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  1. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    9/26 works for me, I may have a couple drinks in me at this point, so it'll be better for everyone
  2. VC Fantasy Baseball League

  3. Looking for a certain genre

    APPLESEED cast? Godspeed you black emperor
  4. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    But did you get your records?
  5. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    hah yes, everyone, priorities! get them in order! 1. preorder status 2. everything else
  6. did they still not pay?
  7. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    so when do we want to do the draft? I have a wedding the weekend of the 23rd and I will not be able to participate, so if we could do it any evening the week of the 25th?
  8. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    the new guy in the league, Garren, was trying hard all season to get quintana from me. I was real close when he got traded to the cubs, because fuck the cubs, but im glad I hung on to him. onward to the playoffs!
  9. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    yeah, that would be the pick
  10. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    sent. are undrafted keepers 15th rd? I assumed they are when I sent mine to you
  11. didnt mind the defenders, it being only 8 episodes was probably the best part about it. I think Danny Rand will start to not be such a shitty character now, and I am really interested to see what happens in DD3. finally watched guardians of the galaxy 2, and man, that was a pretty big fall off from the first... but im assuming that its all just a buildup for infinity wars, right? Like, rather than doing the character development movie as the first movie (ie. getting the backstory of who his dad is, etc.), doing it in the second really seems to tie in to them returning to Earth, right? Havent watched Spiderman, but im pumped. Hope it comes on Fios soon so I can rent it.
  12. So i Just moved to Denver.

  13. only 6 episodes to finish it up, I doubt we'll see them spend much time anywhere else besides Castle Black and Winterfell.
  14. cant wait for Arya Littlefinger Stark to straight up fuck wit people