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  1. Paper inner sleeves rip, especially over time. Anything inside the paper inner can puncture a side at any time, even the edge of your inner sleeve that is put in the printed inner. It's not a good idea... Also, a regular insert or printed inner will NOT cause ring wear. I've been collecting for almost 25 years and also work at a record pressing plant. I'll believe me over you. I can back up my claims with my knowledge and experience. Also, I see you're in South Florida...PM me, I'd love to invite you out to SunPress Vinyl for a tour, which is the only pressing plant in South Florida.
  2. Most inner sleeves rip over time. If you have the LP in an inner, why then put it in there? It makes no sense at all... You're clearly not an anal collector.
  3. That's fine If you want to ruin your printed inners. If you replace a printed inner just simply put it back in the jacket.
  4. That's a crease...not a ding...
  5. I bought the 2017 RSD version of The Distillers' Coral Fang from Forum user @smellybeard om4/28. I heard from him once in early May and not correspondence and no record! Beware!!!!
  6. I bought this Coral Fang LP from this "seller" on April 28th a nd have yet to receive the LP. hopefully he didn't sell this to anyone else and run with the money. Please beware of smellybeard
  7. Also, payment isn't going, sorry...
  8. Seems like you're more of a sucker for the most limited variant. The best sounding, Black variant is still available.
  9. Guilt Show is a great album...definitely the type of record they should have put out after STWHA.
  10. This! Great record and band that never got the recognition they deserve.
  11. Mastered too high...AMAZING!
  12. For those not familiar...Half of Microdisney was Sean O' Hagan, who later more famously founded The High Llamas.
  13. Ah...I remember the days of space on my shelves and leaning...barely remember...