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  1. I haven't seen this before. But whether it's self-released or a bootleg, that's definitely a cool little piece to add to your collection. I would just make a release page for it on Discogs, give it some time, and see if anyone else adds it to their collection. If somebody does, you could DM from there and see if they have any more information on it. Good luck!
  2. Back in high school, I made this 7" holder in shop class. I guessed on the measurements, went a little over 7 inches so I could fit the sleeves. However, it was just barely too small to fit the majority of my 45s without damaging the sleeves. I stored them in it at a slant for about two years. It still fits a lot of my 45s, just not most of them. Late last year, I gathered up some materials from around my house and garage and made a new & improved version. This one fits my 7-inches perfectly! You could build one too! Just recycle some things around your house that you don't use anymore. I used ply wood, an old speed limit sign, a paint stick and an old retail mouse pad. You can use tons of other materials though! The setup is extremely easy, so long as you're decent with a saw and some nails/ screws. Then just slap some stickers on there and you're all set!
  3. Party For The Grown And Sexy is getting pressed too. I saw the new artwork for it today and it looks pretty sick!
  4. No, I haven't. I've always assumed that if you contact someone at a busy label with information that doesn't gain them any recognition they'd just ignore it. Maybe I'll give it a try though. I'll try emailing HT first though.
  5. Alright, cool. I wonder if they'll actually be pressed in the track listing or sent as a digital download.
  6. Does anyone know if the new anniversary edition [2017] will have any bonus tracks? I want to get this, but if it's the same old track listing, I'll just stick with my current copy. I know for TTBDF they remixed and remastered all the songs and added a new song as a bonus track. Just wondering if this will be the same case.
  7. Damn. I never would've thought to contact HT about it. I might try that. Thanks! As far as Rise Records goes, I've tried to contact them three times in the past 2 years for various reasons; still haven't heard back.
  8. That's actually pretty sweet. I'd probably snatch.
  9. Of course, man! I wouldn't expect anyone to sit through video when I could've just as easily typed out a list. I hate that too!
  10. I just got my replacement. Didn't get the hot pink like some others did, but that's okay. I wasn't even expecting it. I filled out the form about three weeks ago. Never got a shipping notification. I've been checking my e-mail and junk mail daily; nothing. I got home just as the mailman arrived and he said, "Hey, bud. You got a package." I still think it's hilarious that this misprint even happened.
  11. Also, I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this in this thread, but there's an iPhone app called "The Vinyl District" that I use when I travel. It uses your location to tell you all record stores in the area. You can write and read reviews of record stores. Some stores even have hours of operation posted on there. If a store isn't listed on there, you can send the name and address to the developer, and they'll usually update it by the next day. It's super helpful!
  12. Park Ave. CDs in Orlando is priced very well. I've gotten some great deals. I live in Daytona Beach and I take the drive to Orlando for the better selection and prices. My favorite record store, hands down.
  13. I have a few of those wooden cassette drawers from back in the day. I see them at thrift stores quite often. I got both of mine for about $1.50. If you're a handyman though, you could easily make a little cassette crate with some items you could recycle around your house or in your garage. That's what I did for my 45's. If that's not up your alley though, I definitely recommend checking out some local thrift stores for some drawers.
  14. Look It shows I've never even opened this thread. haha. Anyways, I actually replied to the bottom thread of this picture. Not sure how I ended up here.
  15. That's a good deal! I only saw two I'd want though. If other people are more into this music, they'd be dumb not to hop this deal.