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  1. Mastered too high...AMAZING!
  2. For those not familiar...Half of Microdisney was Sean O' Hagan, who later more famously founded The High Llamas.
  3. Ah...I remember the days of space on my shelves and leaning...barely remember...
  4. Dan, test pressings are test pressings. The process of testing the record for approval is a matter of when and not how many. source: Me. I own a record label and work at a pressing plant. Note: As long as people keep paying ridiculous prices for records from Failure, they'll keep putting them out. Stop the bleeding.
  5. Record Vinyl Album thing...
  6. The first 100 pre-orders also include a signed poster. Also 2 buttons... The first 100 preorders will receive a signed poster. The first 250 LP orders will receive limited edition opaque green vinyl. Pre-orders will include two buttons while supplies last, and will ship to arrive on or around the release date of March 31.
  7. I finally was able to get the Ryan Adams set finally and got 2 in hopes that I can trade it (and either the other $13 or an LP) for the Day of the Dead Box Set. Send me a message if you're interested... Update: I got the Day of the Dead box...insomnia finally pays off!
  8. Sid the Kid, Thanks!! I grabbed this and it came out to $59.48 shipped to shipping may vary from place to place...
  9. Yes he does...He's a very good guy!
  10. Mr. allenh never disappoints...
  11. These are things you should probably NOT admit if you're trying to eventually sell people on a service... I've used Bigcartel for 6 years now and love them...
  12. Grabbed it! Thanks!
  13. Definitely a good way to waste $25.76 this morning...