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  1. not gonna lie, I didn't start to think the game was out of reach until cleveland went back up by 19 early in the 4th. I'm disappointed in GSW for not getting the 4-4-4-4
  2. holy fuck http://www.nin.com/ quake soundtrack on vinyl coming soon? also stoked about patriots day
  3. Just got that email as well. Hopefully they will ship Deviations out when it's ready rather than waiting for the rest of the order to be available.
  4. Perfect episode.
  5. Not until we get the "choose-your-own-color" The Downward Spiral, the "broken" Broken EP that requires the "fixed" adapter, and the "only-plays-once" reissue of The Fragile that is only sold as a bundle with tickets to a show in LA.
  6. But the question is "Do I continue to leave a gap in the NIN section of my record shelf in anticipation, or do I use that space more efficiently now and deal with the consequences later?"
  7. so... how 'bout them playoffs? someone needs to tell the Celtics that they already have the #1 pick in the draft -- tanking now isn't going to help.
  8. I received mine about a week ago; never got a shipping confirmation. Shipping label says 4/24.
  9. I hope they're all at once, otherwise I'm going to be really annoyed having to wait for the last release for my order to ship...
  10. Men Against Fire is slightly cheaper from LITA ($26/$28 + shipping) http://lightintheattic.net/releases/3169-black-mirror-men-against-fire-episode-score If you live dangerously, it might be cheaper yet from Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Mirror-Against-Fire-VINYL/dp/B06XS7RHLY/ref=mb_oe_l (green) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Mirror-Against-Picture-VINYL/dp/B06XS5FK36/ref=mb_oe_l (picture disc) e.g., the green is currently ~£19.85 (~$25) shipped to the US after removing VAT
  11. When you put it in your cart, it removes VAT charges and ends up being £41.74 (~$51.64) shipped to the US. (I suppose that's also assuming you're using a credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees)
  12. fwiw, Amazon UK has it for ~$50 shipped to the US. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Narkopop-VINYL-GAS/dp/B06XPBHNXG/ref=pd_rhf_sc_p_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4WCJV90Q7KZC9B1PCNJK
  13. $70 on Amazon. I'll bite on that for 4 LPs, 2 CDs, and a blu-ray. https://smile.amazon.com/RAMMSTEIN-PARIS-LP-Blu-Ray-Deluxe/dp/B06XTSJ9SW/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1490566801&sr=8-9&keywords=rammstein+paris
  14. I've been interested up until the last week because the Timberwolves were in striking distance of the 8th seed and playing well. Now they're not In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching the battle between James Harden and Russell Westbrook for the league "lead" in TO per game. 5.8 and 5.4 TO/game, respectively, are astonishing rates...