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  1. post your set-up thread

    Sounds like a nice little unit, definitely ticks the boxes for what I'm looking for. I'll be saving my pennies to try and get one, thanks for the recommendation!
  2. post a photo, AP usually means artist proof
  3. Reports on the thrice Facebook group that people have received duplicate numbers :/
  4. Just got tracking. I ordered in 2nd wave.
  5. coupon works in store too btw if you have one nearby
  6. same! the socks are rad but once i saw the $15 shipping i was like NOPE. ended up just getting the bundle with the two colors instead
  7. sounds like they are doing another pressing because of the fuck up hence the later ship date i imagine the first set will be numbered, this new preorder won't be, but who knows really
  8. Yup still 1.5 hours til it was supposed to go on sale
  9. i actually have no idea, i've asked matt on facebook but he never responded they don't match anything on his other records or on his new album
  10. i don't know how far you've got on recordnerd but you may want to check this one out (www.recordbin.online) its essentially the same layout but adds a few more options in the columns
  11. Couple of alternatives I've found if you don't want to go the Discogs route www.myrecordlist.com www.recordnerd.com
  12. discogs seems to be pretty useless for the stuff i care about, like colors, numbers, pressing numbers, etc... you don't see any of that stuff really in a discogs collection deadformat was much easier to format my list the way i liked the information displayed, looks like google docs for my future
  13. that rainbow splatter is too sexy...ordered the red