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  1. Yeah I have a stack of label slip mats or record store slip mats I didn't order nor knew I was getting. Maybe when they listed it they didn't know if they'd throw in extras or maybe they just wanted to do something nice for people who order from them. Like usual they can't win regardless of What they do, if they list it they'll sell out their allotment quick and people will bitch. If they don't list and send it as a surprise people bitch. Everyone in this thread knows that if you order directly from the band sometimes you might get a variant or something sometimes you will not. It seems like when they have one release for preorder they do something but when they have a bunch, like all the reissues, they do not.
  2. I don't know lots of bands or labels throw in stickers, buttons or extra goodies when you order from them without notice, not sure why when Pearl Jam does it is a big deal except the fact that people plaCe value on theirs.
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    You get charged 3 months from the date your subscription started whether they've announced the release or not
  4. Well you are going to be waiting Close to 2 months regardless, and it isn't like these are going to be at all limited
  5. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    I think I got one
  6. You could by listening to it
  7. PO: U-Men- Complete Discography

    This looks pretty awesome will definitely order at some point
  8. I'd guess that is on cd not vinyl the shows were awesome can't wait to watch and listen to this. I wasn't too far off the stage night one maybe I'd be able to spot myself if they do crowd shots
  9. With streaming and leaked Copies Readily available before the release date for pretty much every release there really is no reason to even do DL codes, I can't be the only one who has a huge stack of DL cards I've never used. Plus if people aren't going to buy the DL anyways and will just find it elsewhere, why would they spend money to also give it to you free.
  10. A DL card would be cool but I don't mind, and I can respect them Doing what they believe in. i know Will Oldham has said he'd rather not have his music listened To through a phone or computer Pretty sure numero is no longer doing DL codes either because they said people don't use them enough to be worth it.
  11. Would like the box since I subscribed to the 7" series but not for that price
  12. Really want that but it is so far away anyplace else probably won't have it up for awhile. Seems like something that could sell quick or last forever.
  13. Sometimes it comes in a boX sometimes they just put everything in the gatefold
  14. The Third Man Records Thread

    It is incredibly easy to cancel if you want you pretty much just log in and cancel