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  1. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    I'm selling my sealed Endless LP for $70ppd if anyone is interested. PM Me
  2. PO NOW: Leon Bridges - Good Thing (May 4th)

    Finally a breakaway from the semi-boring Sam Cooke rips...
  3. Taylor Swift - 1989 2xLP

    Tim, I'm not sure you really don't know... A stamper set generally yields 700-1000 records. In 2-Step plating, the stampers come from a Mother that can yield about 11 sets of stampers, or about 11,000 records. In 3-step plating, the father yields about 10 sets of mothers x 11k records per mother, or about 110,000 records pressed These large Pressings are almost always 3 step-plated and are often pressed at different plants from the same lacquer cut and then father and mothers
  4. I have a 2nd new batch, unnumbered copy that I'd trade - PM me
  5. PO NOW: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth

    US Pressing is on Clear Vinyl -- limited to 500 -- pressing it at my plant...
  6. PO: Wrong - Feel Great

    Great band...Haft and the boys killed it again'
  7. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    Just Sent You a Message!
  8. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    3 more sold...Keep em comin'!
  9. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    5 more records sold...drop me a line!
  10. HUGE and WONDERFUL List Open Only a Short While!

    A few things sold and on hold...

    My plant pressed the BB King - Remastered From the Archives LP on Red Vinyl as a BAM Exclusive last April.
  12. Hey guys, i'm opening up my tradelist to offers for a little bit to raise some cash for 2 upcoming releases on my label Limited Fanfare and catching up on those good ol' bills... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cCqAZdeC6zbn7BQ_0IhjT6ttgyXBMWMeeNrKOj3gqLo/edit?usp=sharing PLEASE NOTE THE TABS of CATEGORIES AT THE BOTTOM. Thanks in advance, Brian
  13. The records will be to the label tomorrow and are Black with Yellow Splatter and look pretty cool...