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  1. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    Just Sent You a Message!
  2. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    3 more sold...Keep em comin'!
  3. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    5 more records sold...drop me a line!
  4. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    A few things sold and on hold...

    My plant pressed the BB King - Remastered From the Archives LP on Red Vinyl as a BAM Exclusive last April.
  6. Hey guys, i'm opening up my tradelist to offers for a little bit to raise some cash for 2 upcoming releases on my label Limited Fanfare and catching up on those good ol' bills... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cCqAZdeC6zbn7BQ_0IhjT6ttgyXBMWMeeNrKOj3gqLo/edit?usp=sharing PLEASE NOTE THE TABS of CATEGORIES AT THE BOTTOM. Thanks in advance, Brian
  7. The records will be to the label tomorrow and are Black with Yellow Splatter and look pretty cool...
  8. Seems like you're going off of heresay. A lot of people on the board dump on GZ and URP and often have little actual knowledge about plants. Every plant presses good and not-so-good records -- the larger the plant, the more jobs it sends out and the more "non-perfect" records it yields due to sheer volume. I, 1. I own this set and my copy doesn't have surface noise. 2. I've had records Pressed at GZ in the past with no issues. 3. I work at a Pressing Plant in the US as an Operations Manager.
  9. Thanks for the Shiner heads up...

    Who gives a shit about this guy's prices...he has the right to sell his records for what he thinks they're worth. With that being said, no one will buy them at those prices and he'll rot before even 10% of it sells. To each their own...Let him be another cautionary tale.
  11. Yes, it is the Dylan cover. I have the 7" already because I pressed it.
  12. They'll be shipping soon...had to repress the Yellow twice -- some streaking issues.