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  1. Sorry just saw this, I think there is just the one variant. I was just calling it a standard blue. What I find interesting though is that SMLXL states that the Hello Hurricane jacket will be gatefold. Maybe we will get some expanded artwork.
  2. Those who ordered the first press of Air For Free (I was one of them) most had skipping and playback issues throughout the LPs. When I received my free replacement, SMLXL just sent out the new LPs with no jacket and an apology letter explaining what to do with the defective discs - turn them into bowls. Lol
  3. 15% off entire order (excluding preorders) at with code RSD2017
  4. That's awesome. Switchfoot always put on great shows. I have seen them 3 times now and they never disappoint. I really wanted to see Switchfoot with Relient K on this past tour but I was unable to travel for the nearest date. I really wanted to see Deathbed live and with the two bands touring I'm sure Relient K had Jon on to perform it.
  5. Have you seen SRCs press of Nothing Is Sound? The jacket is terrible quality - the art is all blown out. My original Columbia label press is much better.
  6. I agree, I have an OG Hello Hurricane but I am glad it is pressed again so many more people can enjoy it. The first press was limited to only 1000 copies which made for a crazy aftermarket. I am really excited for Nashville Tennis EP as well, I have wanted this pressed ever since SMLXL started pressing Relient K albums. Very happy to have this soon.
  7. The super mystery album people were guessing the name of for a test press is a Louis Armstrong greatest hits record haha. Look at SMLXL branching out with their licensing.
  8. I wonder if the yellow RK will sell out quick? They posted these an hour early.
  9. The new stuff is up. Relient K - Nashville Tennis EP has a /300 exclusive variant of "Tennis Ball" yellow and a standard press of "French clear" Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane - is a standard blue
  10. And I think it is terrible thing the military actions Trump is taking. He campaigned on not going to war. It is quite clear with the Syrian bombing: A)Assad did not "gas" his own people - the response crews show this, they were not protected against the remnants of a Sarin gas attack B)Why would Assad bomb his own population when he knew it would bring outside forces in C) The forces to blame for the bombing did the same before to try to get Obama to act and he didn't because he found out the bombs came from Turkey (I believe) D)There was no study of the attack - the generals just told Trump to bomb There have been forces trying to remove all of the sovereign leaders throughout the middle east for the benefit of top people and Syria is one of the last states to fall and Trump should stop now so we don't impose regime change (again) and quite possibly go to war with Russia.
  11. More facetious mockery assumptions on how a person on the right believes - great for discourse.
  12. How is Trump "clearly caught up in something with the Russians"? There is no proof of collusion with Russia, it is all speculation (guilty until proven innocent). Some are thinking the "Piss dossier" (which is fake news/made up) was created so the powers that be could have the go-ahead to wiretap Trump and have an excuse to know what his gameplan was during the election. And he still won.... I am willing to bet the "Piss dossier" IS THE LINK to the Russians - and it is FAKE and made up. This whole Russia narrative begun swirling because the left just can't accept he won fair and square. And the wiretapping speculation which those on the left point to as proof of collusion with Russia is all built on a disgusting lie. And you can't point to Manafort doing business with Ukraine as a gotcha moment. I will go back to Podesta sitting on many Russian business boards.
  13. I have a dual Technics deck that allows me to dub cassettes, but I haven't used the dubbing part yet. So I just listen to my tapes on the deck through my stereo speakers while I play video games or study. Funny thing is, I have such a wide variety of tapes now, I just mainly listen to cassettes. For me, they are less of a hassle to play then putting an LP on my turntable. (I don't have a CD deck hooked up yet, or I would also listen to CDs as well)
  14. Guccifer stated DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked/hacked the DNC and he was murdered -execution style- for it. Typical stuff for the Clinton's - murder your opponents. There is no Russia collusion.
  15. This is on tonight, it's pretty good so far.