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  1. So who else got a questionable copy of Batman Returns? It's not The Fountain level of bad, but its close. Awful double click throughout almost the whole first track of side A. Checked all other sides and all have problems from the get go on the first track. Gonna record a vocaroo and send it to them. Disappointing.
  2. Haven't yet. Just moved and need to find my cleaner. I really should label my boxes.
  3. Got my copy of the red and black smoke Hellraiser. The record felt like it was glued inside the sleeve. Ridiculously hard to get it out so naturally there was insane static build up.
  4. The Crow Soundtrack Vinyl

    The score is the only result that pops up. Looks like the soundtrack never got an official vinyl release, OP, so ebay is your best bet. Discogs is cracking down on bootlegs.
  5. Nice. Been waiting for this. Choice and Surprise left to go.
  6. About frigging time. Waiting on a stateside copy though. I don't buy much vinyl anymore but I been waiting on this.
  7. 88 Fingers Louie - Thank You For Being A Friend

    Damn this takes me back. I miss punk like this. I still spin Totin 40's and Fucking Shit Up on the regular. Easy order.
  8. PO: Radiohead - OK Computer - oknotok

    This seems like it is still legit. It let me order. We shall see...
  9. God bless No Idea. Quick story: They ran out of something I ordered once and sent me a credit slip for 12 bucks. I quickly lost it, then found it about 7 years later. I emailed them and asked if it was still good. They said yes, then I lost the slip yet again. Got tired of waiting for it to turn up so I emailed them and told them about the situation and they still honored the credit, sans slip. They're good fucking people. Edit: Now it makes sense why The Blacktop Cadence ep disappeared from their coming soon page.
  10. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    For anyone else who got the email that their membership is expiring, yet it still says active, here is a good thread to follow: http://forum.vinylmeplease.com/index.php?threads/pricing-changes-for-future-members-not-current-active.4392/page-25. People have a lot of questions and aren't getting many answers. I sent VMP an email and if I hear back I will provide any more information. Hopefully I hear back. I really want the May release and from the email they sent it appears one needs to sign up by the end of the week. This situation is strange.
  11. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Got the same thing. I sent them an email asking for clarification. I think they are trying to dupe us into committing to a 3 month plan since ours says it is going to renew automatically.