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  1. ahh all right thanks
  2. what link is this?
  3. anyone down to play madden? im on ps4 mattyiceyo just shoot me a note on psn from the vc board
  4. Looking to buy stuff from the mid 90's stuff from nitro, fat, epitaph, kung fu, etc any guttermouth lps, millencolin, vandals, descendents, mxpx, bosstones, no use for a name, etc basically anything really shoot me a message
  5. Hey all, Looking for a track by the band Moronique Song was called Dandelion. It was off a compilation called Songs About Chicks on Tank Records. I tried to find it on the net, but couldn't. Any help would be fantastic thanks VC! -Matt
  6. I have a copy of Ever Passing Moment make an offer
  7. Yo I have Career Suicide on yellow
  8. Apathy Esoteric & Stu Bangas-Machete Mode Blackalicious Cannibal Ox Perceptionists Spose
  9. saw STD last night in Worcester and chris looked so bored anyone else go?
  10. I bought TSOL Dance with Me from Reckless records and it had Wilhelm Scream's Ruiner labels on it, and was the same color vinyl that Ruiner was when I had it When I opened it, I was confused, but it was in fact tsol nonetheless
  11. yeah i do be a pro when im at home but i usually play agaisnt my friends..ill give it a whirl in a week or so Thanks!
  12. anyone get new nhl yet? i heard it sucked but i always trust real peple and not game critics
  13. Yeah I would rather pay top dollar for something amazing. I went to one consult with an artist talking about ideas and sleeve and dead space and he goes "at the end of the day sometimes tattoos are just tattoos and they dont mean anything". which is all well and fine and i get that, but i dont necesserily want random shit on my arm that doesnt come off with a shower. I feel him saying that to me was a turn off. I gave him all the things i wanted in there and incorporated, so i feel like adding shit from a book isnt necessery, perhaps its me
  14. I have almost 800 records and like 15 7 inches