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  1. Going to see The Damned in May. Been fan since '87 but only now finally seeing them. Coincidently, it's their 40th anny and this show happens to be the final show of the US tour. Going solo so I'll take myself out to dinner first.
  2. I've read that a lot and I've been listening to it. Its not grabbing me but I'll ice it and come back it later. Its one of the few records people rave about that haven't been instantly great so far.
  3. I'm going to check that out!
  4. I think I paid like $16 or $17 on Discogs. .
  5. Its a repress. Sounds good to me, I mean, none of these were beautifully recorded in the first place but the background is black and there's no over driven sound. Like a lot of dub represses, they seem to be mixed "hot" which I personally don't mind as it adds a sense of excitement to the recording. Obviously I'm no purist.
  6. Its my newest addition and its been on the table constantly since Saturday. I love it too
  7. Its a great one for sure.
  8. Any fans of dub? I have become somewhat obsessed in the last year. Nearly every record I've bought in the last 12 months has been dub or dub related. Mostly the classic 70's stuff, but also some Orb, Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem, Meatbeat Manifesto and others of the more electronic variety. Recent pickups: Scientist - Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of the Vampires Augustus Pablo - Meets the Rockers Uptown Phil Pratt - Star Wars Dub Bad Brains - I and I in Dub Lee Perry & Upsetters - Return of the Super Ape I have Tappa Zukie - In Dub and Linton Kwesi Johnson - In Dub on the way currently. I admittedly hated all the dub remixes of the 80's and 90's for singles. And I was a casual at best reggae fan, but now my neighbors must think I am a weed salesman as all you hear coming from my place is dub.
  9. Makes sense. Well then I'm going to get off my ass and make this happen. I'm surely not getting any younger. Thanks Randy and museumouth!
  10. I need that as my user name from now on...
  11. Question to those of you with sleeves. I want to do a half-sleeve and I am wondering how payment arrangements work when its something that will take a few sittings. Typically. I would guess that a total price is quoted and that an agreement of number of sittings is made and that the total amount divided by the number of sittings is brought in for each sitting. Is this right? I have asked and I get shitty answers or basically ignored. I'm not kicking tires, I want to know as it affects when I can facilitate this. As a single parent I have to be very careful with money and scheduling.
  12. I want to be diddled. It's been years so my standards are low (no disrespect)
  13. I was going to post this. I can attest their pressing quality is good. I bought 2 Haujobb albums and they are excellent. Ninetynine has to be a nightmare as its so sparse. They did a wonderful job. I am totally ordering these soon.
  14. Will probably join, I did pre-order Monster Movie's new release. Pretty excited about that.
  15. The new track is quite good