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  1. 'When Broken Is Easily Fixed' pre-orders are up (check various links in replies below), cheapest seems to be Amazon at $12.99 right now. Set to be released 4/20/2018. Still waiting on 'Discovering The Waterfront'
  2. "Clubs" Tab?

    I'm not too sure what the point of this is. I honestly just noticed it like 4 minutes ago. BUT I made one for collectors in the Central Florida area. Join if you want to, or don't. Whatever.
  3. "Clubs" Tab?

    fixed it for ya
  4. "Clubs" Tab?

    I saw that on there. haha. Not sure I wanna be part of the pen15 club though
  5. It may, that's why I'm saying to use one with a small %. But whichever route you decide to take, I wish you luck!
  6. Gotcha. I would TRY getting some nail polish remover with a small percentage of acetone in it. Just lightly rub the jacket with a barely-damp towel of that stuff. I've used this on tables, dry-erase boards, plastic, metal. Works fine for me, never tried it on paper or cardboard though, so I couldn't make any promises that it'd work.
  7. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    So this is actually getting pressed. I pre-ordered it back in December and I'm still waiting for a shipping notification. I hope this doesn't fall through.
  8. Why would you want to? Are they just scribbles or are they actual autographs?
  9. I've been waiting for this album to get pressed since the day it came out. And the day is FINALLY HERE!! White & Blue Splatter /100 Clear & Black Splatter /100 Random Colored Vinyl /100 Unfortunately, they're only available in bundles though. The random color is the cheapest.
  10. PO Now: A Skylit Drive - "Rise"

    The whole band is kaput. Singer kept postponing tours to be with his daughter, rest of band got fed up and made an announcement that singer has been kicked out of the band and touring will eventually continue. Singer highjacked social media pages and said he didn't get kicked out or leave and that an official statement was coming soon. A few months go by and he does an IG livestream and basically explained that ASD in no more because of musical differences and that there is bad blood between some members. It's a shame because their latest works are actually really good, but if it's straining on all of them mentally, it's best to put things to an end.
  11. I picked up a 4" record today and can't listen to it because of the auto-return feature. Does anyone know how to bypass this? I'm not mechanically inclined when it comes to this stuff. I also have a Fisher MT-420 if anyone knows how to bypass it on that.
  12. Same thread, different name. Different threads popped up for other countries. Really not sure why though.
  13. The 'When Broken Is Easily Fixed' Re-issues also have two bonus tracks: Friends in Fall River* and Forever And A Day*
  14. Anybody know how to bypass the auto-return feature on an ATLP-60 OR a Fisher MT-420?

  15. PO Now: Blessthefall - Hard Feelings 3/23

    I talked to the guy who runs Smartpunk Records today in hopes that I could pick up their exclusive variant. He told me that he hasn't even received the records yet. He's tried countless times to get in contact with someone at Rise to get things squared away, but hasn't heard back. Typical Rise. Just keep an eye peeled for when they'll ship out.
  16. I found a few songs on IRE to be decent. Give Atlas a listen though. A lot of their "core" fans don't appreciate it, but it's a pretty solid listen.
  17. Park Ave. CDs (Orlando, FL) - Amazon, eBay, Discogs.
  18. IKEA Record Player

    https://spinbox.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders/info I think this one still works.
  19. IKEA Record Player

    Buy a Spinbox.
  20. Record Store Day 2018

    Anybody know what time the official list is supposed to drop? I know it's some time today, just not sure when.
  21. Albums you once wrote off

    Both Beartooth albums. I was always aware of them, but never actually gave them a listen until late last year, like 4 months ago. I really enjoy both of their albums and I'm actively awaiting a new one. Not sure why I slept on them for so long.
  22. Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    I recognize a few on here too