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  1. PO: Dreamcar - Dreamcar

    I finally bought this a month ago when it dropped to ~$15 (seemed like a great deal at the time), and then it just kept dropping. In any case, I like this album way more than I thought I would
  2. I've never played the game, but for whatever reason I'm tempted to buy this...
  3. also a listing on amazon (but not yet available for pre-order) https://smile.amazon.com/Add-Violence-Nine-Inch-Nails/dp/B075P1ZNFH/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1506719502&sr=8-13&keywords=nine+inch+nails+add+violence
  4. btw, if anyone else ordered TVW from the NIN store, my package arrived today (despite never receiving a shipping notice). it was packed in a regular mailer and wrapped in bubblewrap (mailed from Texas, as I recall). if it wasn't for the fact that I was also able to get a copy from Best Buy for $14, I think I'd be ~fully satisfied with this Sandbag experience.
  5. anyone ever had LASIK?

    I don't really remember how things looked before lasik, so I don't remember if it's worse than when I had glasses. But yes, the night halos are still there. On a lighter note, I remember how I had just started playing Guitar Hero when I had lasik -- I had to use eye drops between every song because I wouldn't really blink while playing and my eyes would get super dry. Good times
  6. anyone ever had LASIK?

    I remember the first time I was in the shower after lasik and was like "wait a minute, I can *see* in here!" and then when I went to bed -- "I can see the clock!" what's funny is that even though I got lasik nearly 10 years ago, I still have to pause every now and then and remember that I'm not wearing glasses.
  7. I've never learned how to upload pics on this site, but: BB mailer was the same one I've received for the last year or so. oversized ~amazon-style folded-cardboard protection inside of a ~flimsy sticky cardboard mailer. as with all of my past BB orders, everything looks great. TVW packaging has the American soldier on the front and the Vietnamese person on the back. The jacket is not a gatefold, but is wide enough for 3 records (each in thick looking inner sleeves) I haven't opened mine yet because I'm still waiting for my NIN.com order to ship(...), so I will probably wait to see which copy I open and which copy I leave sealed
  8. Can you contact USPS and pick up at the post office (or wherever it currently is being held)? I suppose that might be easier said than done...
  9. Mine is scheduled for a Wednesday delivery. Meanwhile, I still haven't received a shipping notice from Sandbag for my order with $9.99 "expedited" shipping
  10. are you talking about the 20% off code for the NIN.com store? that was for the people who preordered everything back in the day as an apology for making them wait 8+ months to receive their records
  11. I'm enjoying it thus far. As for being their best OST work yet, I'd like to give some love for Atticus's work on The Defiant Ones (please put this on vinyl!) and Almost Holy. In any case, 2016 and 2017 have been great years for NIN-related releases
  12. I recall needing to download "7-zip" to unzip the file. If I can find the email, I'll update this post Instructions below