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  1. anyone else think this sounds sonically off? Hoping it's just the youtube stream but the mixing on this sounds weird to me
  2. That "Liam John Paul Gallagher" shirt is both the most absurd and incredible thing I've ever seen
  3. Does anyone here own the Sabbath exclusive/care to speak on the sound quality/pressing?
  4. Wow so stoked for these. If anyone comes across a us pre order, feel free to link it!
  5. would a current member mind letting me know how many copies of the Ride exclusive are currently left?
  6. like... Chaz Bear?
  7. really hoping to be into this one. I thought Wasting Light was among their best but was honestly just bored with most of Sonic Highways. I liked the new song enough but wasn't blown away. That write up/the quote about motorhead's sgt pepper def piques my interest though
  8. They had said that they didn't know when those color variants were going to be available and that they weren't going to post a pre order until they had them on hand. That being said, I'd assume the band exclusive variant is still happening, but who knows when.
  9. wasn't that included in the Halo boxset that came out for RSD a couple years back? Seems strange to release just that one unless they're going to roll out all those early halos one by one?
  10. so that second word is probably "reissue". What in the NIN/reznor catalog has a 3 letter title? unless its an abbreviation?
  11. So is it pretty certain that next ROTM is a Betty Davis record? or are there other plausible guesses as well?(i've been loosely keeping an eye on the guess thread etc)
  12. So on discogs the standard Black version of this that came out this year has the same matrix etching as the gold listed above, other than the "gold USA" part. Am I correct in thinking that this means the black version was also pressed at Pallas? (Forgive my ignorance, I'm not entirely familiar with how matrix etchings work, and only ask because I don't care about the color of the record as much as the sound so if I can save a few bucks by going with black, that's my plan)
  13. the first two Damien Rice albums