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  1. Get outta tha way of the Trump Train!
  2. Also, you can say I'm stupid for mentioning #Pizzagate but Podesta himself has yet to come forward and speak on those damning emails and say what they purport are untrue.
  3. The whole Russian Narrative is LITERALLY FAKE NEWS.....
  4. Podesta and Hillary concocted the Russia narrative within 24 hours of election loss - states Shattered authors who were witnessing her campaign.
  5. Is this a Seth Rich death photo?
  6. So you are saying you don't like Hillary? Yeah, yeah, "lesser of two evils" - but how though? And no I HATE the Bush dynasty. I voted Trump because I believed he was a new fighter that could shake up the establishment and as you can see the media and politicians are going nuts. Just let the man govern. Every single story in the media is a hit piece. I mean, come on. Did Trump threaten Jeff Bezos with having a monopoly with Amazon? Because his paper The Washington Post is constantly going after Trump, oh wait Amazon is in bed with the CIA, so -two peas in a pod- propaganda rag Washington Post to go after Trump to shift the public discourse and Bezos and Amazon have a $600-Million deal with the deep state CIA. And now Podesta will have an op-ed in the Post to continue the establishment left narrative. I wish Trump would go after what Podesta said in his emails, so we can see if there really is something with massive pedophile coverups. You could even say that all of this turmoil is because of those revelations in the Podesta emails, if there really is a massive pedophile ring and everybody in Washington is freaking out.
  7. The reason I bring up Bill and Hillary's conduct in regards to Trump's (statement - only a statement) is that it shows a double standard on the left.
  8. Not trying to fight, but what in the world are the Democrats (and Rinos) trying to impeach Trump on? The Russian hacking narrative is flimsy at best and if that gets proven false what are the anti-Trumpers on about? The deep state just WILL NOT LET HIM GOVERN - they lost, let the man be president.
  9. What are you talking about, it was 1 private statement which I'm pretty sure was a general hyperbole. You can't tell the difference between hyperbole and a statement of fact? Bill's accusers didn't recant - Trump had them as guests to a debate and then there's Lewinsky. Not to mention Cathy OBrien who states she was raped by Hillary at 12 years old.
  10. The Clintons ran their foundation as a pay-for-play organization. It is now shutdown, I thought the children of the world were being helped? Oh well, it is now closed there is no more money coming in. Now Hillary has her new Onward foundation, gotta get those Hollywood millions.
  11. Trump make one off-handed braggadocios joke --comment-- (recorded secretly) and he is the worst man in the world and inspires thousands of women to wear vagina hats (crazy). Bill Clinton can rapes women and it's no big deal. Bill has that reputation.
  12. ^^This is why the left lost so big - freaking identity politics. Calling all Trump supporters some kind of bigot.
  13. "All of Trump's supporters are -obe and -ist cis-white males" -waaaaa
  14. Trump haters don't care and will continue to spread the false "Russia" narrative to erode Trump's presidency.