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  1. People have been receiving these cassette tapes in the mail sent from SEGA featuring songs from old video games to promote their upcoming mobile service. Here's a video: and here's a release page on Discogs: Does anybody have any idea how to get a hold of one of these things? They're hand-numbered out of 512 and they're really, really cool.
  2. Only if a case is label-specific. Some labels back in the day used to have their logo embossed on the back. Really though, it comes down to personal opinion. To me, if you replace an original case with a generic one, it really makes no difference. But everyone has their own preference. Just make sure that if you're gonna replace a case, that the pins that hold the case in when the case is shut will fit nicely with the insert to prevent and tears.
  3. It's cool, man! No rush. I actually listen to it quite often
  4. I've got some records, cassettes and CDs for sale on my Discogs and on my Depop (@MyckelJay). Conditions vary, most are NM or VG+. This is mostly stuff that I have doubles of or just don't listen to anymore. Prices are cheap. None of this is really hard to come by in the wild (except for one bootleg). Check it out if you want.
  5. I have a few. There are quite a few that I want and keeping an eye out for, but I refrain from getting a lot of them that I don't really need. I currently have four, but I'll get more in the future. I Have: Gerard Way (Red Tie) Cady from Mean Girls Evan from Superbad and John "Soap" MacTavish from MW2 I also have Lisa Turtle from Saved by The Bell, but I want to get rid of this one. If anyone wants it, I'll let it go for like $5 + shipping.
  6. Hey! If anyone wants to trade a tape of some of your favorite local bands for some of my favorite local bands, hit me up. I've had this tape made for a while now, but I just recorded over the audio I had on it the first time and it actually sounds good now. My tape consists of pop-punk, post-hardcore, indie, progressive metal and pop rock.
  7. And now I actually have opened this thread I need help. I've made plenty of J-Cards before, but I have to do all kinds of printing, resizing and repeating. I end up wasting a ton of paper and ink. Does anybody have a simple J-card template that I can print to size? You know, one I can just throw my artwork on and not have to resize or scale anything to ensure that it's the correct size? I just want a simple template to print either a single (1) j-card on our I'd be cool with printing 4 per page. Whichever. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I feel.
  9. Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded (Gold Cassette) /25 Signed My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (white) My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (white) Green Day - Dookie Sampler
  10. Welp, I got the two RSD releases that I wanted. Some douche is already trying to sell Space Jam, Coheed, and The Cure for $100 plus shipping. I can't when people do that shit. Why buy a record if you're not even gonna listen to it? Nobody buy from flippers like this, please.
  11. That's nuts. I saw someone (probably the same guy) selling a dick ton of the Sia Spotify Sessions for "Make An Offer" prices. I kept offering $4, but he wasn't into my game.
  12. I picked up "Till Midnight" by Chuck Ragan for 10¢ yesterday. I'm not too into folk rock but an album this new never shows up in the thrift stores, so I had to pick it up. It's gatefold, comes with a lyric sheet and download card, and is in amazing condition. Records at this store are usually 20¢, but they have so many that they marked them all down to 10¢. I was hype. It's actually a decent album. Black wax, limited to 2,000 copies.
  13. I've had this happen to me twice on Discogs. I ordered a purple 7" and a clear LP from two separate sellers and both were black. If there's not a release page for the black variants, just mention in the item's description. I bought a tape that was supposed to be green, but the guy told me ahead of time it is actually yellow, he just won't good at creating releases. That's fine with me, I just want to know what I'm buying. Ever since I received those first two black records though, I haven't had any problems with sellers on Discogs.
  14. Chasing Victory and blessthefall definitely need to happen!
  15. I'm sure there is. Android's marketplace is much bigger than Apple's App Store. I'm not sure if Photo is on Android or not though. I don't personally know of any though.