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  1. Awesome, thanks for the heads up.
  2. Jeez, I was really close for settling with the clear repress since I passed on the originals because I don't collect live albums (or so I thought). Listened to this a few days on spotify and it sounds mega. Very different from the studio version. Got the Hooper with the corresponding tee. I just got the shipping confirmation as well! It only took them 3 hours, hehe.
  3. Preparing for the new record the best way possible, I see! Got me the Destroy the Opposition splatter.
  4. What I think too. Love this tee though!
  5. I'm going to assume you people forgot to post this. Andromeda sounds sick. No debate about this.
  6. Very impressive job from Rise records confusing vinyl geeks and ATDI superfans alike. Obviously desperate to stimulate hype. By the way, you should listen to more Death Metal. There have been great comeback albums from At the Gates, Gorguts and Carcass.
  7. How else would I show off my superior taste in music?
  8. That album cover is super Dark Souls.
  9. Is it really children chanting? I always pictured hot cheerleaders singing that part. Maybe that's why I liked it, haha.
  10. Well I happen to love all of this band's releases. They've tried wacky new stuff in their last albums and they worked for me. I even love the outro to Aunt Lisa. Tell me that lead riff, underneath the vocals, isn't sick! The art style deviates from the previous albums, which is kinda annoying. But oh well.
  11. Wait, does anybody know whether that's a real person or a mannequin in the Couture cover? Just wondering.
  12. I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but the Bertmer and Ortiz covers don't resemble the original at all. Sorry but that's kinda lame.