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  1. Yep sad news indeed. I'm man enough to admit I shed a tear
  2. pretty easy to get the gold gimme in the UK if you are struggling
  3. Fuck, thats my RTS OP fucked in value
  4. Yeah I used to hammer the film back in the 90's...along with Empire Records Its what the 90's scene was all about but its pretty terrible nowadays. Soundtrack is still amazing and pleased I own the OP. Ordered the deluxe but I'm not expecting it to arrive in May
  5. My band supported those guys back in the day. Amazing live band and all round nice people. I'll be picking this up for sure just for the good memories and for "Age of Panic" being a certified banger of a tune
  6. Project Debut Carbon will see you in good stead. Within your budget as well
  7. hahaha Whats the budget??
  8. Dang, shipping to US only booo hooo
  9. PM sent
  10. Yep just had the same email, that its been pushed to May. Knew it was to good to be true
  11. Well enjoy the PM6005. You won't beat the sound for the buck. Solid amp
  12. According to discogs, a copy of mending sold in Nov so they do crop up every now and then.