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  1. The account belongs to Music on Vinyl who represses albums. I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence.
  2. I was browsing Instagram and noticed something. (note the top right corner)
  3. Hi, yes I confirmed. 47k, 100 capacitance and 40db gain. I tried the 220 capacitance and it was a little worse. I'm told 100-200 hours of burn in (!) with the "opening up" happening around 50 hours. So I guess I'll say I'm concerned but not alarmed (yet). I knew there would need to be burn in but I guess I expected better to give way to exciting.
  4. All, I got a good deal on a Phonobox DS and it arrived yesterday. I hooked it up and left it on for 2 hours or so before auditioning. I played the Cure's 180gm repress (2015?) of Disintegration and..... well the soundstage is bigger but not by much. But the upper mid frequencies are very forward, almost nasally. Anyone have one and con confirm you felt this too? Is this something that dissipates with burn in? Overall I'm a little disappointed as I figured even this would be a step up from the onboards of my 2000a (which I thought sounded quite good).
  5. Daughter will be graduating high school and entering military. Then I am outta here.
  6. I don't know the back story but I did once date a girl a few years ago I was sure was early 30's and turned out to be 20. I guess I suck at guessing haha. Anyway, as a single dad with a special needs child, I know I'm not what women want (plus I'm chubby and below average looking) but the year we spent together was great. Despite what people thought, it wasn't about sex, but having a GF who goes to RSD with us and such was so great. She moved on to be with people who aren't technically old enough to be her dad, but we had a pretty good thing and I'm hoping to find an older version someday. I hope it all works out for you.
  7. F*ck my life. Ahhh well, 3 more years and I'll be gone. #lifegoals
  8. I've had a couple of scuffed ones that played fine, here the issue is warping. I picked up a new copy of Barbed Wire Kisses (with Bo Diddly is Jesus on side 2) and it warped to hell. Comically warped. The heat here kills...
  9. I'm in Phoenix, AZ (armpit of the universe).
  10. I'll give it a listen. I had a record someone gave to me of his and it was pretty janky, very 80's sounding production and I really never got past a single listen through. I feel bad now like I missed out on something. But I'll give this a whirl. Thanks!
  11. Can I safely assume the rest of this album is just as good?
  12. The new track is next level. And the Epic was already a few levels above everything else. Holy shit. This guy could be one of the most important musicians in modern music.
  13. Amazon has it (black vinyl). $28 for preorder. Just snagged one.
  14. Easy Dub was the 2nd dub record I ever owned (after Bad Brains I and I Survived in Dub). I like it. Its a fun listen and very well done.
  15. Mine is: Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires