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  1. Athletics - BFRSD

    Sooooo anybody have any updates on when this will ship? Was hoping to get it before I leave the state for 3 months but I guess not
  2. ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    Turnover - Peripheral Vision TEST PRESSING 17/20 Turnover - Good Nature Deluxe Photobook Edition /1000 https://www.ebay.com/sch/chileft/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  3. Athletics - BFRSD

    Yeah, I gotta say this record is notoriously hard to get for having 300 copies of the first pressing out there. It rarely (if ever) goes up on ebay and owners on discogs won't sell no matter what. Bummer to anyone who missed this. It was my white whale record for YEARS and I finally got a copy thanks to the repress.
  4. School expenses and no income are forcing my hand again to sell everything I love again I have a copy of this album still sealed and new up for grabs. It's the rare green variant only offered in the deluxe bundle (only 275 pressed) and I'll throw in the slipmat too. Willing to part with it for $20 ppd. PM me if you're interested, thanks.
  5. My album of the year hands down. Listened to this at least 20-30x already. Just fits perfectly with the events going on in my life right now
  6. Got my deluxe package in the mail today. Shirt is way too big for me like always sigh. The green variant is really nice though and the album art is so nice Have to say this album is hands down my fave MovMou record. So sad to see them go in their prime
  7. Such a sad day to be a fan I also haven't gotten my deluxe vinyl package yet either. Anybody else in the same boat
  8. So this just leaked and I couldn't wait until my preorder arrived. Got to say I'm super impressed with the album. It reminds me of 90s emo mixed with Foreword. The production (especially on the vocals) is a little raw and it fits the tone so well. Go get this guys! Edit: Looks like they've sold out of the /275 green pressing on their official site
  9. Last song in the telegraph series:
  10. The green variant (/275) is limited to the deluxe LP bundle. With shipping it comes out to around $40
  11. Yeah, I've been impressed with every single track released so far. While Pneuma is amazing, there are a good amount of interludes and ambient tracks that artificially inflate that album. I think the S/T will more than likely be my fave MovMou record once it drops