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  1. Welp, I got the two RSD releases that I wanted. Some douche is already trying to sell Space Jam, Coheed, and The Cure for $100 plus shipping. I can't when people do that shit. Why buy a record if you're not even gonna listen to it? Nobody buy from flippers like this, please.
  2. That's nuts. I saw someone (probably the same guy) selling a dick ton of the Sia Spotify Sessions for "Make An Offer" prices. I kept offering $4, but he wasn't into my game.
  3. I picked up "Till Midnight" by Chuck Ragan for 10¢ yesterday. I'm not too into folk rock but an album this new never shows up in the thrift stores, so I had to pick it up. It's gatefold, comes with a lyric sheet and download card, and is in amazing condition. Records at this store are usually 20¢, but they have so many that they marked them all down to 10¢. I was hype. It's actually a decent album. Black wax, limited to 2,000 copies.
  4. I've had this happen to me twice on Discogs. I ordered a purple 7" and a clear LP from two separate sellers and both were black. If there's not a release page for the black variants, just mention in the item's description. I bought a tape that was supposed to be green, but the guy told me ahead of time it is actually yellow, he just won't good at creating releases. That's fine with me, I just want to know what I'm buying. Ever since I received those first two black records though, I haven't had any problems with sellers on Discogs.
  5. Chasing Victory and blessthefall definitely need to happen!
  6. I'm sure there is. Android's marketplace is much bigger than Apple's App Store. I'm not sure if Photo is on Android or not though. I don't personally know of any though.
  7. I make all my mockups on my iPhone. The app is called "Phonto." It's hands down the best free app for editing photos on the iPhone. I just start with a rectangular photo, then add the artwork, make a cool pattern with the circle shape, create my label, then export it. It's very easy once you familiarize yourself with the app.
  8. I made some mockups of 5 albums I'd love to see pressed on vinyl. A Skylit Drive - Rise Chiodos - Illuminaudio All Time Low - The Party Scene Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Get Scared - Demons (I'm not sure why this photo came out so big)
  9. April fools sale going on at Near Mint. 50% until April 2nd at midnight with code: NoJoke
  10. 20% @ Victory Records until April 2nd.
  11. Saddest part is, I'm nearly three minutes into being Rick Rolled as I'm posting this reply. This track is a banger.
  12. Man, everyone loves to roast the new guy on here . But with all seriousness, it seems that the first pressings didn't include "A Horse With No Name" and that the track was only added in with the later pressings. Before an admin comes in and tells you, I'm just gonna mention that questions like this would usually get asked here. It's just to avoid clutter, and people in that topic will be much more helpful and open to answering any questions you have about a record.
  13. Just letting anybody who cares know: on just about everything is 20% until April 2nd (tomorrow). This includes vinyl.
  14. Yeah, I got you. I don't like their frontman at all, but it's still good music. I hadn't heard any mention of them since that stuff with Ian went down in 2012 (i think it was?) I went back and watched some music videos of theirs on YouTube and the comment section had me dying of laughter. haha
  15. Nope. I think it cost me like $3. Regardless of what Ian Watkins did, this is still a great band with great music. Is he a great person? Not by any means at all, but that's doesn't make their music bad.