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  1. Grabbed this on Amazon. Glad I can stop checking this thread now. It gives me a headache.
  2. Thanks very much for all this info! I will definitely be referencing this thread when I'm there and will check at least 1 of these places out!
  3. Haha no. 10/1 + 10/2. 10/2 is the open day I'm looking for stuff to do.
  4. Well I woke up and randomly checked the internet at a good time this morning! Grabbed the 6131 variant.
  5. My wife and I are stopping in D.C. for 2 nights on the way home from a trip to celebrate our anniversary. Day 1 is the National Zoo and dinner with an old friend. No plans for day 2. Neither of us have ever been. It's sorda overwhelming the amount of cool shit to do. Is there anything I MUST do while I'm there for a day? Any of the Smithsonian museums stand out above the rest? Or any other fun stuff? Also I'd image D.C. has a pretty good vegan scene since they're known for their political punk rock bands. Any good vegan places I should check out? Unfortunately only having 1 open day, and the wife not caring about records at all, probably won't be doing much record shopping (unless I happen to pass a rad shop and have a few quick minutes). Thanks! -Kyle