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  1. Do people even like opaque colored and clear records? I got the european one because it's different.
  2. Oops forgot to check Discogs. Thanks a lot.
  3. Random question. Is there a list somewhere with VMP exclusive pressings? NOT ROTM, but exclusive variations (incl. out of stock of course). Like Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside.
  4. various download codes

    Baroness - Purple Ebas2rum7Se furnacemfg.com/redeem
  5. I love this album and all but it leaves me a bitter taste after every time I listen to it (which have been about a million). I finally concluded it's the order of the songs. It's all messed up. I would start the album with Reptilian, not end it. And I would end it with Trigger/The Dusk in Us/Thousands Miles Between Us in that order. But what do I know. It's just my view. Don't shoot me.
  6. Phew, managed to cop an orange variant from Discogs at a regular price, since KRM cancelled my yellow. From a domestic seller, too! Bringing the total to less than I originally paid to KRM.
  7. I was afraid to admit that I found the cover somewhat dreary but not anymore!
  8. No. The indie exclusive is the indigo (dark blue).
  9. Isn't this great? Hey Nick, Due to a mixup on our side, we oversold on the Yellow vinyl of the new Converge record "The Dusk In Us" and can't supply you with that version of the record. But we can substitute your order with the also limited Violet vinyl. Your order will be changed accordingly, if you want to cancel your pre-order please let us know until Friday 20th November. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have. Cheers, Kings Road Merch EU
  10. Holy shit, only a month left already. https://www.toneden.io/converge/post/win-an-exclusive-the-dusk-in-us-vinyl
  11. Did Matador notify the shipment of the deluxe via email? Because I haven't received an email yet. Are they punishing me for listening to the leak?
  12. All of the colored variants are colours of the rainbow. Maybe if that blue was a pink it would have been spot-on.
  13. I got the yellow. I wanted the green, but that one, of course, has to be the tour exclusive. Well, that's my luck.
  14. The band hasn't announced anything yet other than the cover. And yet we know all the details from itunes.
  15. Rather lame that we learned all the details of the album from iTunes.