? Ohio?)April 12 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club w/Smut, Clouded
  4. Thanks! Always good to hear it! Hope you dig it. Full album stream will happen soon! Also Salvation is going on tour in like 2 weeks. I will compile those dates and get em up on here for y'all. Headed to the east coast and back, so hopefully some of you live out there and can check them out because they rule live.
  5. Yeah, the DL code that was packaged with the LP should have let you DL the whole thing. The pre-order thing only lets you have those tracks until the rest is released shortly.
  6. Weird, I thought with the DL code, you could download it all instantly? Did you get that email from Bandcamp?
  7. Still plenty of cool looking ones left! Just pulled these from my box of "mailorder first" joints. The black looking one actually looks like this (there are no pure black copies):
  8. Awesome, will have to check it out. A Belgian podcast spun it recently too, but as I only really speak English and a little bit of Spanish, I have no idea what they say about it. Haha.
  9. Much appreciated! Psssst there's a new Child Bite split LP being recorded in like 10 days. Well, their half. The other half was recorded more than a year ago, and the band has since released another new full length! I guess, to be fair, so did Child Bite. That show was insanely weird. Shawn had fucked up his hand the night before, and they played at like 1 AM then went straight back to Detroit the same night. But it was good nonetheless. Mortville was neat. Nice, which podcast is that? Will have to check it out!
  10. Thanks for the orders! Glad you dig it. I'll make sure to hook you up with some of the cooler looking ones and I'll get these bad boys out tomorrow. I keep finding new cool ones and I'm having a hard time not keeping like 20 of them. Haha. Stuff gets buried on this board pretty quickly so I thought it'd make sense to bump. Glad I did! Will continue to bump if anything interesting happens - we're gonna do a full album stream premiere deal in the next couple of weeks (official release date is 3/31) and they have midwest/east coast tour dates coming up in April as well.
  11. Here's another track from the album, premiered by the fine folks at Punktastic. Please ignore the extra S at the end of their name. I assure you, you will not find salvation multiple times.
  12. I am putting out a new record by the band SALVATION from Chicago. It is very good. The record turned out very cool. The pre-order is open now and it'll ship in a couple weeks. One random order will get a TEST PRESSING included as a bonus (cut-off for that is next Friday, February 10th at midnight CST). Get on it! SALVATION - Sore Loser LP Blending together elements of noise rock, punk, and grunge, Chicago’s SALVATION has cultivated a rare sound that is injected with strikingly inventive vocals and instrumentation. With their 2017 Forge Again Records nine-song debut LP Sore Loser, SALVATION further refines the sound found on their 2015 Cold Slither Tapes release Royal Fucks. Like their previous effort, Sore Loser was recorded completely live, showcasing the band’s raw fervor and painstaking attention to performance perfection and detail. The vocals are raw and commanding, seeming to simultaneously invoke both aggression and agony. The rhythm section remains the strong, sludgy backbone of the album, driving each song forward as the vocals ebb, flow, and meander throughout. Sore Loser was recorded by Joe Gac at Kildare Studios and mastered by Carl Saff with cover art by Smith Smith. The first pressing of the LP is limited to just 311 (jah bless) copies on random colored vinyl. The picture above is merely a sample of some of the crazy colors in there. They all look and sound great, and we can't guarantee you'll get any particular color, but we'll send the craziest and coolest looking ones out to the earliest orders. Oh and one random order will get a TEST PRESSING! The official release date is March 31, 2017 but pre-orders will start shipping in mid-February. You can hear the first track from the album "True Romance" and pre-order the record NOW on Bandcamp! Stream/Download/Pre-order:
  13. All Forge Again Records and Cold Slither Tapes releases are 40% off for the rest of the year using discount code KAIJU at And our stuff is all already dirt cheap. 2xLPs are $15, single LPs as low as $5. Tapes and CDs even cheaper! Please help us get rid of stuff to make room for new releases in 2017.
  14. 40% off all Forge Again Records and Cold Slither Tapes releases (which are already dirt cheap) through the end of 2016. Use discount code KAIJU (in honor of our new cat) at 2016 was a slow year release-wise (just two tape releases) but 2017 should be a bit busier with a full length LP and a split LP already on the agenda. Help pay for those releases (and CC debt!)