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  1. Retro Pie Users

    That looks epic so from that what do I need to do? Get sd image and install?
  2. Retro Pie Users

    Wow thanks for all that? Anyone see those ad cards on eBay hat claim they have everything you need software wise?
  3. Retro Pie Users

    So how easy are these to setup from scratch? Wanna put one together for little brother. Any of you guys do this? Any info would be great
  4. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    How do you tell the difference
  5. WTB: Diseny Picture Discs

    Looking for the recent pressing of the Disney pic discs, I already have Aladdin Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. If you are looking to unload some LMK.
  6. Here since Nov 2007...don't post much
  7. Was just at show tonight and still had KYH on red
  8. If you have an extra laying around that you are willing to sell lmk how much you want for it. Got paypal ready.

    Do we know rarest variant?
  10. Are these still on clearance in store? Is there a list of just recently went on clearance?
  11. WTB Propagandhi Glasshouse Tickets Pomona

    Anybody? Or anyone have any idea where to get some
  12. Anybody have extra tickets they are willing to part with? LMK maybe we can work something out. You can email me [email protected] Will get back to you fast