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  1. Just out of curiosity, what did your shops charge for the Alice In Chains 7 inch? Mine charged 18 which seems incredibly high for a double 7 inch
  2. oh fuck yeah. I'm in for this. No release date as of yet right?
  3. Am I incorrect in thinking that the referral credit can only be used towards items in the store or a renewal for the month following the sign up? So you can't really put the $10 toward Tidal? When I've used referrals in the past the $10 credit has never come off the actual record of the month sign up fee
  4. oh fuck yeah. wonder if they'll do Lost Dogs and Live on Two/Ten Legs next. one can dream right?
  5. awesome thanks, is there a time they typically announce it? Definitely gonna try to be ready to sign up right away
  6. so what day are they announcing the next ROTM? Any word if enrollment will open back up or if the "we're sold out" applies to that month too?
  7. so, am I correct in thinking that if I want to sign up for next month, I should enroll in the wait list now? I don't want Demon Days, so I'm trying to plan this all right. Has VMP spoken on whether or not it will go back to open subscription for the upcoming month?
  8. How are people that use MoFi sleeves storing the records in regards to the deluxe packaging? Between the packaging & the outer sleeve seems to be the only way, but I'm curious if anyone has another method
  9. thanks for the heads up on fight club! really regretted not pulling the trigger the first time around so I snagged a copy this time
  10. Even though the SRC Jacket is a single LP? I've just always thought that's an awful lot of music to cram on one disc
  11. How were the recent Geffen pressings of the older albums As far as sound quality? I still need a copy of Cheshire Cat & would def pick up the 2 LP TOYPAJ if it sounds good
  12. My fault, I got despair as well. Thanks for the info!
  13. So glad I went with the deluxe edition, the packaging on this is great. Between the packaging, the liner notes, his Zane Lowe interview, and the actual content of the music this is the most in depth album roll out I've seen since because the Internet. It feels like an experience. Are there different holographic cards? I got "disgrace"
  14. Where are people getting represses of the 7 inch series? I still need a few of the older ones
  15. what are the chances of Give Blood being pressed again? I know it was repressed with that really cool red cross cover maybe 4-5 years ago but I missed it & now regret it