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  1. My local shop shows 9/1 as US release date. I will wait and get it there. So excited for this!!
  2. Anywhere in the states doing the preorders?
  3. Just got an email that my order hasn't been released. I'm wondering if a delay on this reissue is upon us.
  4. Paracosm was such an excellent summer album. I'm excited for this
  5. Saturday I did finally get mine. Pretty excited for this. I saw them a couple years ago, my ears rang for most of the next day.
  6. I got tracking 5/15 but it hasn't moved. Anyone get theirs?
  7. It seems I need to host pictures so I'll just say it's 2x LP (black) and a cd of stuff. I don't have a CD player so it'll probably never get played. Nice packaging.
  8. Same. I don't recall what color the vinyl is (nor do I care), but it will be nice to hear this again. Takes me back to easier times...
  9. Pix of the record? Its been delivered so it will be 7 hours before I get home to get it. I can though.
  10. I did. Mine is 8 miles from where I am sitting though so it will be delivered tomorrow.
  11. Mine will ship tomorrow from Amazon. I'm hoping its in a local warehouse and I'll get it a day early. Otherwise I'll have it Friday.
  12. I'll be getting mine sometime in early July it seems (according to Amazon). I'm super excited for this and also for when Chrome is repressed. Chrome represents a long and arduous 10 year span of my life. I regard it as a top 20 all time favorite album but haven't listened to it for almost a decade. Owning it on wax will be bittersweet to say the least.
  13. MOV says 6/23 as well. Typically Amazon ships so that it reaches me on the release date (or the next day). Does BM do this?
  14. HELL YES. Omg, trying to find somewhere to preorder this bitch
  15. Not doubting you for the record. That FnM show was great, Mike Patton's 28th birthday if I can recall correctly.