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  1. PO Soon: Washed Out - Mr. Mellow

    New album is streaming with an accompanying video
  2. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Insound is having a one day sale on some new titles they have in stock. Lots of Muse records but a few others too. http://www.insound.com/just-added.html
  3. Apparently? I ordered the bundle from their MerchNow and the order said (still says) black splatter. The record was also very late due to a delay at the plant.
  4. Here's a couple of poorly taken photos of the Half Clear/Half Doublemint with Black Splatter /400
  5. This is also available through Relapse as well in case the above runs out. http://store.relapse.com/item/41044/black-inside-easter-yellow-ltd-to-600
  6. Love this album. Grabbed a blue
  7. Further Seems Forever - HTSAF Pictures!

    Just got mine today. It's awesome.
  8. Haven't received anything yet but I still need to get mine in the mail so I am not too worried. I'd expect mine to be sent within the next couple of days.
  9. If Alkaline Trio wasn't on the same night I would love to go to this. I can't imagine seeing a show like this in a place like Terminal 5 though.
  10. I would love to do this. If this is still open, put me down for two please.
  11. anyone do reviews for zines/magazines/sites?

    I help out with emotionalpunk.com cause they are good dudes. I am also planning on starting up a local music blog.

    Picked up the Park album. Was contemplating on the Constants record but I am a little short on cash. I am really excited to get this album though, nice job.
  13. Really looking forward to this. All I will need now is to find a decent price for The Moon is Down.
  14. I'm getting the same thing. Here is to hoping they figure it out soon. I am normally not into picture discs but Red Leader bands are pretty good.
  15. Ordered one of the clear/yellow nuke. I would have loved that Kevin Devine double LP. Either way, I am excited for this. 180 gram colored