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  1. Thanks. I used your referral code, but not sure if it worked.
  2. Question: If I buy the 3 month Membership, does that qualify for the Fiona record? I'm sure this has been asked a million times, so sorry.
  3. If anyone who got that grab bag wants to get rid of their Goblin Rebirth for cheap, hit me up.
  4. Less Than Jake- Sound The Alarm H7K3WMHP6M
  5. Bump for a speedy shipper. Buy this dudes stuff! He gives great deals!
  6. A bump for a super fast shipper and nice guy!
  7. jackshidt, what's your ebay username, so I can block you. God forbid I accidently made a mistake, I wouldn't want to deal with you. He made a mistake, didn't lie about it, and apologized. And you're going to leave him negative feedback. Unreal.
  8. Big props to @indianajones. Gave me an insane deal, packed the records like a freaking tank, and even threw in a free record! Solid dude for sure!
  9. Teenage Bottlerocket- Freak Out http;// 7154184zf3b3f Better Off- I Think I'm Leaving 6131060AD6KWUI
  10. This list is amazing. I wouldn't even know what to offer for that Coltrane test press. Awesome collection!
  11. I'll take it. I sent you a PM.
  12. 05. Kaas 07. Billich0986 08. jacobe 09. Snaggle Von Swift 12. skidroje 13. Necroking 14. sergeantscruffy 16. Cside 18. Vector53 27. DOMAN127 31. KingTacoMunster 33. Goblue325 34. ajhall04 39. Tatom 42. hunkswithguns 56. Dub 66. curator 68. gabraham 69. shenanigans 72. nancy_raygun 83. olopez6919 88. youinreverse 99. Zdkaiser
  13. Nirvana- In Utero 2013 Mix G3V7rEv4mYR