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  1. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    There's a middle age vibe for sure on this LP. T-Shirt, La Dee Da, Sunday Rain and the title track are among the tracks that have that strong Beatles, Motorhead, and Led Zep vibe. But Run and The Line still give is that signature Foo sound. Sky Is A Neighborhood gives me a Black Mountain vibe which Grohl has said he loves. It's a very unique track to hear from them and was a breath of fresh air. Arrows (my favorite track on the album) has a unique Foo/Queen blend. The instrumentation and production are spot in on. If they would've toned down the classic rock vibes just a tad, I'd probably put it up there with the first few albums. That being said, I enjoyed this album ALOT. This is def an album to enjoy on wax.
  2. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Mine shipped today. Keep an eye out.
  3. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Thanks! Grabbed the last one.
  4. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    If anyone decides they don't want to keep their picturebook, please PM me. I had it in my cart, I went on w my day thinking I placed the order and now come to find out I didn't. Yay.
  5. Updated list. Over 40 rekkids

  6. Updated list. Over 40 rekkids

  7. Updated list. Over 40 rekkids

    Sweetened the deal. Priced to move.
  8. Updated list. Over 40 rekkids

    Here is an updated list of stuff I have for sale. I usually don't have much patience for selling, so these will end up at a local record shop very soon. Offers for now. Lowballs will be ignored. I have mailers ready to go. https://www.discogs.com/user/vinyldonut/collection?header=1 WI'll consider trades for these: New Manchester Orchestra Boxer Rebellion - Promises Editors - Back Room
  9. Quick Sale Before Discogs

  10. Quick Sale Before Discogs

    For Sale: - - - 1 item $3 shipping, more than 1, shipping is free. Offers welcome, lowballs ignored. Have a couple wants, thats it. These are heading for discogs, this evening. You guys get first dibs. Any price is negotiable, they are based off of Discogs. - - - • RIDE - WEATHER DIARIES - $18 • BETTY DAVIS - S/T [VMP, SILVER/BLUE SPLATTER]* - $15 • DEFTONES - ADRENALINE [HT, PINK] - $60 • DEFTONES - DIAMOND EYES [WHITE] - $15 • DEFTONES - GORE [WHITE] - $15 • MARCY PLAYGROUND - S/T [RSD + 7"] - $30 • THE ANTLERS - UNDERWATER ***SLIGHTLY WARPED, DOESN'T AFFECT PLAY*** - $5 • FLEETWOOD MAC - RUMOURS [FIRST PRESS, 1977] VG - $5 • FATHER JOHN MISTY - PURE COMEDY [DLX. COPPER/SILVER] - $26 • MARE - S/T [BLUE W/ WHITE SPLATTER] - $40 • MAE - THE EVERGLOW [RAINBOW] - $75 --- Wants: Songs:Ohia - The Lioness Paper Route - The Peace Of Wild Things
  11. WTB

    Hey, looking for these .... Songs:Ohia - The Lioness Editors - The Back Room (preferably 1st press) Thanks!
  12. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    I assume D was referring to the seller from Germany, asking 31.05 shipped for the colored variant. But that Juno blows it away.
  13. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Haha, thats awesome. You want him to succeed, by telling people to stay away. Only on VC. Anywho, there's always paypal claim if this fool wants play hookie. -------------- Back to business tho, does anyone have the new Cranes MOV reissue? Thoughts? I got the Swervedriver and it has some serious pops , the first track is unlistenable. Waiting to bear back from seller.