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  1. Recent Purchases

    Some recent pick ups of mine: Snuff-Demmessmusbebonk Guns N Wankers-For Dancing and For Listening All-Mass Nerder Ten Foot Pole-Insider Strung Out-Twisted By Design Face to Face-Don't Turn Away The Dwarves-Invented Rock n Roll Pennywise-Live at the Key Club Descendents-Everything Sucks Straight Faced-Conditioned Lagwagon-Let's Talk About Feelings The Queers-Punk Rock Confidential Rza-Bobby Digital Big Pun-Capital Punishment Snoop Dogg-Doggy Style A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Mauraders/Low End Theory
  2. Got Ten Foot Pole Insider on Cassette!
  3. The guitars are just mixed a little better that is about it..they are a little more defined. I am with you I expected this grand production. Oh well! I also agree the 88-92 albums we're good for a RM but not anything after that.
  4. I can't really notice a difference. I have this remaster, the red press, and also the cassette. Anyone with me?
  5. I am selling a bunch of cassettes I have doubles of. They are all in great shape, play great, and I will put them in better cases should someone buy them. Take a look below. All are PPD. Can make deals if you buy a bunch. No Use For a Name-Leche Con Carne (25) Screeching Weasel-Bark Like a Dog (25) Black Flag-Who's Got the 10 1/2 (15) Circle Jerks-Gig (12) Misfits-Earth AD (20), Evilive (15), Walk Among Us (20), Collection II (25) Samhain-November Coming Fire (25) Glenn Danzig-Black Aria (12) Suicide Machines-Destruction by Definition (15) Goldfinger-Goldfinger (10) Bad Religion-Gray Race (10), No Control (10) Dead Kennedys-Bedtime for Democracy (15) The Specials-The Specials (18) The Specials-Singles Collection (12) Sex Pistols-Rock n Roll Swindle, Mini Album, We've cum for your Children, Live at Chelmsford Prison, Swindle Continues, Public Image LTD (this is what you want, this is what you get), Sid & Nancy Soundtrack (Entire Lot 65) Thank you for looking! EDIT: Misfits tapes all sold
  6. Po: No Fun At All - Grit

    Sounds great. No Straight Angles and Big Knockover are fantastic records
  7. Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    I have one that is my tapes but I can throw my records in there from time to time @cassettesandculture Say hi!
  8. Po: No Fun At All - Grit

    Is there a link on Bird Attack I cant find one
  9. This is Hell- 5 tape box set

    I'm excited to get mine!
  10. Ceremony Cassettes SEALED

    I have 2 tapes from the box set for sale They are Sealed and unopened. Still Nothing moves you and Violence Violence There are only 100 of these in existence. I have the other 3 (zoo, Rohnert park, l shaped man) and they are opened Will listen to offers on whole set as well
  11. I am selling 2 Ceremony cassettes from the box set. These are STILL SEALED Only 200 made total. Am selling Still Nothings Moves You and Violence Violence. I can send pictures if need be. Have the other 3 (Zoo, Rohnert Park, L Shaped Man) but those are opened. If you make offers on whole set will listen as well
  12. Tape is VG+ J Card is NM (tape graded cautiously) Can send pics 13 PPD
  13. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Cobra Skulls - Agitations NOFX - Backstage Passport Soundtrack Joey Cape - Stitch Puppy Only Crime - To the Nines VA-Mild in the Streets Old Man Markley - Down Side Up The Soviettes - LP III Avail - Front Porch Stories Snuff - Flibbiddy Dibbiddy Dob Swingin Utters - Brazen Head EP
  14. Tape plays great in VG shape and Sleeve is VG (both graded cautiously) Hard to find 40.00 PPD