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  1. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    Yeah it was real good!
  2. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    Altered carbon was incredible.
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    yes, fuck having multiple threads for marvel shit! pumped for both!!
  4. MLB Discussion

    its tough being a brewers fan and a pirates fan because I constantly see how one franchise does it right, and the other does it wrong. It all stems from ownership. I have friends not in Pittsburgh who blame Conley/Huntington, as if they have any freedom to spend and sign players, who don't understand that it all stems from ownership. Nutting is the worst. He is a snake oil salesman. "reinvesting" in baseball operations, i'd love to know who owns the businesses who have the contracts to build and maintain the facilities in Florida/Carribean/Latin America. I will not put it past Nutting to some how funnel profit sharing money into his pockets.
  5. CATO institute is not having it with these immigration bills. https://www.cato.org/blog/house-gop-proposes-largest-restriction-legal-immigrants-1920s In the entire history of the United States, the only policy-driven cuts in legal immigration that rival the effects of these bills were the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 and the Quota Act of 1924, which cut the number of legal immigrants by 496,000 in 1922 and 413,000 in 1925, respectively. Congress enacted these laws to keep out Italians and Eastern Europeans, specifically Jews, and were used throughout the 1930s to prevent the entry of German Jews. These cuts lack any reasonable justification. Labor force growth is an essential component of economic growth. Immigrants already increase U.S. Gross Domestic Product by roughly $2 trillion annually. For the United States to remain competitive internationally, it needs an expanding workforce. These proposals will harm domestic growth and make it more difficult for U.S. businesses to out-produce their competitors around the world. U.S. immigrants who primarily enter under the family sponsorship and diversity categories are the most highly educated in American history. True “merit-based” immigration reform would give these immigrants more opportunities to immigrate, not fewer. In any case, America needs workers at both ends of the skills spectrum to grow job opportunities for all Americans. There is simply no economic justification for banning so many legal immigrants.
  6. how do you know that? that's so frustrating! you should do both. you should stand up to your neighbors and talk with them about racism/bigotry AND question your governments policies and actions (be it local, state, federal). You can/should be doing both! why does it have to be one and not the other?
  7. dont worry, when they know they're wrong they just stop responding
  8. ok, and again, the shithole statement was in reference to haiti and african countries, not mexico and latin america.
  9. but this is not about all immigrants, its about immigrants from 'shithole' countries. the articles and data you reference above includes Hispanic immigrants, which are a larger population, have a higher rate of welfare use and lower skill level of the English language. I was referencing an article that was talking to data regarding immigrants from Africa. feel free to review another piece of research below on data around the 'shithole' countries (African nations and Caribbean). Also, immigrants like doctors or engineers that come to the US typically do so to further education, either in an academic setting, or by OTJ training at businesses/etc in the US. sometimes they take it back with them, sometimes they don't, but guess what, there's nothing wrong with that. thanks to this thing called the internet, they don't have to be back in their country to share their expertise. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2015/04/09/a-rising-share-of-the-u-s-black-population-is-foreign-born/ also, you shouldn't really be using university rankings to say what education is better or worse. there are plenty of stories, articles and studies out there that show college rankings are biased and not a true representation of being a better school than others. you want to move funds to help flint out? help with improving homicide rates in urban cities? the national debt? how about go after the military and DOD instead of immigrants and social welfare programs? theres more than enough bloat there to cover whatever "exorbitant" cost immigrants have on our system.
  10. http://beta.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-global-african-immigrants-explainer-20180112-story.html immigrants from shithole countries are more educated than most, but whatever. not everyone who is an immigrant is an unskilled refugee.
  11. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    It defaulted to the dubbed version, for whatever reason, I dont think that many people actively go out of their way to watch shows dubbed.
  12. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    YES!!! It was SO GOOD! the dubbing was SO BAD that I only made it 15 minutes in and turned it off the first time. I wrote off the show because of it, but my sis in law said to watch it with the subtitles instead and it makes it so much better.
  13. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    No worries, glad to see you're ok! Also, good on you to pay up, too! Are you interested in this season @BuzzersonKillwell or should we count on your team being open for someone else?
  14. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    watched the first two episodes of Dark so far, its so good.

    too many tiny dogs on this thread!