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  1. I figure this may not be plausible in this day and age, but if someone has two really nice tape decks and an original of this tape...I would pay $20 for a 1st gen copy on a good quality "high bias" blank.
  2. Aww Yeah... but I have originals already. "Doppelgänger" is a George Peckham cut. It needs no improving.
  3. UK blue copies with much cheaper shipping to the States here:
  4. I can not believe I paid $37+ for that Ghost "Meliora," but I have wanted that album on clear vinyl for a long time. That said, if anyone has the European clear pressing and wants the HT "stone grey," I would still be up for trading.
  5. 2 Left at Banquet Records... go, go, GO:
  6. Thanks SO MUCH for posting this! With the USA store, I was able to reduce my shipping charges from $64+ to $16.03 for BOTH the Box Set and the LP. The only catch was I had to "pre pay" for the order. The UK Site was not going to charge until it shipped. The SW UK shop got back to me within a day and I was able to cancel my $64+ shipping order. Always finding the best deals on my tunes, with a little help from VC.
  7. On a high note, at least I can get "Christmas in L.A." on vinyl this year without spending $200+
  8. looks like a nice German 1989 repressing: Big Lou Reed fan here. Send me a PM if you are interested in selling.
  9. Because I "waited," I ended up buying this from Amazon UK, through a 3rd party seller for around $100+. I guess it does NOT help to wait with limited vinyl.
  10. Ordered... Thank you!!!
  11. WOW Was just clicking around the board to see if there was another release I may want more for $50, before I put in my pre-order for the 12 inch and the Blue Vinyl version.... only to go back and see the Blue Vinyl sold out. You know the old saying,,, you snooze.....
  12. Link: $39.98 plus shipping, I am "thinking" about it. Hoping to see it cheaper somewhere in the future.
  13. European Clear Vinyl still available: Different pressing?
  14. Can you please provide a link? Even on the old website, the shipping has gone down about $20. I sent an e-mail to customer service. Hopefully they can lower my shipping charge to the new rate.
  15. Smiths is BACK UP if you need one... go, go, GO: PLUS, other RSD leftovers. Worth a look: