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  1. Jawbreaker reunion

    Who was the opener?!
  2. Jawbreaker reunion

    I had all 3 show pages loading and only the Monday show actually went through! But honestly at $50 bucks each it's probably for the best I only got one to load. Show was awesome! Wonder how different the sets are. Not that I didn't love the set they played last night, but I would have liked to hear Do You Still Hate Me, Oyster, and Unlisted Track.
  3. Jawbreaker reunion

    I called/emailed them too. Did they say that somewhere and I missed it? Regardless, I'm so pumped for tomorrow! Should I "do the right thing" and stand in the back with my 7 month pregnant wife......or do I go up front by myself. That fight might be worth it lol.
  4. Jawbreaker reunion

    Has anyone who selected Mobile/E-ticket received their tickets yet? Got an email confirmation for my purchase, my card was charged, but I never got an email with my actual tickets.
  5. Damn missed it. I wonder if this means a repress of some color/black vinyl is in the near future?
  6. Joe McMahon

    I have the an extra copy of the Silk Screen Version, limited to /100. $25 shipped if you want it.
  7. I run a really small DIY label. Most brick and mortar stores buy my stuff through RevHQ, a middle man distributor. I'm happy to sell directly at a cheaper rate, but usually it's not worth the shipping cost if you only plan on buying a handful of records. By ordering through the distributor, you have access to hundreds of thousands of other titles, so even though the distributor may charge a dollar or two more per record, usually you can place an order larger enough to make it worth the shipping cost. So in the end, a record that I sell for $13 on my website, might cost $18 on the shelf (which definitely sucks), but it ends up in stores. Good luck!
  8. Got 2 tickets for the show at Grog Shop! Was not able to get a pair of tickets for Elton John in Buffalo which also went on sale at the same time. That shit sold out from presale codes before it even went up to the public! Win some you loose some I guess.
  9. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Why is it frowned upon to post your paypal? Just for safety reasons? I say keep that list up to date in the original post, if you see your name up there, send $5 bucks as friends/family to XXXX email, and then you can put paid next to our name after we paid.
  10. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    I'm in. How do I pay? I got Pats 3, Eagles 0 at my work pool Hoping for a low scoring first with a field goal, or maybe a 13-10 half time. I think the payout is like $250 per quarter!
  11. I'm in. Let me know who to paypal and how much. I got Pats 3, Eagles 0 at my work pool Hoping for a low scoring first with a field goal, or maybe a 13-10 half time. I think the payout is like $250!
  12. I saw them at the Grog Shop close to 10 years ago on that Falcon/Sundowner tour. It was so awesome! Plan on refreshing the page starting at 9:55am on Friday lol.
  13. Grabbed it! Here's to hoping we get some dates not too far from Buffalo (hoping for Toronto).