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  1. My Magnolia is just fine but my Batman sucks. Seems like everything is hit or miss with Mondo.
  2. Good looking out, thanks.
  3. https://us.udiscovermusic.com/rob-zombie.html
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    I never wanted to go to another RSD but dammit, I ain't missing Superjoint if it truly is getting released.
  5. Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Nice. I grabbed this off ebay for 40 bucks a few months ago. Sad it will probably never see a proper press. Definitely the crown jewel of my collection.
  6. So Magnolia arrived yesterday. Haven't had a chance to spin it yet but that shipping was insanely fast. Kudos to them.
  7. So who else got a questionable copy of Batman Returns? It's not The Fountain level of bad, but its close. Awful double click throughout almost the whole first track of side A. Checked all other sides and all have problems from the get go on the first track. Gonna record a vocaroo and send it to them. Disappointing.
  8. Haven't yet. Just moved and need to find my cleaner. I really should label my boxes.
  9. Got my copy of the red and black smoke Hellraiser. The record felt like it was glued inside the sleeve. Ridiculously hard to get it out so naturally there was insane static build up.
  10. The Crow Soundtrack Vinyl

    The score is the only result that pops up. Looks like the soundtrack never got an official vinyl release, OP, so ebay is your best bet. Discogs is cracking down on bootlegs.
  11. Nice. Been waiting for this. Choice and Surprise left to go.
  12. About frigging time. Waiting on a stateside copy though. I don't buy much vinyl anymore but I been waiting on this.
  13. 88 Fingers Louie - Thank You For Being A Friend

    Damn this takes me back. I miss punk like this. I still spin Totin 40's and Fucking Shit Up on the regular. Easy order.
  14. PO: Radiohead - OK Computer - oknotok

    This seems like it is still legit. It let me order. We shall see...