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  1. I have been looking for a copy of this album, on vinyl, since 1998. Here it is two decades later. They actually take the time and money to master the metal parts to finally make a vinyl LP... They even go the extra mile and master this LP with "alternate mixes" that come straight from the band, giving this great album a new and different sound... But then they don't even bother putting a black vinyl puck between the stampers, and instead use that stupid crackly clear "picture disc" material because it "looks cool!!!???" And then they expect me to pay $50 for this because IT IS AUTOGRAPHED!!!??? I will continue to enjoy the new CD copy I bought on sale for $8.99 back in the day, and perhaps put the $50 towards a better D/A converter so the original CD will sound better. What a complete and utter waste of time and resources!
  2. I suspect The Felice Brothers has not happened yet, unless it was regional. I camped out at Sound Garden in Baltimore, where I bought the "Country Ham" 7-inch last year. I did not see it on the table.
  3. Can someone please post the matrices in the deadwax for the Bellman cuts of Cold Roses and Gold? I really want to hear them.
  4. Yeah...the band was so "terrible" that Sir George Martin produced some of their albums.
  5. Bull Moose is up: $23.98 Anyone know were I can find the clear here in the states?
  6. I really liked Phoebe's performance. Reminds me of Marissa Nadler's voice, but her style is not "spooky" and "ethereal" like Marissa's. Pheobe has a lot more 'tude.
  7. Went to the first Richmond show. It was awesome! However, I wanted one of those Phoebe Bridgers "Smoke Signals" tour 7-inches, but they were all gone by the time I got to the merch table. If anyone is going to another show on this tour, can you please pick one up for me?
  8. You would not happen to have an OG "Off the Deep End" would you?
  9. The original UK press does not have the bonus tracks either. Would have been nice if they made it a 2 LP, and added the bonus cuts and gave the music plenty of room to "breathe." Still, it will be nice to have this and not have to pay $100+ to get it. I will buy one at the local I camp out at, if they have them. Original cover as well?
  10. Get this album for $9.99 at Soundstage Direct:
  11. If your ORG is VG+ or better, I will buy it from you, theoretically speaking of course. PM your price.
  12. THANK YOU for posting this. I was saving my Bull Moose points so I could get this for around $40. Really did not want to spend $70+ dollars on an album I have bought TWICE already just to get the B-sides and DVD. Getting this for $18.28 is a STEAL!
  13. The "Country Ham" 7-inch came out last year. It is AZ's 10 year anniversary. Maybe? I would like to see "Felice Navidad" on vinyl for Black Friday too.