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  1. I'm in the US. The Focals were bought from (hence the line of credit). At one point I was looking at the Project Tube Box which then drifted to the Vincent PH-08 and the Phenomina II. I am way open to suggestions.....probably won't won't go higher than a 2M Bronze or similar. I listen to alternative, punk, reggae and a little jazz.
  2. That's makes sense and to be honest, if I didn't have a line of credit I'd not be pondering stuff like this. originally I was thinking phono pre, which somehow turned into a new amp (Specifically either a Yamaha 801 or Rega Brio-R).
  3. Thanks. Sorry for not listing my system: PDC with 2M Blue into onboard preamp -> Sansui 2000a into Focal 807v's
  4. All, I have a Project Debut Carbon with the Speedbox and the 2M Blue. I like the sound I get overall but can't help wondering about upgrading to a nicer table. The 2 tables I've been looking at are the Planar 3 (2016) and the Project Classic. Either table would be running the Blue at least to start so I wonder if there's a distinct advantage to either table against my current table given all would have the same cart.
  5. Real name: "Church" Favorite Bands: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Smiths, Fishbone, Damned, Cure, Cult, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Einsterzende Neubaten, Cabaret Voltaire, Clash, Stone Roses, Swans, Sonic Youth, Godflesh, Catherine Wheel, Tappa Zukie, King Tubby, "Scratch" Perry, Linton Kwessi Johnson, Phil Pratt, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Ben Webster, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, M83, Joy Division, Screaming Trees, and much more.... What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: go Hobbies (outside of record collecting): Coffee, cooking, taking care of my daughter, typography Random things you want us to know about you: Love PeeWee Herman, 80's high school movies and roasting my own coffee beans.
  6. I may go this route. Thanks!
  7. Notice today is the vinyl shipped. I've ordered from a few countries before but not the UK so I'm going to guess 10-14 business days until I can punish the neighbors with this. My Autechre bundle is also enroute from the UK so we shall see how this plays out. Pretty psyched though. Reviews that aren't Bitchfork are very positive (of course they hate music yet still review it, which is ironic).
  8. Now that I look at it again, its for a bundle. I'll wait for it ot be released but I will definitely be buying this. Not interested in the shirt
  9. Was just going to post this you sneaky bastid. Really excited for this release
  10. I might go in on this. I really liked his acoustic stuff and this seems almost Sonic Youth 2.0 Thanks for the heads up!
  11. I'll have to hit Double Nickels then. I typically don't buy much locally which I regret. I'm so laser focused on the curation aspect that I end up ordering everything. I guess I have one less reason to feel bad. I certainly won't miss AZ when I leave.
  12. I preordered the orange signed from the vinyl store and haven't heard anything. Was hoping they would begin shipping by now.
  13. I did not know this. I haven't been there in 6 months so its possible of course. Bummer as it was a pretty reliable place to go for what I like.
  14. In on this for sure And stupid me didn't realize how old this thread was. Oh well. I bought'em.
  15. If you like Dub, punk, post punk and the like I highly recommend The Record Room. I always make my paycheck sad when I leave there. Stinkweeds is good for current stuff.