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  1. I noticed it on Discogs, that is why I wondered if it would end up in the shop or not.
  2. Curious about what Dischord stuff is in store. I noticed that Fugazi test/promo and I would die if I would find that Egg Hunt test press with United labels there.
  3. Listed for Ocotber 20th, 2017 an expanded edition of The Queen Is Dead will be avialible as a five LP boxset. This includes the 2107 remaster of the LP, bonus tracks and a live set record in Boston. Pre-order here:
  4. I do hate it, when I buy a record and it turns out the expanded edition is just the regular LP, with the bonus material added as download.
  5. Probably will buy, sadly the LP version track listing is different from the cd edition.
  6. I got everything, SCB came in earlier than those other two actually.
  7. So tempted to get one... 51 dollars shipping. Shipping costs are getting out of hand!
  8. Curious if everything is the same or if they repressed the jackets.
  9. I wanted to complete this too, but I stopped after the first two singles. I do have some of the later stuff. Collection picture from 2008.
  10. Satisfied, hopefully I will find the Damnation AD record somewhere in the next few weeks. Mars Volta isn't a RSD release.
  11. I would say some, definitely not most. I heard that some stuff will be easily avialible and some orders barely got fulfilled from my local record store.
  12. Putting my money on Sycom: They are almost ready for production. Plus I remember reading that Pirate Press was developing their own machines too. I presume it will be a bloody battle.
  13. There isn't such a thing as European cuisine, for the simple reason Europe is a made up thing. French has a decent kitchen, Italian is amazing too, some great restaurants all over the Netherlands that only serve Italian. Best thing the Netherlands has and that you can't really get in the rest of Europe is Indonesian food, Dutch people love it. Try to steer away from Indonesian/Chinese fusion restaurants tho.
  14. I was reading about Vantablack the other day: Now I am wondering how awesome it would be if we would get vinyl that gets colored with Vantablack. It might looks something like this: