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  1. I saw that. Part of me reaaaally wants to drive up for it. The other part of me says, its an hour and a half drive, I have to be up for work at 5:00am and I've seen TA like 10+ times.
  2. Tour starts in a week and a half! Gigs with Mom Jeans, Graduating Life, and Oso Oso! Unfortunately the vinyl won't be done in time for tour, but you can preorder the record now and receive an immediate download!
  3. Is everyone's download working properly? This is the first release with the new webstore that allows us to give out immediate downloads. I had someone who purchased a test press email me saying the site redirected them and didn't give them an opportunity to download the new record? But a lot of what he said was pretty tech savvy and went over my head. Also seems weird that if the download didn't work, out of a bunch of orders only one person hit me up saying it didn't work. Hopefully it was just a fluke. You guys have any issues?
  4. My local shop if doing 20% off for the holiday weekend. Found this in the clearance bin, and with the extra 20% it came to like $10 bucks with tax for a 2xLP! Pumped to check out some modern fat bands I've been slacking on.
  5. "What Not To Do" is the band's 2nd full length. 9 brand new songs! Check out the first two singles below! Pressing Info: 50 Black 200 Translucent Yellow Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. "Autonomy" is the band's debut album, remastered, new artwork, and on vinyl for the first time ever! Pressing Info: 50 Black 200 Grimace Purple If you preorder the record you'll get an immediate download! Vinyl ships in August.
  6. He was playing with them live when they came to Boston like 2 years ago.