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  1. Mr. Robot

    this is tied with GOT as my favorite show on TV right now. that first episode was really incredible.
  2. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    congrats on winning!
  3. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I drafted a better team by not being there
  4. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    sorry I missed all but the last round of the draft, for some reason I thought hte draft was at 9 PM EST and I was doing a final pickup from my house that I just sold today! longest ordeal EVER.
  5. <3 Be the first to hear my EP!

    your EP is 1:38 long? that was a short journey.
  6. There Will Be Hell Toupée! (The Donald Trump Thread)

    hahahahahahaahahahahaha anti-semitic misandristic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA go on, stretch armstrong
  7. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    27th perfect!
  8. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    good match, it was fairly even! Couldn't believe the performance of Quintana/Kluber (17 IP, 0.00 ERA, 20K) to keep our match close (6-4)
  9. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    9/26 works for me, I may have a couple drinks in me at this point, so it'll be better for everyone
  10. VC Fantasy Baseball League

  11. Looking for a certain genre

    APPLESEED cast? Godspeed you black emperor
  12. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    But did you get your records?
  13. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    hah yes, everyone, priorities! get them in order! 1. preorder status 2. everything else
  14. did they still not pay?