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  1. Ultra Vinyl Releases

    I wish they would press a “non-ultra,” regular version of this record. Perhaps include a bonus 45 rpm 7-inch of the “center label” songs? I don’t have a 78rpm deck yet.
  2. Burning Shed offered excellent customer service for me. At the time, the price of their records were at an all time high due to the US/UK currency exchange. I had some smooshed corners that I did not want, given the high cost of the Yes records I ordered at the time. After sending pictures, they mailed me replacement covers free of charge! Go ahead and send them a picture or a short video of the “tone arm sway.” They will probaby be very eager to help you.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    I have wanted a copy of The Courteeners “St. Jude” on vinyl for years, but REFUSE to pay the $300 it currently is trading for. Of course, a nice “red vinyl” re-issue is on the UK Record Store Day list, and all I can order is a “re-wired,” re-recording of the original. I don’t want it “re-recorded,” I want that re-issue of the original LP!
  4. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    New 7-Inch up: My Love, I'd Do Anything for You / Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (Live) Being a fan of both the Mozzer and Waylon, this is a combination I thought I would never see. Ordered!
  5. To tell you the truth, I am more excited about “Liz Phair” FINALLY getting pressed. I have wanted that on vinyl for over a decade.
  6. PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Peach is up at Bull Moose
  7. If you don’t mind, please do tell if the “new” mastering sounds better than the original. I have heard the OG sounds better than the ATO press.
  8. I want the tapes. (I have the OG Guyville.) But, I don’t want an $18 CD set that I am being “forced” to buy if I just want the tapes....
  9. Wish I knew this ON Monday. Not available at this time. I pre-ordered here: http://www.beindependent.com/p/20872267/sufjan-stevens-tonya-harding
  10. So they toss it... Leave it.. And I pull up quick to retrieve it!
  11. Yummy. I like big girls.
  12. On it. Thanks for posting!
  13. Beach House is back up on VMP. Ordered! Thing is, I used Ethereal’s link to get my $10 credit, and the damn thing is STILL not working... Is there a trick to this? Here is my code if anyone wants to try.
  14. Smashing Pumpkins

    Limited 4LP pressing with plain white label “Judas 0” in a plain white jacket, with “faux” hand written labels and titles. All taken from the “high res” studio masters, and mastered by Bernie Grundman/Chris Bellman. In your local store for under $50!
  15. Yup. I remember recording my copy of the OG black press of YPAA on a nice maxell high bias tape, and cranking that shit while driving in my late 90s Nissan Sentra. That kick drum just sounded like it was hitting me in the chest... Analog