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  1. The Walking Dead

    I need to watch season 3 still.. is it on Netflix or Hulu?
  2. The Walking Dead

    so I googled it, speculation that next season will involve a time jump into the future, and that the helicopter is part of a community outside of Columbus? glad we wont have to wade through a season of him being sad over carl.
  3. The Walking Dead

    I want to know what the helicopter was all about.
  4. Record Storage

    thanks for the suggestion! My wife has a could book ends that are heavy/sturdy that will probably be used!
  5. RIP - Caleb Scofield

    right there with you, scott. I honestly have no idea why this hits me harder than most. Never met the guy, but we had a lot of mutual friends.. saw cave in a number of times, plea for peace tour in 2001 was maybe the loudest/best set ever. Cave In literally slayed everyone. I think Jupiter was out for a couple months? less than a year i think.
  6. Record Storage

    thanks ben!
  7. Record Storage

    Id like to do something like that, rob, it just wouldn't fit with the flow of our house. found this awesome stand on Etsy that I think we're going to get! Haven't been able to find anything similar locally, and will have the player on top with some plants and stuff
  8. NHL Discussion

    7-0 game 1... just....
  9. Record Storage

    what do you guys all use to store your records? We're looking for something new for our house, and just looking for ideas!
  10. RIP - Caleb Scofield

    ugh, so awful. I feel for his family... just unimaginable. I cant even really understand what they're going through right now cave in is one of a handful of bands that I love literally every release they've done. such an important band in my formative years...
  11. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I have it on DVR, plan to watch it this weekend. I absolutely loved season 1. It may be the best comic show on TV (exception with Daredevil or Punisher, but those are Netflix, not TV IMO)
  12. The STAR WARS Thread

    Finally watched it, totally loved it. My only concern is how do they continue leia in the final movie? I hope they don't fuck it up like they did with Superman and CGI the shit out of her face. We're the Jedi books hidden in the falcon and not actually burned? Did Rey pull one over Luke?
  13. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    with Garren on the yahoo chat message we have 5, so waivers will now be applied immediately, and no longer have a 2 day wait
  14. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    just sent a message via the chat in the app!
  15. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    im all for adjusting waivers, but will need league consensus. I will not vote for it as commish, so the 9 of you duke it out