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  1. SMLXL shipped me my copy of Hello Hurricane outside my full order with Relient K (I guess those aren't done yet) and I received Hello Hurricane today and I'm sad to say the jacket is not gatefold. But it does sound nice. I'm happy SMLXL shipped this early so I didn't have to wait.
  2. How do you not know? Are you Mayor of Stupid Town or something?
  3. You know Spacelab messing up the Fallout release kind of fits with Bethesda making the Fallout games in general - on the one hand Bethesda releases glitchy Fallout games and Spacelab releases incomplete Fallout soundtracks. It kind of matches, nothing is perfect.
  4. 10 year bump....10 years!
  5. 10 year bump....10 years!
  6. Not the Sonic soundtrack I was hoping for from Data Discs.
  7. I'm not sure how to post videos from mobile but this thread needs the king of all eurodance tracks - Darude - Sandstorm Boob ba doo ba doo....
  8. Yeah, I saw these. It would be pretty cool to have. But I think they could be strictly promotional though. So, hard to get ahold of.
  9. Thanks for the update @vinyl addict I will continue to use mobile. Are there any fixes coming @jhulud @Shitty Rambo ?
  10. I ordered DKC as well, I love that soundtrack. I am really curious what the jacket art will look like. But he didn't confirm only alluded to.
  11. Not to mention, all of the cassette editions of albums have the full fold out artwork and sometimes lyrics. I have always found it interesting how the full album design is crafted into cassette artwork and how the full design is crafted for the vinyl package as well.
  12. ^^Full albums - meaning a variety not mxpx tapes
  13. I know The Ever Passing Moment is available from Thailand I think that one should be fine (not boot). I have a couple of full albums from Thailand and a couple from Malaysia, but I would say most of my foreign tapes are Indonesian. I think tapes from Malaysia can be tricky (boot or not) but quite a few of my Malaysian tapes have IFPI holographic stickers as a sort of proof of legitimacy. Most Universal tapes put out in Indonesia have a sticker as well. Tapes from Thailand tend to have an IFPI price sticker on the front of the case. So to:dr - I don't think you have to worry about most Asian territory released tapes.
  14. Many major label tapes were still being printed in the Asian market up until 2008. With the last major albums coming out in that year of 2008 in Indonesia. But recently it's mostly been about indie bands releasing tape copies of their albums or EPs. But I hope many more major artists release on the tape format. But to answer your question, I don't think tapes ever really went away, which the same is said about vinyl.