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  1. Went to a store this weekend that had a ton of new markdowns. Snagged the latest Purity Ring album & the urban exclusive version of Jay Love Japan by j dilla for $10 bucks each.
  2. Jesus that is a lot of money, but I really don't want to risk missing this on RSD. I've seen "RSD first" titles in the past that still haven't gotten wide run presses. Fuuuuuck.
  3. Sundays & Sunny Day are my priority (along with Coheed if I can't lock in a pre-order copy). Can't believe the Evan Dando is only out of 500, such a bummer. Also stoked on Balance & Composure, Thrice, Snapcase, UGK & Pearl Jam. Really expected this to be a dull year but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'd go for Johnny watson too but I have a feeling I won't want to spend any more money.
  4. pardon my ignorance, but what is D2C? is that like a fan club or will anyone be able to pre-order?
  5. Gonna bet on this dropping on FBR.They seem to be scooping up the "big" bands from this scene that have shown longevity (basement, front bottoms, etc)
  6. Thanks for the heads up on that Guru! Been putting off grabbing that for a while now. Based on the details listed on Amazon, I think it's the Music on Vinyl pressing rather than the recent Respect the Classics one. Couldn't find any reviews on the MOV pressing, but I've never had a bad experience with them in the past.
  7. Multiple times, didn't help at all unfortunately.
  8. no crosley over here, I've got a Technics. Must be a bad batch in the pressing if him & I have the exact same issues. I was able to get a refund from HT, guess I'll be on the look out for a re-up now & contemplate if I want to take the risk again
  9. 100% got Newbury'd. Pretty sure it was under 25 originally
  10. Anyone elses copy of Box Car skip on "And I"/ have super loud pops on a couple songs on the b-side? Cleaned it twice & it did not helped at all. Also does Hot Topic really not have a customer service email? Can't find one anywhere on their site
  11. Fuck, less than 10 minutes late & I still missed this for the 5th time lol
  12. Does anyone know typically what time these deals go up?
  13. So it's 6 single LPs? That's a bummer. Some of these albums have too much music to be crammed onto a single disc
  14. They raise it continuously over time. That's all I was saying. I'm not defending the practice at all, I agree - it's fucked. But it is a number of $2.00-$5.00 bumps over time. They don't raise it from 20 to 70 in a single shot. Thus my choice of the word "slight"
  15. A few yes, the most notable being their "exclusive" of Ten by Pearl Jam that was split 50/50 with PJ's ten club. I believe their Deltron variant too. Newbury slightly bumps the price up of these variants as their stock depletes, or drops the price if they sit. So it's pretty dicey. (I used to work for the company) Unrelated, but the email also said they're doing a Jesus & Mary Chain exclusive in the future. My bets on the new album.