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  1. That's awesome! Love me some Edward and MO. Maine Beer Co. is fantastic. I'm up near Boston for the week. Had some Trillium DDH Scaled & Launch Beer and Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude.
  2. Gave The Familiar v1 by MZD another go with that summer book club on FB and I love it. Once you get about halfway through, it starts to flow a lot better, and the story gets really good. We're doing 1 book per month up to and including Vol 5 which comes out on Halloween. Helps to have some solid discussions.
  3. Should be. Only thing you may have to worry about is licensing. Might be U.K. released.
  4. I think Bamco is releasing those @Sunshinethat was from a flyer in 'the fire fades' edition or whatever it's called. I asked Spacelab about it and they didn't know what they were.
  5. That trailer.... omgomgomg
  6. it's 74 min. The time stamps from the product listing match the times in my iTunes library. maybe a UK release w/ the DLC tracks as well?
  7. Someone on Reddit posted these... WTF??
  8. unfortunately, viewership isn't very strong though. only about a quarter million. the GOT premiere was over 10 million...
  9. You've never been about soundtracks though--I think you just gotta accept that people may be into different things than you. I listen to all of the [game, movie, TV show] soundtracks that I buy and enjoy doing so because it's music that I genuinely enjoy. I just spun my Castlevania IV record earlier, and had fun doing so. I just went and saw Hans Zimmer perform nearly 3 hours of movie music with a stage full of 60+ musicians. It was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had in my life. Spacelab has done some really dumb shit, but personally I'm still gonna buy their releases if it's music that I like. My wife won a copy of their 'Outlander' S1 soundtrack release in a giveaway and there isn't anything wrong with it. Not my cup of tea, but a fine release. And at the end of the day, I can't get too caught up in what other people do or don't do with their records because it just doesn't affect me. One day the bubble is gonna burst and all this shit is gonna be worthless anyway.
  10. selling my LOC wonder woman stuff for cost + shipping if anyone missed it
  11. I got the stock notice email from Walmart and had it ordered in like 2 min haha.
  12. still there... i wonder how many they have/how much longer it'll last. i didn't really *need* one, but i'm sure it'll eventually be as impossible to get as the NES mini and it'd be cool for my girls--a lot more user friendly than the Pi. edit: aaaaaaand it's gone
  13. yeah i see it says ETA August 4th on the Lakeshore store listing now (Sold Out). for some reason amazon had said that it'd be "delivered 7/21 by 8:00 PM" until earlier today i got an email saying that they couldn't determine when it would arrive... guess i'll just see what happens when 8/4 rolls around. if the invada copy gets here before then, i may just cancel the amazon order haha.
  15. You're not wrong. I'd just rather have Dark Souls vinyl than not have Dark Souls vinyl. I don't really have any other expensive hobbies, so fuck it. I've never been one to protest with my wallet. If that were the case, I'd probably not eat Chick-fil-A as often as I do. I surely don't understand these kids buying records solely for the novelty, but that's a thing. I'm mostly annoyed by watching these little hipster tweens freak out about Taylor Swift on vinyl at local shops and taking selfies on snapchat to document how cool they are for being in a record shop. THE HOBBY.