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  1. PO: Lemuria - "Secret LP"

    Preorders are up: Big Scary Monsters in Europe: tinyurl.com/y9cmzjwn Asian Man Records in US: https://tinyurl.com/y9w9xgdo Directly from Lemuria: http://lemuriapop.storenvy.com US First Press: 1,000 Clear Vinyl 2,000 Black Vinyl BSM: 300 x black LP 200 x orange and pink starburst - BSM web exclusive Grabbed a clear from Asian Man. $13 + $4 shipping, not bad at all. Couldn't justify spending $30 for the bonus 7" or Starburst from Europe.
  2. PO: Lemuria - "Secret LP"

    This band sort of fell off my radar. I wasn't into The Distance at all. 10 year anniversary tours, huge merch coffee bundles in order to get the rare variants, seemed cash grabby. Sort of just stopped following the band. I fucking loved all the early 7 inches as they came out and went to the Get Better release show. Of the 3 new songs I really dig Sliver of Change. The other two aren't bad. Better than anything off the last 2 full lengths IMO. I'll probably preorder this. Excited to hear the rest.
  3. I've been buying so many records I don't need.... but these prices!!!!
  4. Yikes! That's way more than I want to spend.
  5. Where are you guys getting the offer code to get early tickets on ticket master? Taylor Swift Tix? I'm just curious to know what pit cost in Toronto, and if it's sold out yet. I'd grab a pair if they were around $200-$225 a piece.
  6. Amazon OOS Waiting....

    Ordered Led Zeppelin III for real cheap like 3 months ago. Got shipping updates today!
  7. After no response for months, I get an email hours after canceling my order. Saying they're sorry for the delay, I can either continue waiting for the chance for them to get more or "if you don't want to wait for that possibility, we do have some other options for you to take right now. If you would like one of these, please reply back to let us know and we will take care of it: 1. Give you store credit on your account (or a Gift card) for the amount you paid plus $5 Or we can send you any of these Brand New albums as a replacement.. 2. Science Fiction (Limited to 5,000 Double Clear Vinyl) LP [looks cooler than the Red/Blue by far] 3. Science Fiction (Double Black Vinyl) LP 4. BOTH: I Am A Nightmare (Etched Vinyl) LP + 3 Demos, Reworked 10" 5. Daisy (180 Gram Gatefold) LP 6. The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (Limited Double 180 Gram Vinyl) LP" Time to call my credit card company and open a claim. Shitty.
  8. I just canceled. Wonder if I'm going to have to call the credit card company and file a complaint before seeing my returned funds.
  9. Thanks for this update. Another pressing as in not the limited indie variant I purchased? I'll probably just cancel this order in a few more days if it doesn't ship.
  10. Seriously. Pretty fuckin peeved with their lack of responses. I emailed them twice (a month in between each time) and got no reply. I don't really even like this album either, I'm just a completest and afraid to cancel my order and never own a copy of this lol.
  11. Anybody in this thread order the indie exclusive through interpunk? My order has been processing for months. It keeps saying your item is expected to ship in X days. And then that amount of days passes and it gets updated with another random number of days.
  12. Thank you! Staple record for my teenage years. Super happy to throw down $11 bucks for that.