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  1. Ceremony Cassettes SEALED

    I have 2 tapes from the box set for sale They are Sealed and unopened. Still Nothing moves you and Violence Violence There are only 100 of these in existence. I have the other 3 (zoo, Rohnert park, l shaped man) and they are opened Will listen to offers on whole set as well
  2. I am selling 2 Ceremony cassettes from the box set. These are STILL SEALED Only 200 made total. Am selling Still Nothings Moves You and Violence Violence. I can send pictures if need be. Have the other 3 (Zoo, Rohnert Park, L Shaped Man) but those are opened. If you make offers on whole set will listen as well
  3. Tape is VG+ J Card is NM (tape graded cautiously) Can send pics 13 PPD
  4. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Cobra Skulls - Agitations NOFX - Backstage Passport Soundtrack Joey Cape - Stitch Puppy Only Crime - To the Nines VA-Mild in the Streets Old Man Markley - Down Side Up The Soviettes - LP III Avail - Front Porch Stories Snuff - Flibbiddy Dibbiddy Dob Swingin Utters - Brazen Head EP
  5. Tape plays great in VG shape and Sleeve is VG (both graded cautiously) Hard to find 40.00 PPD
  6. Cassette storage

    Shout out to them 2 HUM tapes!
  7. Cassette storage

    I bought some napa valley cases from someone off craigslist that didnt really know the cost or what they were worth I got a 100 space and a 40 slot case for 30 total ANDDDD he had a grip of tapes that I gave him a 1.00 each for (deftones, korn, marilyn manson, a bunch of others) Try stuff like that..never know..or yard sales!
  8. FS Lot of 10 records-Sold

    I am selling a group of 10 records...these are the 10 Midtown-Save the world lose the girl Nofx-I heard they suck Live Blacklisted-When People Grow People Go Green Day-Dookie Rancid-And out come the Wolves (180 Repress) The Vandals-Live Fast, Diarreah Weezer-Blue S/T Schlong/One Eye Open-Split Samiam-Underground EP Staring Back-On Will take offers on the group
  9. WTB-your tapes

    thank you guys
  10. FS-Misfits Collection II cassette

    Supply & demand. Someone else has a copy for 50.00. So based on his and what other misfits tapes are going for (that price and higher for some), that is where I landed
  11. I have a mint condition misfits Collection II cassette for sale. Am looking for 45.00 I an open to some tape trades
  12. For sale bunch of stuff

    Bump check out my entire Discogs https://www.discogs.com/user/mattyiceyo dont like a price let me know. Make offers on things not on sale. One more month in Massachusetts so I am listening to reasonable offers. Let's deal!
  13. WTB-your tapes

    thanks andy ill take a look!