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  1. What's your best find?

    The only thing I have ever managed to find here in my city was Thou's "Peasent" for $14 in pretty great condition.
  2. PO: Young Governor 10"

    Come to think of it, never got mine either. Have to email them.
  3. This is a split release between Southern Lord and Ideologic Organ. Limited to 1500. Sold only on their forthcoming june tour. Anybody going to any of these shows? If so, could anyone possible help me out by picking this up.
  4. Thou/ Hell - Resurrection Bay Split 7"

    Man, I really regret not seeing these guys yesterday as I still have yet to see them. Here's to hoping i can see them when/if they tour next summer
  5. Underworld w/ Henry Rollins

    will most likely be watching this tonight. I was reading an article on this the other day and it mentions that he wrestles an alligator
  6. I think my first choice was the Camille Rose Garcia version
  7. If you email them here in the next 12 hours, you'll be able to snag some if there ends up being any left [email protected] just put "PIC DISC WAIT LIST" in the subject
  8. Just got back from getting some money for this and it's gone. Fucking stupid
  9. These are going up sunday at 6pm central time. Looks like I won't be able to get one.
  10. Murder By Death - Who Will Survive (OG)

    Damn, wish i could have snagged this copy. Such a good price as well.
  11. PO: Sigur Ros-Valtari

    That website show all viny like that. There's no doubt that it is gatefold, but I doubt it is any kind of book style jacket.
  12. Pyramids with Wraiths - Magpie & Raven

    Man, I'm really hoping this doesn't sell out soon.
  13. Anyone watch community?

    Love this show. We'll see how it fair now that dan harmon was fired.
  14. I want to put out a melvins 7" and sell it for $5. I do imagine this going for as much as Juan said