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  1. Really hoping this will be great. I love all of the Movielife material & the first two I Am The Avalanche records, but I had a hard time getting into Wolverines & Vinnie's solo stuff.
  2. Just realized the self titled Lemonheads album from '06 came out on Vagrant. I'd kill for a repress of that. I feel like no one talks about that album, but all the musicians that play on it are incredible (J Mascis, Bill Stevenson of the Descendants, Garth Hudson of the Band)
  3. to those who picked up the standard black copy, hows it sound?
  4. Awesome. Really hoping this means a press of Gutterflower in the future.
  5. Anyone else's copy of this sound awful? I believe I have clear with black or grey splatter. My copy is not only quiet but the "heavy" or "loud" parts of their songs sound overly distorted
  6. FWIW my copy of the MOV release sounds excellent. Really hoping they'll repress (or-restock?) Out of The Vein one of these days.
  7. speaking of that recent Lost Highway reissue through Nothing, has anyone heard it or read anything regarding the sound quality?
  8. can't believe I missed the "secret link". I can't understand why they haven't made this more widely available, they're leaving a ton of money on the table.
  9. I just emptied my cart & re-added the record & was able to complete check out, just FYI for anyone who was experiencing the same problem
  10. I'm now able to get all the way to check out, but can't get the order to complete. Looks like we're at least moving in the right direction.
  11. A status posted on the VMP boards says this is the most traffic they've ever received, including the Gorillaz & Fiona Apple releases.
  12. I'm having problems as well. Just trying to get a copy of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but clicking add to cart doesn't seem to do anything. Can't even sign in on mobile.
  13. Anyone else get 2 "side D" labels on disc 2 of Tidal?
  14. available at amazon here and at bullmoose slightly cheaper here release date on amazon is 6/30 but is listed on BM as 6/23
  15. so no pre-order for the new record yet, right?