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  1. Any comic book readers?

    God Country is on my list to check out. just started Low. the artwork & pacing is a little hard to follow, but interesting story so far. after reading the first trade of Tokyo Ghost, i find it very similar in some ways, Remender definitely has a writing style that's up my alley. now i want to check out Seven to Eternity even more.
  2. just listed a ton of this stuff on Discogs, get it here cheaper while you can! ask for deals! i want this shit GONE, i have to pack soon!
  3. Any comic book readers?

    just finished Tokyo Ghost vol 1. SO GOOD.
  4. lots more stuff sold, keep it coming guys!
  5. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    "dark black is all i'm seeing / there's nothing but contagious feelings" ?!?! holy crap this is awful.
  6. bump! i have 100% on Discogs so dont be scrrrrd
  7. i wasn't sure this was still getting updated. update the title or lets start a new one? i thought last season was a pretty entertaining one. Liverpool finally got back into Champions League (sorry Gunners fans) so i'm pretty stoked going into this upcoming season. even if we keep fucking up our transfer targets.... i'm afraid Pep has bought into a title winning team again, though. i would love to see him win a championship without all that money he always gets to spend.
  8. Mid Year Review

    i feel like 2016 was a slow year for music for me, but 2017 is KILLING IT. Dodecahedron - s/t Ulsect - s/t The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy Dark Habits - Cave Paintings Rash - Midnight Crooner Dakhma - Suna Kulto Syndrømes - EP Tape Fuming Mouth - God of Death demo probably forgetting some. best late-in-the-year releases from 2016 i didn't pick up until 2017: Red Fang - Only Ghosts Sect - s/t
  9. a bunch of stuff sold! keep it going! i want this stuff GONE!!
  10. na, i'd like to keep the one copy i have of that left
  11. Any comic book readers?

    ha, glad it wasn't just me. i think vol 2 is coming out really soon (if it didn't already) and i'll be picking it up for sure.
  12. Any comic book readers?

    glad to hear. i really like the whole Event Horizon vibe of it with the awesome art style, but when the first arch ended, i was like, "where the hell do they go from here?"
  13. Hey guys! I'm moving and want to get rid of a ton of duplicates, extra colorways and shit i can part with easier than moving. Please check out my tradelist for the whole list of things for sale, but here's a few notable things on there: Bear vs Shark LP Converge & Deathwish stuff Cursed - Demo Cassette - orange - /25 (not likely to find this many times) Deafheaven 7" and LP's Glassjaw Singles and LP's Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath 7's Hatred Surge, Iron Lung, Trash Talk, Rise and Fall, Vaccine - TONS of great hardcore stuff for cheap Baroness, Torch Runner, Baptists, Seven Sisters of Sleep - TONS of great metal stuff for cheap i want this stuff gone. a bunch of it is already cheap but i would make deals for big orders. GET THIS SHIT OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!! dont be afraid to PM me with questions. anything that doesn't show "for sale" i likely wouldn't part with, but would entertain good offers for some of it...
  14. i've stalled on Mass Effect Andromeda, was way into it and then almost totally bored with it. the character support sucks so bad. but Battle Chasers is almost out!!