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  1. I wonder what this means for the fest?
  2. Nice! I'm probably gonna just grab a standard for around $60 bucks. That's pretty reasonably priced for a decent board game. Don't see the point in spending $100+ on something I plan to open, use, and let all my friends put their greasy hands all over haha. It's not like a print on the wall or a record that only I will handle. It's probably gonna take a beating every week at game night.
  3. Have they dropped any details on how to purchase this The Thing board game? Cost, date, link, anything like that? Hoping it's not much more than $50, I wanna grab one for sure!
  4. Anybody know where I can grab a copy of The Distillers Coral Fang LP?
  5. Grabbed the 2xlp on Acid Blood Green. Does anyone know when the Turbo Kid repress is supposed to ship?
  6. I wonder how limited the colored 2xLP variant is gonna be. I normally wake up around 4-5pm EST, wondering if I should set my alarm to get up and get one. These go live at 12:00pm CST correct?
  7. I've been slacking lately. Glad the preorder variant didn't sell out. Just hearing this now, grabbed one!
  8. Oh damn did they say that? I know it's pretty absurd to think this but after seeing the news that they're playing riot fest I immediately thought what if Fest comes out at 4:00pm today with the announcement and drops that Jawbreaker is playing. One can dream I guess haha.
  9. For anyone interested you can grab a copy of an older press for $19.69 shipped from Skeletal Lightning if you use their current code: RSD2017 Sold out. Can't wait to spin mine!
  10. Thanks! Grabbed an older pressing of Julien Baker's LP for under $20 shipped. Been meaning to grab this for awhile now.
  11. Oh man. I hope they do headliner shows. I'd love to see Jawbreaker but I really don't wanna go to Riot Fest.