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  1. Dumb release alert: I play in a Nirvana deep cut cover band with a female singer called The End of Music. We play non-album tracks only. We don't advertise as a Nirvana cover band. We don't play more than 20-25 minutes, and we don't put any Nirvana covers online, nor will we ever record any. I grew up listening to these and other stupid songs on bootleg cassettes and "import" CDs, so I decided it would be a good idea to just play these songs live, since most people have never heard them. However, we're stupid, and decided to record 2 covers of covers for a hi-fi stereo lathe cut 7" that is now available. "Turnaround" aka Turn Around (Devo) and "Oh, Me" (Meat Puppets) are the tracks. I'll admit, these two cuts aren't the deepest of the deep, as they were both on major label releases (Incesticide and Unplugged, respectively), but they were the two that we covered best, I suppose. Maybe we'll try a Wipers song next year. Or KISS. We'll see! Spin this monstrosity here: https://theendofmusicmusic.bandcamp.com/album/turnaround-b-w-oh-me We're playing Milwaukee tonight at Cactus Club as part of Triple Eye Industries Fest. Tons of awesome bands. Super cheap. You should probably go if you live nearby. https://www.facebook.com/events/170073890183174/
  2. Uh, yeah, this movie and soundtrack absolutely rule. The DuJour bonus 7" is hilarious. I presume it's just because those are really the only non-Josie songs on the soundtrack. They're doing a screening/live performance with Kay Hanley on vocals and presumably a ridiculously good backing band too. I am flying to LA for this. https://www.acehotel.com/calendar/losangeles/josie-and-pussycats-record-release-party
  3. Ohhhhhh snap. A new release from Forge Again Records. Two in one year? Wow, make that THREE because we have another one coming in the fall. Be nice about this one though, dudes, since I am also IN this band. Details below! Any questions? Shoot! ENGINES is a five piece noisy indie/punk rock band from Chicago. Originally conceived as a solo project for Philadelphia-based songwriter Craig Woods (TOWERS, ELDER, PETER AND CRAIG, TWO PIECE FEST) under the moniker HOT BAGELS, Woods moved to Chicago in 2014 and soon recruited fellow east coast transplants Lee Zickwolf (RIBBONHEAD, COSTANZA) and Jeff Twietmeyer (ALMOST ARGYLE) and Chicago native Justin Wexler (STILLWELL, FORGE AGAIN RECORDS) as permanent fixtures of the band. After two years of performing and writing as a four piece, they decided to add a full-time vocalist to the mix. Emily Jancetic (HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, LONGDISTANCERUNNER), once lovingly described as the "Kelly Clarkson of post-hardcore" by All Music Guide, joined in 2016. And thus ENGINES was born. ENGINES plays a brand of indie/punk rock that is is loud but not lacking in dynamics. Noisy, but beautiful, Chaotic, but calm. Dissonant, yet melodic. Obsolete is the complete expression of all of these elements spread out over twelve songs that stand alone but also flow into one another over the course of thirty-six minutes. Recorded and mixed by Neil Strauch at Shirk Studios (with additional recordings by Pete Grossman and Andy Nelson at Bricktop as well as Craig Woods at Kildare and his home). Mastered by Carl Saff, with amazing artwork by Shawn Knight. This is a split release between Forge Again Records, Be Happy Records, Middle Man Records, Killer Tofu Records, and 4UBRO Records. First press LP is limited to 280 copies on mixed random colored vinyl and 20 Wax Mage copies TBD. Wax Mage copies are super limited and as of writing this, there are only 3 available to the public right now (2 sold already, band, labels, and crucial industry insiders are probably snagging the other 15). Pre-orders will begin shipping in early August. I of course prefer you pre-order it from Forge Again, but whatever, get it any way you can. All the labels are slinging copies. Stream some of the tracks now and pre-order here: http://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp/com/album/obsolete Upcoming ENGINES shows: 08.05 Chicago, IL @ Quenchers 08.12 Chicago, IL @ Secret Record Release BBQ Early Show (in Logan, near Township, but if you really want the address hit me up - BYO stuff to BBQ, booze, show is FREE) 08.17 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class (tentative) 08.18 Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy 08.19 Richmond, VA @ TBD 08.20 South Bend, IN @ TBD
  4. FULL ALBUM STREAM UP NOW: http://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-salvation-sore-loser/ Spin it! Buy it! Go see them!
  5. Thanks for the tip! Will pass these along. Full album stream should be up today, I am told, but haven't seen it pop up yet!
  6. They actually need some help finding something in Pittsburgh still (which I just found out). If you can help, get in touch with them! Same goes for the other dates. Facebook tour event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1099952056783703/ Here are the dates: April 3 - Chicago @ Liars ClubApril 4 - Grand Rapids @ TBDApril 5 - Detroit, MI @ PJ's Lager House w/Cockhorse, StoolsApril 6 - NEED HELP (Ohio? Pittsburgh?)April 7 - Burleigh, NJ @ Chalkzone SJ w/Candy Ambulance, Mumblr, Shambles, SwooncellarApril 8 - NEED HELP (NY state, New England?)April 9 - Brooklyn, NY @ TBD w/Vat of AcidApril 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Century w/The Cloth, Cannons, Heavy MedicalApril 11 - NEED HELP (Pittsburgh? Ohio?)April 12 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club w/Smut, Clouded
  7. Thanks! Always good to hear it! Hope you dig it. Full album stream will happen soon! Also Salvation is going on tour in like 2 weeks. I will compile those dates and get em up on here for y'all. Headed to the east coast and back, so hopefully some of you live out there and can check them out because they rule live.
  8. Yeah, the DL code that was packaged with the LP should have let you DL the whole thing. The pre-order thing only lets you have those tracks until the rest is released shortly.
  9. Weird, I thought with the DL code, you could download it all instantly? Did you get that email from Bandcamp?
  10. Still plenty of cool looking ones left! Just pulled these from my box of "mailorder first" joints. The black looking one actually looks like this (there are no pure black copies):
  11. Awesome, will have to check it out. A Belgian podcast spun it recently too, but as I only really speak English and a little bit of Spanish, I have no idea what they say about it. Haha.