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  1. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Dang. Just tried to purchase, but won't ship to IL, even though it says it's located in Kentucky. Won't allow you to contact seller either. Bummer.
  2. Good deal. I just ordered 2.
  3. I remember when Virgil was selling these for $5, just to get rid of them. Sadly, I sold mine long ago.
  4. Do people still buy movies? Shipping is $3 for how ever many you want. Come from smoke free home. Over $20, shipping is free. Brand New/Sealed $5 Tango And Cash Where The Wild Things Are Tropic Thunder (Director's Cut) Bourne Supremecy (w/ DVD) Bourne Ultimatum (w/ DVD and Slipcover) Epic (w/ DVD) Die Hard With A Vengeance Sucker Punch (Extended Cut) One Hour Photo Water For Elephants 2012 My Week With Marilyn Macgruber (Unrated) Flight Opened/Like New condition (No digital copies included) $4 Kung Fu Panda (w/ Slipcover) Ice Age Continental Drift (w/ Slipcover) V For Vendetta The Campaign 40 Days And 40 Nights Four Brothers A Time To Kill The Losers City Island We Bought A Zoo (w/ Slipcover) Gone Baby Gone Incredible Burt Wonderstone (w/ Slipcover) Winter's Bone Donnie Brasco Extended Cut Red Riding Hood Alternate Cut Disney's Old Dogs Disney (No digital copies or DVDs included. Just blu ray disc, artwork, case, and any others listed) Up w/ Lenticular Slipcover and bonus disc $10 Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast w/ Slipcover $5 Tangled $10 The Incredibles w/ Bonus Disc and Slipcover $10 Brave w/ Rare Lenticular Slipcover $10 Finding Nemo w/ Bonus Disc and Rare Lenticular Slipcover $10 Lion King w/ Rare Lenticular Slipcover $10 Finding Dory w/ Bonus Disc $10 Robinhood $8 Mary Poppins w/ Slipcover $8 The Jungle Book w/ Slipcover $8 Sleeping Beauty w/ Slipcover $8 The Pirate Fairy w/ Slipcover (slight bend in slipcover) $5 Planes w/ Target Exclusive Bonus Disc and Slipcover $8 Bambi w/ Slipcover $8 DVDs Lost Season 1 $5 American History X $2 Last Samurai $2 Blood Diamond $2 Gladiator 3 Disc Extended Deluxe Edition $4 Cast Away 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Fight Club 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Elf 2 Disc Infini Edition $3 Seven 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Robinhood: Prince Of Thieves 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Jackie Brown 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Family Guy Volume 3, 3 Disc Set $3 The Crow 2 Disc Collector's Edition $3 Catch Me If You Can 2 Discs $2 U-Turn $2 The Simpsons Movie $2
  5. PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    I'm not one to complain about prices, but $33.62 for a single LP? INSANE.
  6. A bump for one of the best sellers on the boards. Gave a great deal, fast shipping, and packed like a tank. Buy this dudes stuff!
  7. Thanks. I used your referral code, but not sure if it worked.
  8. Question: If I buy the 3 month Membership, does that qualify for the Fiona record? I'm sure this has been asked a million times, so sorry.
  9. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    If anyone who got that grab bag wants to get rid of their Goblin Rebirth for cheap, hit me up.
  10. various download codes

    Less Than Jake- Sound The Alarm www.dropcards.com/vinyl H7K3WMHP6M
  11. FS: Punk, Pop-Punk, Instru-Metal , Post-Rock, Indie

    Bump for a speedy shipper. Buy this dudes stuff! He gives great deals!
  12. A bump for a super fast shipper and nice guy!
  13. jackshidt, what's your ebay username, so I can block you. God forbid I accidently made a mistake, I wouldn't want to deal with you. He made a mistake, didn't lie about it, and apologized. And you're going to leave him negative feedback. Unreal.